All Views Articles for 2016-01-07

Thursday, January 7, 2016
Jay Walljasper
MDs Now Prescribe Walking to Boost Your Health
A compelling reason to keep that New Year’s resolution to be more active.
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Hina Shamsi
Landmark Settlement in Challenge to NYPD Surveillance of New York Muslims: What You Need to Know
A settlement in our challenge to NYPD surveillance of New York Muslims was announced today, heralding new safeguards to protect against bias-based and unjustified investigations of Muslim and other...
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John Feffer
Economists Said the Market Would Save the Planet. It Didn't.
Climate change and the geopolitics of cheap oil
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Christine Ahn
To End North Korea’s Nuclear Program, End the Korean War
Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test may be a last-ditch effort to get on the U.S. agenda before Obama leaves office and a hawkish new president comes in.
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Tom Engelhardt
Impunity in the Billionaire Class and the National Security State
What a scam! Noam Scheiber and Patricia Cohen described it this way in a front-page New York Times report on how a small group of incredibly wealthy Americans funded their way into another tax...
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Rebecca Gordon
American War Crimes: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
America revisits the "Dark Side" as candidates compete to promise the most torture and slaughter
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Eli Clifton
Washington’s Multi-Million-Dollar Saudi PR Machine
Public image isn’t something one can always control, but Saudi Arabia is spending millions of dollars on Washington lobbyists and PR firms to improve the Kingdom’s reputation in the West. The...
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Robert C. Koehler
Taking on the Nuclear Goliath
Just as we stood for freedom in the 20th century, we must stand together for the right of people everywhere to live free from fear in the 21st century. And . . . as the only nuclear power to have...
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Mary Bottari
Bernie Sander's Plan to Tame Wall Street Riles Team Clinton
Millions of Americans saw “The Big Short” over the holidays. The blockbuster movie, based on the book by Michael Lewis , is a primer on how the crookedness and fraud rampant in the U.S. financial...
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Jamie Henn
TransCanada's Pathetic Keystone XL Lawsuit Could Galvanize Resistance to New Trade Agreements
Talk about sore losers. The Canadian pipeline company TransCanada announced this afternoon that it is suing Obama Administration over its decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. The lawsuit won'...
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Guy Taylor
Trans-Canada Sue US Government for $15 Billion over Tar Sands Pipeline Cancellation
In a dramatic example of the powers assumed by the corporate world through trade deals, energy infrastructure corporation TransCanada commenced legal actions yesterday against the US president for...
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Michael Moore
Dear Gov. Snyder: You Have to Go to Jail
"I'm asking everyone who agrees with me to sign on to this petition and call for your arrest."
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