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Thursday, February 18, 2016
Robert Parry
Risking Nuclear War for Al Qaeda?
The risk that the multi-sided Syrian war could spark World War III continues as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and U.S. neocons seek an invasion that could kill Russian troops — and possibly escalate the Syrian crisis into a nuclear showdown, amazingly to protect Al Qaeda terrorists
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David Cooper
How We Can Save $17 Billion in Public Assistance—Annually
Note to conservatives: Want to know the best way to find savings in government assistance programs? Here’s a hint—it’s not by cutting nutrition assistance to working people who are struggling. It’s...
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Bill McKibben
It's Not Just What Exxon Did, It's What It's Doing
How the fossil fuel giant's never-ending big dig is flooding the Earth with fossil fuels
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Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
Voices From the Front Lines of the Flint Water Crisis
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s successive emergency managers are now gone from Flint, but the wreckage of their rule there still pollutes many homes. The crisis in Flint is, on the surface, about water...
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Peter Bloom
Incumbent Lessons: What Obama’s Presidency Can Teach Sanders’ Revolution
Bernie Sander’s call for political revolution is taking much of the country by storm. Once a fringe candidate, he has surged in the polls to legitimately challenging frontrunner Hillary Clinton for...
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Robert C. Koehler
Beached America
For at least the last four decades now I feel like I’ve been living in Beached America: a nation that has lost its values, even as it writhes in violent agitation, inflicting its military on the...
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Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Derrick Z. Jackson
Hillary Clinton’s Black Conversion
Failing to win white voters in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton needs her black firewall like never before. Her speech yesterday in Harlem touched on criminal justice and economic opportunity. Those...
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Bob Burnett
Despite Growing Attacks, Bernie Can Do It
As Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning the Democratic presidential nomination have increased, so have the attacks. Hillary Clinton advocates argue he has no chance of delivering the fundamental change...
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Jim Hightower
How Big Pharma Is Trying to Improve Its Image
Big news, people! Especially for those of you upset by the skyrocketing prices of the essential prescription medicines you take — including thousands of patients who were hit last year with a 5,000...
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Chase Strangio
'If I Were a Student in South Dakota, Chances Are I Would Not Survive Into Adulthood.'
Earlier today, ACLU attorney Chase Strangio wrote a note to South Dakota legislators , urging them not to sign SB 1008, which targets transgender students in South Dakota. They didn’t listen. Now it’...
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Lisa García Bedolla
Nation's Most Vulnerable Are Fighting Back Against the 1% Tide
We must stop believing it is somehow unfair to target attention and resources to those who need the most help.
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Marge Baker
What’s at Stake with the Supreme Court
Will Republicans let partisan rancor and petty politics damage it?
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Kevin Gosztola
FBI Demands Apple Grant Power To Hack All iPhone Users
Apple says the FBI has proposed an “unprecedented use” of one of the oldest laws in the United States to force the company to hack its own users. On February 16, a federal magistrate judge ordered...
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Bill Scher
What Republicans Risk By Obstructing Obama’s Supreme Court Nomination
Conventional wisdom states that Republicans have every political reason to block anyone President Obama nominates for the Supreme Court. Any Republican who voted for an Obama nominee could face a...
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César Chelala
Is Microcephaly in Children Caused by the Zika Virus or by Pesticides?
At the end of October 2015, the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, located in the northeast of the country, started reporting a dramatic increase in the number of babies born with microcephaly, a...
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Gareth Porter
Obama’s ‘Moderate’ Syrian Deception
President Obama, who once called the idea of 'moderate' Syrian rebels a 'fantasy,' has maintained the fiction to conceal the fact that many 'moderates' are fighting alongside Al Qaeda’s jihadists, an inconvenient truth that is complicating an end to Syria’s civil war
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Kurt Opsahl
Why We Support Apple in Encryption Battle
We at the Electronic Frontier Foundation learned on Tuesday evening that a U.S. federal magistrate judge ordered Apple to backdoor an iPhone that was used by one of the perpetrators of the San...
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Peter Dreier
A Trump Candidacy Is Good for the Democrats, But Bad for America
Would having Donald Trump as the GOP nominee be good or bad for the Democrats -- or for the country? On the one hand, I'm confident that either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders could beat Trump...
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Brent Budowsky
Surging Sanders Could Surprise Nevada Caucus
As the Nevada Democratic caucus on Saturday comes closer, Bernie Sanders is surging, Team Clinton is panicked and the contest will be much closer than pundits expected. For the last six months the...
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Glenn Greenwald
Two Former U.S. Presidents Simultaneously Advocate for a Close Family Member as the Next U.S. President
Americans love to mock the British for choosing — in the 21st century — to live under a monarchy and honor the hereditary succession of a royal family. I enthusiastically participate in that derision...
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Zoe Weil
From Good Works to Good Ideas: Educating the #SolutionaryGeneration
Kids are doing all sorts of good works these days. More often than not their efforts are focused on: 1) Raising money for charities 2) Collecting and providing food and essentials to the poor, and/or...
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Joe Lauria
Syria: Obama’s Most Momentous Decision
President Obama must decide if he will let the Syrian civil war come to an end with Russian-backed President Assad still in power or if he will escalate by supporting a Turkish-Saudi invasion, which could push the world to the brink of nuclear war
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Peter Van Buren
Minimum Wage, Minimum Chance: On Being Nickel and Dimed in 2016
When presidential candidate Bernie Sanders talks about income inequality, and when other candidates speak about the minimum wage and food stamps, what are they really talking about? Whether they know...
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David Michael Green
The Loser’s Way (or What Do You Do When Your Politics Suck?)
What do you do if you’re a freakin’ loser? Oops, sorry – I don’t mean you. I mean ‘you’ as in your ideas and your party. And, actually, I probably don’t mean ‘your ideas’ and ‘your party’ for most...
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Bill McKibben
Why We Need to Keep 80 Percent of Fossil Fuels in the Ground
Life depends on it. Bill McKibben on the big changes we’ve already made in remarkably short order.
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Robert Bullard
Let’s Make 2016 the Year of Justice: A Call for Environmental Justice Milestones
In 2014, the nation commemorated some important milestones in our historic march toward justice and equality for all Americans. We marked the 60th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education U.S...
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Mary Bottari
Reporter's Guide: Federal Contractors with History of OSHA Violations Battle New Safety Rules
Every day, American workers are killed and injured on the job. From explosions, electrocutions and toxic fumes to more common falls or crushing injuries, lives are altered and families irreparably...
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Owen Jones
George W Bush’s Support for Jeb is a Reminder of His Disastrous Legacy
The former president puts on the charm as he joins the campaign trail. But the world we’re living in today is in many ways a result of the misery he inflicted
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Kevin Gosztola
US Shrugs Off Yet Another Report of Cluster Bombs Launched By Saudis In Yemen
Following a new report from Human Rights Watch on the use of banned cluster bombs by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, the United States State Department has once again given a statement so the...
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Robert Reich
The Death of the Republican Party
I’m writing to you today to announce the death of the Republican Party. It is no longer a living, vital, animate organization. It died in 2016. RIP. It has been replaced by warring tribes:...
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Monday, February 15, 2016
Neal Gabler
Marco and the Media: The Boy Who Would be King
How the press is helping Marco Rubio bounce back after his fifth place finish in New Hampshire and a debate fiasco
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Christopher D. Cook
The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders
Political and social change emanate from persistent pressure for a just world, not settling for what is “realistic” before even getting to the negotiating table.
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Kari Malkki
Why 2016 Will be the Best Year Yet for Climate Justice
Already in 2016, communities around the world have been forced to confront climate disasters of all sorts. Latin American countries are working with a sense of urgency to prevent transmission of the...
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Eric Boehlert
As Obama Moves To Replace Scalia, The Press Enables Radical GOP Obstruction
In the wake of Antonin Scalia's sudden death , the Beltway press almost immediately began to seamlessly frame the unfolding debate about the Supreme Court Justice's replacement along the contours of...
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Leo Gerard
One Percenters Get Their Own Special Social Welfare Deal
One percenters have it all, extra houses, extra cars, even an exclusive legal defense if they kill, “affluenza,” to keep them out of jail. But until last week, they felt unfairly denied access to the...
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Alyse Kotyk
'On this Day and Every Day Forward': Hundreds March to Remember Murdered and Missing Women
Hundreds gathered yesterday in the rainy Vancouver Downtown Eastside for the 26th Annual Downtown Eastside Women's Memorial March. Held every February 14, the March honours the memory of all women...
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Mehmet Dosemeci
Pledging for Democracy: How Bernie Can Win and Get the Congress He Needs
Senator Sanders has started a national debate on democracy and income inequality in America. He has reintroduced ideas to curb the influence of corporations in American politics and to reverse the...
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John Upton
What Scalia’s Death Means For Climate Change
Just days after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling clouded the future of a new United Nations climate pact, the passing of one of its justices has boosted the pact's chances of succeeding. Supreme Court...
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Steve Rendall
‘Preserving the Balance’ by Maintaining a Conservative Supreme Court
On CNN‘s State of the Union today ( 2/14/16 ), Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward laid out the “potential minefield” posed by a liberal Supreme Court appointment to “everyone, including...
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Nick Dearden
Think Corporate Tax Avoidance is Bad? It Could be About to Get Even Worse
Under new trade deals being negotiated by the Government, US corporations would be able to challenge British tax laws in secret tribunals
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Paul Buchheit
5 Reasons the Top Tax Rate Should Be 80 Percent
5 Reasons the Top Tax Rate Should Be 80% It came up in the Republican debate again, the curious notion that striving for less inequality is somehow a form of "class warfare." The implication is that...
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Sunday, February 14, 2016
Jeffrey D. Sachs
Hillary Clinton and the Syrian Bloodbath
In the Milwaukee debate , Hillary Clinton took pride in her role in a recent UN Security Council resolution on a Syrian ceasefire: But I would add this. You know, the Security Council finally got...
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Amy Davidson
Courting Black Votes
In March, 1988, Bernie Sanders, the democratic-socialist mayor of Burlington, Vermont, held a press conference to say that, for the first time, he would be attending his state’s Presidential caucus,...
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Donna Smith
It's the Political and Economic Establishment, Stupid
So, the most recent tactic is to attack Bernie Sanders' platform as a one-issue campaign in a multi-issue nation. Well, that's an interesting argument given one of the most powerful messages from the...
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Jesse Hagopian, Gerald Lenoir
Gentrifying Black History
Thanks to a long history of redlining, formerly black neighborhoods in cities around the country are continuously disappearing under the rapacious churn of financial real estate interests. But city...
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Conn Hallinan
Can the New Left Govern Europe?
After a year of earthshaking victories and devastating setbacks, Europe's new progressive parties are slowly learning how to balance governance with activism.
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Gideon Levy
Welcome to the One-state Club, Thomas Friedman
The most famous columnist in the world, who always reflects and shapes the mood in Washington, has finally realized that the two-state solution is dead.
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Barbara Burt
10 Reasons Why Democratic Insiders Shouldn’t Be Surprised
Political insiders claim to have been “blindsided” by the reaction of voters to the presidential primary candidates. Here are ten reasons the establishment missed the boat. One. Elites worked hard to...
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Nat Parry
GOP ‘Torture Debate’ and Obama’s Failure to Prosecute
Troubling comments within the GOP presidential field over whether to reinstate torture and implement other war crimes have been drawing criticism lately, with the 2008 Republican presidential nominee...
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Saturday, February 13, 2016
Bill Blum
After Antonin Scalia’s Death, What’s Next for the Supreme Court?
Justice Antonin Scalia is dead , and his passing is nothing less than a legal and political earthquake. It will have a huge impact, not only on the court’s present term but on the course of...
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Cornel West
Why Brother Bernie Is Better for Black People Than Sister Hillary
'This election is not a mere campaign; it is a crusade to resurrect democracy—King-style—in our time.'
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Ted Morgan
Sorry, Corporate Media: The More Americans Hear Bernie Sanders, The More They Like Him
Dear Corporate Media: In bringing us the 2016 election spectacle, you demonstrate once again that the national mass media in the United States function, consciously or not, as the guardians of “...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Supreme Court Thumbs Its Nose at a Clean Energy Future
The Supreme Court's stay of President Obama’s Clean Power Pla n is not the final blow to the Obama administration’s climate change policy, but it seems directly aimed at tarnishing the president’s...
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Kate Aronoff
Bernie Sanders is a Candidate for, Not of, Today’s Movements
Yesterday, The Atlantic ’s Eric Liu asked what it would take to move presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s ambitious proposals from “we’re gonna” to “we’ve done it,” outlining seven steps to bridge...
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Kevin Gosztola
Why Not Being Friends With A War Criminal Like Henry Kissinger Matters
In the midst of questioning the United States’ history of overthrowing and meddling in other countries’ governments, Bernie Sanders denounced Hillary Clinton for befriending and taking advice from...
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Keith Harrington
The Economy We Want Starts With a Constitutional Amendment
A more democratic and equal election system is the first step toward a more democratic and equal economy.
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John Atcheson
On Sale Now: Your Government
A Guide to the Perplexed on Real Hope and Real Change
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Jo Miles, Mary Grant
America’s Water Crisis Goes Beyond Flint
The water crisis in Flint shows how badly we need to fund clean water. So why is the Obama Administration cutting federal support for our water infrastructure?
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Stephen Zunes
On Hillary Clinton, Sexism, and U.S. Foreign Policy
Feminists who oppose Hillary Clinton's imperialism can't just challenge her foreign policy. We have to challenge the sexist attacks against her, too.
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Jay Walljasper
The City As a Commons: From Flint to Italy
The disaster with Flint, Michigan’s drinking water, created by political leaders more devoted to fiscal austerity than the common good, illuminates why it’s important to think of our cities as...
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Ralph Nader
Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record
Bernie Sanders is far too easy on Hillary Clinton in their debates. Clinton flaunts her record and experience in ways that Sanders could use to expose her serious vulnerabilities and...
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Friday, February 12, 2016
Medea Benjamin
Should Henry Kissinger Mentor a Presidential Candidate?
At the February 11 Democratic Debate, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had a spirited exchange about an unlikely topic: the 92-year old former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Sanders berated...
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Tharanga Yakupitiyage
The High Costs of the War on Drugs
Global drug policy involving crop eradication contributes to poverty, hunger, and displacement, said Open Society Foundation (OSF) in a new report released here. The report, Drug Crop Production,...
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JP Sottile
Hillary Clinton’s Pay-for-Play Reality
Whatever one thinks about Hillary Clinton’s sincerity when she professes progressive values, the undeniable reality is that she has immersed herself for decades in the corrupting sludge of Official Washington and its sleazy pay-for-play schemes with Wall Street and other power centers
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Laurie Penny
This is the New Front in the Battle to Control Women’s Bodies
By defining all of us as “pre-pregnant”, women are afforded all the blame – but none of the control.
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Nick Cunningham
Why Climate Activists Must Seize On The Oil Price Crash
The utter collapse in oil prices over the past year and a half presents a unique opportunity for climate action, a temporary period in which measures to restrict the production and consumption of...
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Charles P. Pierce
Bernie Sanders Is Changing Hillary Clinton One Day (and One Debate) at a Time
Clinton refined her message in Milwaukee last night. ​
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Sonali Kolhatkar
All Sides in the Syria War Have at Least One Thing in Common: Slaughtering Civilians
Nearly five years after Syria’s Arab Spring revolt escalated into a civil war, the conflict has morphed into a wider regional war with no end in sight. Millions of Syrians have fled, and a quarter of...
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David Turnbull
The Not-So-Hidden Fracking Money Fueling the 2016 Elections
The New York Times this week pulled together a list of all the individuals who have contributed over 1 million dollars in the 2016 election …and there’s some major fracking money hiding in plain...
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Donna Smith
Dear Americans, Please Stop Dreaming of a Better Nation
Scaling back dreams? Is that what we want?
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Thursday, February 11, 2016
Peter Certo
A Real ‘Political Revolution’ Would End the War in Iraq
Taking the diplomatic road on Iraq and Syria would let Sanders get back to the business he started in 2002 — making space between himself and Hillary Clinton on the Middle East.
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Miriam Pemberton
6 Reasons Not to Reboot the Cold War
The Obama administration's final Pentagon budget calls for quadrupling spending on efforts to counter Russia.
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Rhea Suh
Our Climate Progress Will Not Be Stayed
The U.S. Supreme Court temporarily blocked President Obama's plan to fight global climate change by cleaning up our dirty power plants, pending the outcome of a court challenge led by the coal...
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LeeAnn Hall
Cracking Down on Abusive Debt Collectors
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau must stop this national crisis.
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William Astore
Imperial Affluenza: The Pentagon as the World's Deadliest Spoiled Brat
Showering the U.S. military with endless money and unchecked praise has created a monster that must be confronted
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Robert C. Koehler
Confronting Our Toxic Legacy
Maybe if we declared “war” on poison water, we’d find a way to invest money in its “defeat.” David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz , writing at Tom Dispatch this week about what they called “The United...
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Hina Shamsi
Why I Have Hope For American Muslim Equality
President Obama gave a milestone speech in defense of American Muslims and religious freedom at a mosque last week. And I had a hard time listening to it. That may seem counter-intuitive at a time...
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Trevor Timm
Even if Sanders Wins the Popular Vote, Clinton Could Still Get the Nomination
The Democratic party decides its nominee in a massively undemocratic way – and is a ticking time bomb for the party and its voter base if Bernie keeps winning
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Jeff Cohen
Reality Check for Democrats: Would Martin Luther King Be Supporting Bernie?
Corporate mainstream media have sanitized and distorted the life and teachings of Martin Luther King Jr., putting him in the category of a “civil rights leader” who focused narrowly on racial...
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Kevin Martin, Jon Rainwater
5 Top Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Would Be Best President for Peace
Why Peace Action PAC is endorsing Bernie Sanders for President
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Jim Naureckas
Missing the Days When Candidates Pretended We Had No Big Problems
“I miss Barack Obama,” writes David Brooks ( 2/9/16 )—which is a tough thing to admit when your job is being the voice of sensible Republicanism on the New York Times op-ed page, and on the PBS...
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Robert Parry
Hillary Clinton’s Very Bad Night
The magnitude of Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire drubbing has establishment Democrats wringing their hands as it dawns on them that no candidate in modern U.S. political history has bounced back from a 22-point loss in that first-in-the-nation primary to win the White House
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Danyelle Solomon, Tracey Ross
Flint Isn’t the Only Place with Racism in the Water
Last month, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) delivered his fifth State of the State address , a ceremonious speech that typically presents the governor’s legislative priorities and vision for the year...
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Phil Torres
Biodiversity Loss and the Doomsday Clock: An Invisible Disaster Almost No One is Talking About
As horrific as a nuclear war anywhere in the world would be, climate change is a much more urgent and fundamental problem.
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Janet Redman
Betting the Farm on Free Trade
The White House is gambling with our health, jobs, and environment by embracing the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
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Donna Smith
Bernie’s Call to Rein in Wall Street, Artfully Clear
At the heart of the matter is Bernie calling out the way Wall Street money has corrupted our democracy and perhaps most especially our election process. So when I went looking for ways to illustrate...
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Jim Hightower
How Corporate Bamboozlers Intend to Widen Inequality in America
The basic problem facing the corporate and political powers that want you and me to swallow their Trans-Pacific Partnership deal is that they can't make chicken salad out of chicken manure. But that...
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Robert Borosage
New Hampshire: Populist Uprising
“We have sent a message that will resound from Wall Street to Washington,“ presidential candidate Bernie Sanders exulted last night, after drubbing Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary. On...
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Robert Reich
What New Hampshire Tells Us
You will hear pundits analyze the New Hampshire primaries and conclude that the political “extremes” are now gaining in American politics – that the Democrats have moved to the left and the...
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Michelle Alexander
Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote
From the crime bill to welfare reform, policies Bill Clinton enacted—and Hillary Clinton supported—decimated black America.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Michael Winship
The Kochs Are Ghostwriting America’s Story
Progressives need to fight back with their own "metanarrative" against the tall tales of the right wing.
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David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz
Welcome to the United States of Flint
America’s Coast-to-Coast Toxic Crisis
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Susan Sered
A Serious Response Is Needed, But Let's Not "Wage War" on Zika
The emergence and spread of the Zika virus is worrisome on many levels: it highlights the impact of global warming on the spread of infectious and mosquito-borne diseases and the reality that the...
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Zahara Heckscher
Why I Faced Arrest, Even as I Battle Cancer, to Fight TPP
I am a mom with advanced breast cancer. I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was 11. That’s why I was arrested last week at a protest on World Cancer Day at the headquarters of PhRMA, which has...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Sanders Should Challenge the Foreign Policy Status Quo
Global economic troubles threaten our economy, a cold war heats up with Russia, the Middle East is aflame and 2015 was the hottest year on record , as climate change accelerates. Despite this, the...
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Mike Lofgren
Oligarchville: How Washington’s New Rich Live
The twin explosions of post-9/11 national security extravagance and Citizens United political spending bonanza have reshaped Washington — not only in its political outlook but physically, with this New Class preferring lavish McMansions to show off their newfound wealth
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A man enters First Ward Elementary School, Precinct 13, to cast his vote on November 4, 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina. John Light
Federal Court Says North Carolina’s Racially Motivated Gerrymandering Is Unconstitutional
The state's bizarrely shaped districts decrease the power of black voters.
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RoseAnn DeMoro
I'm a Woman and I Will Vote for the Best Feminist for President: Bernie Sanders
I won’t vote against Hillary Clinton because she’s female, but I don’t intend to vote for her because I am. We need more fundamental changes in this country
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Peter Bloom
The Failed Record of the Establishment: Why Talk Is Cheap in 2016
The 2016 election is defying traditional political expectations. On the Democratic side the once inevitable frontrunner Hillary Clinton is fighting off a surging Bernie Sanders while Donald Trump has...
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Fran Quigley
Hammer of Justice: Heartland Peace Activist Facing Felonies for Breaking Northrup Grumman Windows
Jessica Reznicek, 34, an Iowa peace activist, was arraigned yesterday and charged with two felonies for breaking three windows with a sledgehammer at the Northrup Grumman facility outside the Omaha...
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