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Sunday, May 8, 2016
Martha Rosenberg
Was Prince the Latest Opioid Casualty?
The autopsy results from Prince’s unexpected death are not in yet, but it has been reported that the musical star had the prescription opioid painkiller Percocet in his possession when he died...
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Barbara Burt
This Ain’t the Kentucky Derby, Y’All
Ok, everybody, just calm down. At this point in the Democratic presidential primary “horserace,” things are getting tense. Some Clinton supporters clamor for Sanders to drop out. Although their...
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Army veteran and ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern, standing in protest of a speech by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Feb. 15, 2011. Ray McGovern
Price for Witnessing Against War
The funeral for anti-war priest Daniel Berrigan was a reminder of humanity’s need to challenge immoral government actions and the price that one pays for doing so
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Marian Wright Edelman
Stories of Mother Love
“They didn’t want me to have Walter because of my age. But I finally convinced them that age has nothing to do with love…What I had to give was love. And that’s what Walter needed... I never doubted...
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Marc Yaggi
People Power Over Corporate Power = Canceled Pipeline Projects
A long-standing fight for the public’s right to their land and waterways came to an end April 22 when Gov. Cuomo’s New York State Department of Environmental Conservation denied the Clean Water Act...
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Kate Aronoff
Millennials’ Non-Voting Habits, Explained
What’s the matter with millennials? The latest person to ask and answer this question is Vox’s David Roberts. Listing out a series of polls explaining how supportive 18-29-year-olds are of climate...
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Elliott Negin
As Climate Deception Investigations Gain Momentum, ExxonMobil Plays the Victim
With several state attorneys general now investigating whether ExxonMobil misled its shareholders and the public about climate change risks, it was more than a little ironic when the company recently...
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Neal Gabler
The Media Myth of the Working-Class Reagan Democrats
The numbers don't lie. The notion that angry blue collar voters could sway the election just may not be true.
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Saturday, May 7, 2016
Leah Penniman
After a Century In Decline, Black Farmers Are Back And On the Rise
These Black farmers don’t stop at healthy food. They’re healing trauma, instilling collective values, and changing the way their communities think about the land.
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Jamie Corey
ALEC Appoints New Chair To Climate Denial Task Force
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has named a new corporate chair for its task force that works to oppose action to tackle climate change: Jennifer Jura of the National Rural Electric...
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Jeff Bryant
Republicans In Congress Want To Cut Free Lunches For Poor Kids; Don’t Let Them
Conservative lawmakers are well known for wanting to cut funding to public education. But just remember, every time they take a swing at public school budgets, they hit poor kids. The newest blow...
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César Chelala
A Lesson from Auschwitz
At the main entrance of the Nazi camp at Auschwitz one could read: “Arbeit macht frei” (Work makes you free). The current trial of Reinhold Hanning, 94, a former SS guard at the camp, brings to mind...
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Representative Ron Dellums (D-CA) addresses an anti-Vietnam War demonstration on the steps of the US Capitol building in Washington DC, May 5, 1971. (Photo by Dave Watt/Keystone/Getty Images) Michael Winship
May’s the Month for Protest. Daniel Berrigan Would Agree.
The Jesuit writer and activist's death is a reminder of the necessity and power of protest in America.
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Sue Sturgis
The Backlash Against Expanded Voting Rights in Virginia
Date on which Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe issued an executive order to restore voting rights to people who've completed their felony prison, probation and parole sentences: 4/22/2016 Estimated...
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Janine Jackson
Pundits Will Pay No Price for Being Arrogantly Wrong About Trump
The Washington Post ‘s Dana Milbank ( 10/2/15 ) said he would eat the page on which his column was printed if Donald Trump gained the Republican nomination. “The entire commentariat is going to feel...
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Christopher Brauchli
Blessed are the Poor
Worm or beetle-drought or tempest-on a Farmer’s land may fall, Each is loaded full o’ ruin, But a mortgage beats ‘em all. — Will Carleton, The Tramp’s Story Houses are the gifts that keep on giving...
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Friday, May 6, 2016
Eric Stoner
How Friends and Family Remember Daniel Berrigan
Like countless others, including all those whose stories follow, Dan Berrigan had a profound impact on my life. I grew up in a conservative Catholic family and community, and was on the fast track to...
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Ralph Nader
The Need for Progressive Voices
In 1961, President Kennedy’s Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Newton Minow described television as “a vast wasteland.” Perhaps nothing demonstrates that better these days than...
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Betty Medsger
Daniel Berrigan, a Leader of Peaceful Opposition to Vietnam War, Inspired a Generation of Activists
Daniel Berrian was many things – Jesuit priest, poet, teacher, fine cook, good listener, radical thinker, antiwar activist, pacifist. And, for his opposition to the Vietnam war, he was considered an...
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Padraig Reidy
How London’s Sadiq Khan Triumphed Over Race-Baiting
Disgusted by his opponent's dog-whistle campaign, Great Britain's capital elected its first Muslim mayor.
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James Downie
Obama’s Drone War is a Shameful Part of His Legacy
Father Daniel Berrigan died Saturday at 94. The longtime peace activist gained national attention in 1968 when he and eight others, including his brother Philip (also a priest), burned draft records...
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Mary Alice Crim
FCC Approves Horrible Merger, Hurting Consumers Nationwide
Bad news: According to several news reports, the FCC has voted to approve the Charter-Time Warner Cable merger.
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Bill C. Davis
Donald Trump Has Given the United States a Great Gift
What he has drawn to the surface are various toxins isolated in a boil ready to burst.
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Jakob Reimann
One Last Chance for Peace in Yemen
Absent much stronger U.S. and European pressure on their Saudi allies, Yemen's latest ceasefire threatens to collapse — which could mean a return to massive civilian bombardments.
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Elizabeth Kolbert
Fort McMurray and the Fires of Climate Change
The town of Fort McMurray, some four hundred miles north of Calgary, in Canada, grew up very quickly on both sides of the Athabasca River. During the nineteen-seventies, the population of the town...
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Aritha van Herk
There’s More to Fort McMurray Than Tar Sands – It’s a Real Community
Raging wildfires have brought an ill-informed focus on this quintessentially Canadian place, which had a character long before the extraction plants
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Adam Johnson
Separating Super PACs From ‘Campaign Spending,’ Media Embrace Core Myth of Citizens United
Journalists are unwittingly helping to make overturning Citizens United that much more difficult by humoring the pretense that Super PACs aren’t part of political campaigns. The Washington Post ( 4/...
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Shaun King
Bernie Sanders Would Be Donald Trump's Worst Nightmare; Hillary, Not So Much
You may not like Donald Trump. Hell, you may hate his guts and think he is the worst thing to ever happen to American politics in modern history. If you called him an offensive, sexist, xenophobic...
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Thursday, May 5, 2016
Isaiah Poole
Finally, Justice For Consumers Wronged By Banks Is Within Reach
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is on the verge of correcting a fundamental perversion of our justice system and restore to consumers their right to their day in court when they are wronged...
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Bill McKibben
The Time Has Come to Turn Up the Heat on Those Who are Wrecking Planet Earth
Break free and join the biggest global action against fossil fuel companies the world has ever seen
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Dean Baker
Thomas Friedman’s Bargain-Basement Punditry
Thomas Friedman really is a gift to the world. As a long-established New York Times columnist and author of many widely touted books, he is a great source of insight into establishment thinking. He...
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Peter Bloom
The Threat of Evangelical Clintons
After being proclaimed close to politically dead, Bernie Sanders resurrected his campaign with an upset victory over Hillary Clinton. Despite this win – many in the mainstream continue to portray...
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Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
Rest in Peace, Dan Berrigan—Just as You Lived
A prophet of peace has passed. Daniel Berrigan, a Catholic Jesuit priest, a protester, a poet, a dedicated uncle and brother, died last weekend at the age of 94. His near-century on Earth was marked...
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Josh Hoxie
Onshore Tax Havens
American elites don't have to go to Panama to hide their money—they can go to Delaware.
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Mark Weisbrot
Economic Policy Could Determine the Political Results in Venezuela
The opposition in Venezuela has stepped up its campaign to remove President Nicolás Maduro from office, having announced — in accordance with its numerous divisions — that it would pursue a three-...
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Nomi Prins
Going Offshore in the 2016 Election Campaign
Disappearing money and opportunistic candidates
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Alli McCracken, Raed Jarrar
#IsraelSaudi: A Match Made in Hell
For decades, Saudi Arabia has been a stalwart advocate of Palestinian statehood rights and a voracious critic of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Saudi Arabia’s commitment to...
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Thomas J. Adams
Which Democratic Party? Bernie Sanders and FDR's Second Bill of Rights
It’s a moment that comes like clockwork every time I teach a course on 20th Century American history. I have seen it happen in the Midwest, the South, the Northeast, as well as in Australia. Placing...
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Robert C. Koehler
Cowardice and Exoneration in Kunduz
“The people are being reduced to blood and dust. They are in pieces.” The doctor who uttered these words still thought the hospital itself was a safe zone. He was with Doctors Without Borders,...
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Jake Johnson
Noam Chomsky Predicted the Rise of Trump Six Years Ago
In an interview with Chris Hedges in 2010, Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned linguist and dissident intellectual, remarked that he has "never seen anything like this." By this , he meant the state of...
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Seth Abramson
5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Wins Big With Cruz Dropout
Here are five immediate repercussions to Ted Cruz dropping out of the Republican primary: 1. News coverage for the Democratic primary, and thus Bernie Sanders, will increase exponentially —...
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Cenk Uygur
Why Millennials Love Bernie Sanders
Why do millennials like Bernie Sanders so much? I love that this is a mystery to Washington. It’s the authenticity, stupid. You can’t fake a 40 year record. This is a generation that grew up in a...
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Thomas Frank
Why Must the Trump Alternative be Self-Satisfied, Complacent Democrats?
Convinced that the country’s ongoing demographic shifts will bring victory for years to come, the party establishment acts like its candidates need do nothing differently
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Allen Overton, Rhea Suh
Time for Obama to Bring Flint Water Crisis Mess to an End
"Enough." That is the single word we have for the President when he arrives in Flint. President Obama deserves recognition for acknowledging the Flint water crisis before other decision makers would...
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Curt Guyette
What President Obama Needs To Do in Flint
A few suggestions from the investigative reporter who broke the story about the city's toxic water.
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Kevin Gosztola
DNC Chairwoman Alienates Independents With Defense Of Closed Primaries
The chairwoman for the Democratic National Committee said she “absolutely” believes the “party’s nominee should be chosen by someone registered with that party,” a statement which could further...
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Elizabeth Warren
The Trump Test Before Us
Donald Trump is now the leader of the Republican Party. It's real – he is one step away from the White House. Here's what else is real: Trump has built his campaign on racism, sexism, and xenophobia...
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Robert Borosage
Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana – And The Political Debate
Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist insurgent, won Indiana convincingly Tuesday night – 52.5 percent to 47.5 percent – over Hillary Clinton, the establishment moderate. This is a remarkable...
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Guy Taylor
TTIP’s Looking a Lot Less Likely, But We’re Still Not Safe from Toxic Trade Deals
Could things get any worse for TTIP? On Monday the hugely damaging leak of consolidated texts confirmed exactly what everyone had feared about the deal, with all its massively pro-corporate...
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Jim Hightower
Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay?
Hey, can we all just stop complaining that our government coddles Wall Street's big money-grubbing banks? Sure, they went belly-up and crashed our economy with their frauds, rigged casino games, and...
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Phyllis Bennis
The Pentagon Shouldn’t Get to Absolve Itself for Bombing a Hospital
We need an independent investigation of the brutal U.S. attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan, which killed 42 people.
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Lena Moffitt
A Growing (and Winning) Climate Movement
The growing rallying cry of the climate movement, to keep fossil fuels in the ground, is taking hold, and not just in the form of chants and headlines, but in the form of cancelled gas pipelines,...
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Maggie Thompson
Why Student Loan Debt Harms Low-Income Students the Most
Four years ago, student loan debt in America topped $1 trillion. Today, that number has swelled even further, with some 43 million Americans feeling the enduring gravity of $1.3 trillion in student...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Bernie Sanders Should Push for a New Realism in Foreign Policy
Donald Trump’s formal foreign policy address last week hurled a stick into the hive of the foreign policy establishment. Republican and Democrat foreign policy mavens erupted and buzzed around to...
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John Nichols
 Father Daniel Berrigan Sought to ‘Build a World Uncursed by War, Starvation, and Exploitation’
The great champion of peace and justice, from Catonsville to Occupy, has died at age 94.
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Harvey Kaye
Time for Radical Action, Not National Therapy
We don't need to bridge the class divide — we need to end it.
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Annie Leonard
Democracy Needs Transparency
I believe democracy needs transparency. That’s why I was so excited when I heard that Greenpeace Netherlands was releasing to the public secret documents from the United States’ current trade...
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Tom Engelhardt
Writing as an Act of Generosity
Every now and then, I teach a class to young would-be journalists and one of the first things I talk about is why I consider writing an act of generosity. As they are usually just beginning to...
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Nick Turse
Donald Trump Strikes Fear... Even in South Sudan
What trumps the horrors of a hellscape? The Donald!
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Wenonah Hauter
This Fracking Setback Will Only Lead to More Victories
We must keep up the pressure on decision-makers to keep fossil fuels in the ground.
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Jake Johnson
McDonald's, the Corporate Welfare Moocher
A recent New York Times editorial — accompanied by the catchy headline, "At McDonald’s, Fat Profits but Lean Wages" — noted precisely what its title implies: That a company posting large profits is...
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Edward Snowden
Whistleblowing Is Not Just Leaking — It’s an Act of Political Resistance
Inside the Assassination Complex
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Monday, May 2, 2016
Robert Reich
The Third Way: Share-the-Gains Capitalism
Marissa Mayer tells us a lot about why Americans are so angry, and why anti-establishment fury has become the biggest single force in American politics today. Mayer is CEO of Yahoo. Yahoo’s stock...
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Chelsea Manning
Solitary Confinement is 'No Touch' Torture, and It Must Be Abolished
I spent about nine months in an isolated cell behind a one-way mirror. It was cruel, degrading and inhumane
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Ellen Brown
Bank of North Dakota Soars Despite Oil Bust: A Blueprint for California?
Despite North Dakota’s collapsing oil market, its state-owned bank continues to report record profits. This article looks at what California, with fifty times North Dakota’s population, could do...
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Tom Weis
Bernie, the Little Bird, and What May Be Our Last Best Chance to Get It Right
Why vote for timid incrementalism at a time when the people are restless for bold transformational change?
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Larry Cohen
Three Next Steps in the Political Revolution
Bernie Sanders can't do it alone.
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Jeffrey D. Sachs
America, Unrepentant Still
In its obituary coverage of Jesuit anti-war activist Father Daniel Berrigan, the New York Times recalled its story of Berrigan’s 80th birthday in 2001, entitled “A Jesuit Lion of Protest Turns 80,...
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Bill Blum
Keeping Wall Street Speeches Secret Speaks Volumes About Hillary Clinton
It’s been roughly three months since Hillary Clinton promised, during her Feb. 4 debate with Bernie Sanders on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, to “look into” releasing the transcripts of her...
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Paul Buchheit
The Case for More Immigrants
When refugees of a military or economic war swarm into a neighboring land, immigration is a problem: as in Lebanon , which took in a million Syrians terrorized by intervention (some of it ours), and...
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Rev. John Dear
The Life and Death of Daniel Berrigan
Rev. Daniel Berrigan, the renown anti-war activist, award-winning poet, author and Jesuit priest, who inspired religious opposition to the Vietnam war and later the U.S. nuclear weapons industry,...
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Sunday, May 1, 2016
Donna Smith
Political Revolutionists: Does an Inside-Outside Strategy Have a Chance?
As the presidential candidates for 2016 go kicking and sliding toward the final primaries -- and most especially into California, an increasing number of pundits with a knack for the writing and...
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Alexa Strabuk
The Little-Known Farmworkers Who Sparked the Biggest Labor Movement in U.S. History
There would be no Cesar Chavez without the Filipino manongs of Delano, California, whose decision to strike set off the most significant labor movement the United States has ever seen.
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Nicolas J S Davies
Escalating U.S. Air Strikes Kill Hundreds of Civilians in Mosul, Iraq
USA Today revealed on April 19th that U.S. air forces have been operating under looser rules of engagement in Iraq and Syria since last fall. The war commander, Lt Gen McFarland, now orders air...
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Bob Lord
Inequality Will Get Worse Until There’s a Revolution
Imagine, after a deep sleep, you suffered the fate of Rip Van Winkle and woke in the spring of 2040. What might you find? Among other things, maybe a presidential candidate railing against America’s...
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Laura Flanders
Lucy Parsons: The Anarchist and Intersectional Feminist Who Inspired May Day
Workers shouldn't strike and go out and starve, but strike and remain in, and take possession, said Lucy parsons. Lifelong partner of Albert parsons, one of the American Labor Leaders, most...
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Saturday, April 30, 2016
Ray McGovern
Hillary Clinton’s Damning Emails
Before the Democrats lock in their choice for President, they might want to know if Hillary Clinton broke the law with her unsecure emails and may be indicted, a question that ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern addresses.
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Sonali Kolhatkar
Yanis Varoufakis, Former Greek Finance Minister, Returns to Public Life More Hopeful Than Ever
Just a year ago the eyes of progressives all over the world were turned toward Greece. That which rarely happens had transpired in the Greek electoral system: a left-wing party with a strong...
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Kate Aronoff
Can the Climate Movement Break Free From the 'Jobs vs. Environment' Debate?
For two weeks this May, organizers across 12 countries will participate in Break Free 2016, an open-source invitation to encourage “more action to keep fossil fuels in the ground and an acceleration...
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Joe Valenti
When Bad Financial Advice Pushes Seniors into Poverty
When you meet with a financial adviser, the advice you get may not be what’s best for you—it may be what’s best for them and their bottom line. Fortunately, earlier this month at the Center for...
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Janine Jackson
Talking to Nike’s Knight About ‘Entrepreneurial Edge,’ Worker Abuses Are Beyond the Pale
USA Today ( 4/26/16 ) featured what the paper promoted as a “rare interview” with Nike founder Phil Knight. He offers his opinion that “international trade agreements benefit both nations, always”—...
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Chris Kromm
Why the HB2 Boycott of North Carolina Is Working
It's been over a month since North Carolina lawmakers rushed to pass House Bill 2 , sweeping legislation that, while targeting a Charlotte city ordinance for gender-neutral public bathrooms, also...
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Neal Gabler
Donald Trump, the Emperor of Social Media
As FDR mastered radio and JFK conquered TV, Donald Trump rules the Internet like no other candidate.
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Friday, April 29, 2016
Theresa Zhen
How Court Debt Erects Permanent Barriers to Reentry
One of the most significant barriers to reentry is the imposition of fines, fees, surcharges, costs, and other monetary penalties (collectively “criminal justice debt”). One-third of California’s...
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Charlotte Hill
Reforming Democracy From the Grassroots Up
Frustrated by a somnolent Congress, a bipartisan group is tackling campaign finance reform one city at a time.
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Laurie Penny
Why Game of Thrones is the Perfect Show for the Modern Age
There is something horribly relatable about George R R Martin’s world of Westeros, whose characters have now become part of public myth.
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Brian McDermott
Why Climate Change Is No Longer Shocking Enough
Secret emails and the wives of candidates have been among the recent dominant headlines related to the 2016 presidential race. While entertaining, these stories are an insult to our democracy...
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Nick Dearden
How Two Toxic Trade Deals Just Got a Litttle Bit Less Likely
Though the fight continues, the prospects for both TTIP and CETA have taken new hits
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Glenn Greenwald
The Joke of U.S. Justice and “Accountability” When They Bomb a Hospital
Ever since the U.S. last October bombed a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Kunduz, Afghanistan, the U.S. vehemently denied guilt while acting exactly like a guilty party would. First...
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Les Leopold
Why Do Progressives Cling to Hillary?
As the primaries move into their final act, Sanders supporters confront a perplexing question: How could so many progressives vote for Hillary over Bernie? After all, you would think that...
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Tom Gallagher
The Sanders Campaign – From Sea to Shining Sea
Really, you can’t fault Hillary Clinton’s campaign for trying to get Bernie Sanders out of the race. It’s a campaign – that’s what you do. They want to win the nomination. We on the Sanders side want...
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Jake Johnson
As Millions of Workers Face Pension Cuts Thanks to Wall Street Greed, Executive Benefits Remain Lavish
In October of 2008, while the economy was in the early stages of what the IMF called "the worst recession since World War II," the Washington Post reported that the "stock market's prolonged tumble...
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Thursday, April 28, 2016
Vien Truong
Panama Papers Prove America Has the Money to Transition to 100% Clean Energy
Last week, the IRS asked anyone who might be exposed in the Panama Papers to come forward before they get caught. And for good reason—America is a hotbed of tax evasion. There’s an old myth that we...
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Katherine Paul, Ronnie Cummins
Is a GMO Labeling Victory within Our Grasp?
Oh, to be a fly on the wall inside the offices of the top lobbyists for the Grocery Manufacturers Association. So close to the July 1 deadline for complying with Vermont’s GMO labeling law, and still...
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Bianca Jagger
Will the Paris Climate Agreement Deliver?
Anything above 1.5 degrees Celsius is a death sentence for us and for the planet.
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Jeremy Brecher, David Solnit
Using the “Public Trust” to Frame “Break Free From Fossil Fuels” Actions
What if we defined ourselves – to the movement, the public, and the courts – not as criminals but as law-enforcers trying to halt governments and corporations from committing the greatest crime in human history?
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Dave Johnson
Are Fair Trade Policies “Extreme?” Is Clinton Ready For Trump On Trade?
Is it really “extreme” to think we should have fair trade policies? The New York Times on Tuesday published a story by Nelson D. Schwartz and Quoctrung Bui, “ Where Jobs Are Squeezed by Chinese Trade...
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Sarah van Gelder
The Pragmatic Impacts of Sanders’ Big Dreams
Even with Tuesday’s campaign setbacks, Bernie Sanders’ pledge to make the country more equitable and sustainable is more realistic than some people are letting on.
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Josh Hoxie
How to Redistribute Wealth—Without the Guillotine
We can't just tax billionaires’ paychecks. We should tax the wealth they've already amassed.
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Robert C. Koehler
Opening the Closed Political Culture
The headline , from the Los Angeles Times , hit me like a sucker punch: “Voters’ ‘Bernie or Bust’ efforts persist despite Sanders’ vow not to be another Ralph Nader.” Actually, it was worse than that...
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