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Monday, November 7, 2016
Adam Parsons
The Struggle Continues for a Binding Treaty to #StopCorporateAbuse
A binding treaty to regulate the activities of corporations could provide a vital counterpoint to controversial free trade and investment agreements, with potentially radical implications for a new international political, economic and legal order.
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Sunday, November 6, 2016
Jim Naureckas
Trump's 'Unhinged' Lie About Obama Doesn't Register as News to Corporate Media
In one of his final speeches of the presidential campaign, Donald Trump went after President Barack Obama over his treatment of a Trump supporter at a rally in Fayetteville, N.C. Speaking in Hershey...
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Joe Lauria
Obama’s Last Stand Against War on Syria
For five years, President Obama has resisted neocon/liberal-interventionist pressure to go to war against Syria, but – as his departure grows near – the hawks see more “regime change” wars coming into view
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Katherine Paul
Why Are Taxpayers Being Asked to Pay to Promote a Failed GMO Technology?
Last weekend (Oct. 29), the New York Times ran a piece on how the biotech industry has failed to deliver on its promises for GMO crops. The article followed less than a month after the biotech...
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Robin Wall Kimmerer, Kathleen Dean Moore
The White Horse and the Humvees—Standing Rock Is Offering Us a Choice
Right here, between the barricades on a North Dakota highway, is a pivotal confrontation between two world views, two futures.
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Peter Greene
If You Think the Economy is Improving, You Probably Don’t Work in a Public School
Well, hey. The Latest Great Recession is supposed to be ending, the rising tide lifting all the boats back to where we were in 2007, before Wall Street blew a hole in the bottom of the ocean. So why...
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Barbara Ehrenreich
Forget Fear and Loathing. The US Election Inspires Projectile Vomiting
The most sordid side of our democracy has been laid out for all to see. But that’s only the beginning: whoever wins, the mutual revulsion will only intensify
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Timothy Wise
Africa Still in the Crosshairs as Land Grabs Intensify
Though slowed by courageous resistence by farmers and local communities, efforts to monopolize huge areas in Mozambique and across the African continent continue
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Jenni Monet
This Land Is Our Land: All Sides Dig In as Pipeline Nears the River
Recent Standing Rock drone footage makes it clear that time is running out in the Dakota Access battle, and the fight for control of this land is becoming more urgent.
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Rebecca Solnit
The 2000 Election Unleashed Disaster on the World. We Can’t Let that Happen Again in 2016.
For eight years, George W. Bush ravaged the planet. What will be left of it if Trump wins?
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Amy Davidson
Bernie Sanders’s Hard Fight for Hillary Clinton
One of the many things that makes Donald Trump angry is that Bernie Sanders does not seem to hold grudges. In recent speeches, Trump has pointed to the information that has come out, through...
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Sean McElwee
The Myth of Bipartisanship—It’s Time to Get Tough With the Right
Politics is not a parlor game where good manners always win out. It involves questions of power and privilege, which cannot be solved merely with bipartisan brunches.
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Michael T. Klare
Whose Finger on the Nuclear Button?
Election 2016 and playing a game of chicken with nuclear strategy
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César Chelala
I Am One of Your 'Bad Hombres' Señor Trump
During the last presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Trump said, “we have some bad hombres here,” in clear reference to the Latinos coming to the United States. As CNN...
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Rev. Billy Talen
Did Our Anti-Monsanto Song Beat The Three Hates?
(or 'If Monsanto Loses Its Name, What Will The Lovers Go On To Love Even More? Bayer’s $57 Billion Offer Means Organic Farming Lovers Must Rethink Their Praise!')
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Saturday, November 5, 2016
Naomi Klein
The Carbon Tax on the Ballot in Washington State Is Not the Right Way to Deal With Global Warming
A revenue-neutral carbon tax simply cannot deliver the massive green-energy investments we all need.
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Bernie Sanders
Here’s How to Send a Message to Big Pharma
During this election season, Californians have been relentlessly carpet-bombed by TV ads paid for by three dozen super-rich drug companies to defeat Proposition 61 . The drug industry has raised an...
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Ai-jen Poo
From the Kitchen Table to the Voting Booth
An activist hopes we see this moment through the eyes of the women we may never see on TV, but who are at the heart of what it means to be American in 2016.
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John Light
A Colorado Ballot Measure Could Make it Nearly Impossible to Ban Fracking
Green groups hope to someday amend the Colorado constitution so communities can ban fracking. An industry-sponsored amendment on the state's Nov. 8 ballot could block that.
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Christopher Brauchli
The Ark and the Election
"The Unicorn is a Mythical Beast." —James Thurber, The Unicorn in the Garden Although my readers do not come to this space to get ideas for vacations they may wish to take, many of my readers may be...
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Jumaane D. Williams
Sanders Supporters: It’s Infuriating to Be Told We Have to Vote for Hillary. But We Do.
Thoughts from a Bernie delegate.
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Cornel West
Spiritual Blackout in America: Election 2016
The most frightening feature of the civic melancholia in present-day America is the relative collapse of integrity, honesty, and decency — an undeniable spiritual blackout of grand proportions. The...
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Ellicott Dandy
Why A “Revenue-Neutral” Carbon Tax Could Hurt – Not Help – the Planet
Why we have to get this right the first time
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Ronnie Dugger
The National Agony of This Election
It is time to think mainly of all of us on earth, of the crisis in humanity in this our time
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Ralph Nader
The Silver Linings of Silver-Tongued Donald
Are there any silver linings to the tumultuous, degrading, sordid presidential campaign of Donald Trump—a failed gambling czar, corporate welfare king, and supreme hypocrite to his own accusations...
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Friday, November 4, 2016
Jonathan Marshall
How World War III Could Start
The U.S. acts as if its military has an inalienable right to operate close to the borders of other nations and those nations have no right to see these actions as provocative
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Gyasi Ross
Why 'There Are No Acceptable Rerouting Options' for Dakota Access
Obama, extortion and what #NoDAPL really means
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Gareth Porter
US Hypocrisy: Bombing of Aleppo Is No Worse Than What Happened in Gaza and Iraq
The Syrian and Russian bombing is not dissimilar from recent US and Israeli offensives - but you wouldn't know that from the reporting
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David Korten
Forget More Regulation: Make Corporations Serve the Public Interest
The purely private-purpose corporation is an illegitimate entity. This is the elephant in the room that no politician dare mention.
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Robert Borosage
Progressives Pushing on Executive Appointments? Scandal!
How dare progressive organize around appointments for a president they have helped to elect? Ominous, impudent. Who the hell do they think they are? Wall Street bankers?
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Bruce Potts
In Defense of Bernie, In Defense of Democracy: The Ironic Case for Hillary Clinton
During the course of the 2016 Primary Season, millions of Americans fell in love with Bernard Sanders, the angry, outspoken, yet likeable leftist U.S. Senator from Vermont. His temperament, his...
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Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
Dakota Access Pipeline CEO Kelcy Warren Should Face the Music
President Barack Obama foreshadowed more complications for the Dakota Access pipeline this week, as he told an interviewer that “right now the Army Corps is examining whether there are ways to...
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Jeff Bryant
This Election Is About School Funding, Democratic Control of Education
If you’re one of those voters who’s been frustrated by the lack of media coverage of serious policy issues in this year’s presidential election, you can look down ballot for meaningful debates on...
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Sherry Linkon
Memo to the Next President: Don’t Forget the Working Class
The divides this campaign has revealed will linger long after Election Day.
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Sonali Kolhatkar
Battle Over Dakota Access Pipeline Should Be the Most Important of the Year
More than a million people around the U.S. have “ checked in ” via Facebook to Standing Rock Indian Reservation in Cannon Ball, N.D. While this began as an attempt to confuse Morton County Sheriff’s...
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Victor Pickard
Merger Fatigue In A Time Of Media Oligopolies
AT&T and Time Warner’s announced merger warrants serious concern about concentrated media power. The combination of AT&T’s vast telecommunications networks with Time Warner’s massive content...
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Thursday, November 3, 2016
Ciara Torres-Spelliscy
Utilities Cloud Solar Power in the Sunshine State
Corporations have a lot of tools to get their way. As I describe in my book Corporate Citizen? : they can back candidates, lobby legislatures, and even show-up at regulatory agencies with pre-written...
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Michael T. Klare
The United States May Be Guilty of War Crimes in Yemen
The Saudi air campaign is targeting schools, hospitals, markets—and US military support makes it all possible.
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Taj James
Our Poisonous Economic System Needs A Grassroots Intervention
Last month, nearly two hundred nations signed on to a legally-binding global climate deal seeking to phase out the greenhouse gases known as HFCs. And this Friday, the non-binding Paris Agreement...
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John Feffer
Hillary Clinton and the Neocons
Veteran GOP foreign policy hawks are flocking to Hillary Clinton. Is it callow opportunism, or a major realignment?
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Kevin Martin
US to the World: “We Can’t Eliminate Our Nukes, Because We Rely on Our Nukes"
When the song remains the same, the dangers of nuclear weapons will never go away
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Jeff Cohen, Norman Solomon
Dangerous Myths About Trump That Some Progressives Cling To
We have no illusions about Hillary Clinton, nor do we have any about the dangers of a President Donald Trump
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Jill Mangaliman
Why Washington State's Carbon Tax Measure Is a False Promise for Climate Justice
When it comes to proposed climate solutions like Initiative 732, we must be sure that our sense of urgency does not fuel bad policy
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Tom Engelhardt
Resurrecting My Parents From the Dead for Election 2016
(Or How the American Political System Changed and No One Noticed)
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Ai-jen Poo, George Goehl
In This Hate-Filled Election, There’s Always Love
Some couples, in the days leading up to their wedding, are caught up in final preparations: a last-minute dance class, attending to a late RSVP, or doing some work on your vows. There are lots of...
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Voters cast their ballot during early voting at a polling station in Chicago. Chelsea Manning
I Can't Vote. If You Can, You Must
Despite what they say, suffrage isn’t universal. If you’re privileged enough to be able to vote, don’t waste the opportunity that not everyone is afforded
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Sarah van Gelder
Building a Bridge to Turtle Island — Dispatch from Standing Rock
Standing Rock (Nov. 2) — Drone footage taken of the ridge overlooking the camp showed that the water protecters worst fears had been realized. Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline had reached...
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Kelle Louaillier
Putting Democracy Above the Bottom Line
This month, we will have a chance to chart a course toward a stronger, safer global society, where power belongs to the many, not to the few, and where those who have run roughshod over our...
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Jasmine Gomez
Citizens United, the First Amendment, and the Ballot
In this post-Occupy, post-Tea Party election, with voters on both sides concerned about the excessive influence of big money in our political system, voters in California and Washington have the...
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Robert C. Koehler
Democracy and Our Vulnerable Future
It was a moment as tiny as marking a ballot — those two minutes of the second debate, when the presidential election hung suspended mid-diatribe and the candidates let go of their opponent’s flaws...
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Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Jeff Chester
A Huge Victory for Online Privacy Advocates
As AT&T and Time Warner plan to merge, new FCC rules on broadband privacy show how today “Big Media” also means “Big Data.”
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Chuck Collins
Eight Ways to Strengthen Our Democracy Beyond Voting
The strength of our civic life depends on what we do outside elections
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John Buell
Trade, Democracy, and the Politics of Backlash
On why there has never been a greater need to quash the global corporate agenda.
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Jim Lardner
Wall Street Sets Political Outlay Record
Top execs in the financial sector have been spending an incredible $2.3 million a day to stall and deep-six needed reforms.
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RoseAnn DeMoro
California’s Prop. 61 Offers Opportunity to Take on Big Pharma
The drug corporations are running scared... and spending big to defeat this ballot measure
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Winona LaDuke, Ann Wright, Zoltan Grossman
Public Servants or Corporate Security?: An Open Letter to Law Enforcement and National Guard in North Dakota
So you joined law enforcement or the National Guard because you wanted to uphold the law, protect innocent civilians against the bad guys, and help your community in times of need. Instead, they’re...
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Sarah van Gelder
Report from Standing Rock—Fierce Resilience as the Black Snake Approaches the River
After watching the police actions of last Thursday, I decided I had to come back to Standing Rock. Here’s my first report …
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Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Gareth Porter
Justifying the Saudi Slaughter in Yemen
Official Washington insists Iran is the main Mideast troublemaker when clearly that isn’t true, but the “group think” explains why a few intercepted arms shipments to Somalia where linked to Iran and Yemen
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Matt Taibbi
Too Smug to Jail
'The Economist' issues a myopic defense of the white-collar criminal
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David Morris
Beyond Candidates: Three State Initiatives That Could Bolster Democracy
On November 8th citizens in 35 states vote on 163 ballot initiatives. They cover a wide range of subjects (e.g. marijuana, minimum wage, taxes, gun control). To my mind, initiatives in three states—...
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Jonathan Kozol
Vote ‘No’ on Charter Schools
It's not easy to compete with buckets of money pouring into Massachusetts to convince the public to lift the cap on charter schools but, as a former teacher who has worked for more than 50 years with...
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Laura Carlsen
Who Gains from Colombia’s Vote for Permanent War?
Pretending that everyone wants peace in Colombia ignores the long-term effects of militarism — and the fact that the war benefits many powerful interests, including in Washington.
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Ann Jones
Nasty Women vs. The Greatest Victim in the History of the World Donald Trump
Donald Trump grabbed a new lifeline. Speaking at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, on October 15th, he raised a hand as if to take an oath and declared : “I am a victim!” The great business...
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Lerato Letebele
COP22: A Defining Moment for Africa’s Climate Movement
Upcoming UN climate summit in Morocco should help spark the energy among Africans to mobilize for the sustainable future we all aspire for
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Jake Johnson
The American Way: Socialism for the Rich, Free Enterprise for the Rest
While it's not entirely clear who coined the phrase "socialism for the rich, free enterprise for the rest," its ability to provoke — and, more importantly, to describe — is beyond question. There are...
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Phyllis Bennis
The War in Syria Cannot Be Won. But It Can Be Ended.
The left is profoundly divided over the conflict, but we should at least agree on a set of principles to end it.
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Monday, October 31, 2016
Nate Terani
Tehran, USA: One Veteran's War on Islamophobia
I’m not an immigrant, but my grandparents are. More than 50 years ago, they arrived in New York City from Iran. I grew up mainly in central New Jersey, an American kid playing little league for the...
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Trevor Timm
James Comey Has Been Abusing His Power for Years
We shouldn’t be surprised at the FBI director’s intervention in the presidential campaign. He has a track record of dubious decisions
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Frances Moore Lappé, Adam Eichen
Trickle-Up Democracy: State and Local Ballots Give Voters A Say
Measures to reduce the influence of money on politics could win approval in cities and states across the country Nov. 8.
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Belén Fernández
Forget Halloween: There's Plenty of Real-Life Horror in the Middle East
For many across the region, horror and fright constitute a permanent condition rather than a source of controlled entertainment
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Ralph Nader
Why the Democrats Keep Losing the Congress
Why isn’t the Democratic Party landsliding the worst and cruelest Republican Party in the past 162 years? Just take a glance at their record votes and you’ll wonder why the Republican representatives...
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Jeffrey D. Sachs
The Fatal Expense of American Imperialism
The single most important issue in allocating national resources is war versus peace, or as macroeconomists put it, “guns versus butter.” The United States is getting this choice profoundly wrong,...
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Thomas Frank
Forget the FBI Cache; Podesta Emails Show How America Is Run
WikiLeaks’ dump of messages to and from Clinton’s campaign chief offer an unprecedented view into the workings of the elite, and how it looks after itself
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Neal Gabler
Trump’s Campaign for Celebrity
Like junk food, will Trump leave us empty and wanting more?
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Chris Hedges
American Irrationalism
There is no shortage of signs of impending environmental catastrophe, including the melting of the polar ice caps and the rise of atmospheric carbon to above 400 parts per million . The earth’s sixth...
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Marcy Rein
Free Tuition Proposal Aims to Reclaim San Francisco's City College
In an inspired political jujitsu move, advocates for City College of San Francisco (CCSF) launched a ballot measure that would make the school free for everyone who lives or works at least half-time...
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Marcy Wheeler
The Story About Judicial Dysfunction Behind the Comey Whiplash
I’ve been home from Europe for less than a day and already I’m thinking of sporting a neck collar for the whiplash I’ve gotten watching the wildly varying Jim Comey opinions. I’m speaking, of course...
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Ray McGovern
Putin-Obama Trust Evaporates
How did the "growing trust" that Russian President Vladimir Putin once said marked his "working and personal relationship with President Obama " change into today's deep distrust and saber-rattling?...
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Gary Younge
Note to America: Don’t Be So Sure You’ve Put Trump Behind You
Take it from a Brit, right-wing populism will thrive until you deal with it genuinely.
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Taylor McKinnon
Why Oregon Standoff Verdicts Set Dangerous and Far-Reaching Precedent
Malheur acquittals raise stakes for next year’s trial in Nevada and beyond
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Sunday, October 30, 2016
Nozomi Hayase
Controversy over WikiLeaks Podesta Emails Opens a Debate for Future Journalism
In its 10 th years of existence, WikiLeaks has been at the center of controversy. Ever since its global debut with the 2010 Apache helicopter gun-sight video depicting the killing of civilians in...
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Marjorie Cohn
Tom Hayden, Courageous Warrior for Peace
The death of Tom Hayden at age 76 marked the passing of a major progressive leader who championed causes from civil rights to Vietnam War opposition to the environment
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Will Griffin
After Two Wars, Standing Rock is the First Time I Served the American People
'I’ve been on the wrong side of history'
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Bill Distler
Finally “Winning” the Viet Nam War—in Afghanistan
Some military thinkers in the United States believe we could have won the American war in Viet Nam if we had just stayed a little longer. After years of bombing and wounding and killing, they thought...
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Bill McKibben
Why Dakota Is the New Keystone
MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — The Native Americans who have spent the last months in peaceful protest against an oil pipeline along the banks of the Missouri are standing up for tribal rights. They’re also...
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Saturday, October 29, 2016
Janine Jackson
At DAPL, Confiscating Cameras as Evidence of Journalism
While elite media wait for the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline to go away so they can return to presenting their own chin-stroking as what it means to take climate change seriously ,...
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Police used mace, pepper spray, tear gas and flash-bang grenades and bean bag rounds against Native Americans who lined up on the highway. (Photo/Tim Yakaitis) Ann Wright
When Will It End? US Government Again Uses Militarized Response to Stand of Native Americans to Injustice
Its like we are back to the 1800s when the U.S. Army rampaged against Native American tribes across the American West. The militarized police and the use of the National Guard this week in responding...
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Februray 15, 2003: Tens of thousands of protesters marched in the streets of San Francisco to voice their opposition to war in Iraq in the largest global day of protest the world had ever seen. George Lakey
Why Campaigns, Not Protests, Get the Goods
After the election there will be many things to protest, no matter who wins. This is the time to figure out how to amplify our power and maximize the chance of winning victories. To do that, we can...
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Christopher Brauchli
Requiem for the Asterisk
Omissions are not accidents. — Marianne Moore, Complete Poems, author’s note This election season has had many unexpected consequences, but none has been more distressing than its effect on civility...
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Looking down Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson International Airport, from the side. Linda McQuaig
Privatizing Airports a Flight Risk
If the federal Liberals go ahead with the plan it will only hurt consumers and make businesses richer
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Jill Richardson
Trump is the Nation’s Abuser-in-Chief
A checklist of 30 tactics used by emotionally abusive partners reads like Trump's debate prep to-do list.
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US nuclear weapons test at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in 1946. Robert Dodge
Nuclear Weapons – The Time for Abolition is Now
Nuclear weapons present the greatest public health and existential threat to our survival every moment of every day. Yet the United States and world nuclear nations stand in breach of the 1968...
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Friday, October 28, 2016
Molly Cain
Conservatives Say Raising the Minimum Wage Kills Jobs. New Research Says They’re Wrong.
Raising the minimum wage would help a lot of Americans. It would raise wages for 35 million workers, bring 4.5 million people out of poverty, and reduce the wage gaps that plague women and people of...
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Sonali Kolhatkar
Election’s Rape and Sexual Assault Accusations Need to Be Taken Seriously
Less than a day after the third and final 2016 presidential debate, GOP nominee Donald Trump faced new accusations from a woman who recounted a story of her sexual assault at his hands. Karena...
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John Pilger
Selling ‘Regime Change’ Wars to the Masses
Propaganda is now such a pervasive part of Western governance that any foreign leader who resists the prevailing power structure can be turned into a demon and made a target of a “regime change” war
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John Light
The Long Path to Reversing Citizens United
Campaign finance lawyers are pursuing two legal strategies to try and push back against the 2010 ruling, and other court decisions, that deregulated our campaign finance system.
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Emily Fuller
How to Contact the 17 Banks Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline
Here are CEO names, emails, and phone numbers—because banks have choices when it comes to what projects they give loans to.
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Emile Frison
To Diversify Agriculture, We Must Diversify the Questions We Ask
Why narrowly- defined indicators of agricultural performance fail to capture many of the benefits of diversified and organic systems
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Charles B. Keeney
'Blood on the Mountain': Why We Need a Red Neck Protest Anthem, Not a Hillbilly Elegy
A place mired in poverty, a culture of guns, conservative religion, poorly educated people, an angry and embittered populace. These are common words used by journalists and writers to describe West...
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Bernie Sanders
Here's What I'll Do the Day After Election Day
I am currently working as hard as I can to see that Donald Trump is defeated, that Hillary Clinton is elected president, and that Democrats gain control of the US House and Senate. The day after the...
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