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Thursday, December 8, 2016
Ryan Schleeter
3 Things Trump's EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt Has Actually Said About Climate Change
Donald Trump’s nomination of Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency places people and the environment in the hands of a man who cares about neither.
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Nomi Prins
The March of the Billionaires: On Trump’s Bait and Switch
How to swamp Washington and double-cross your supporters big time
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Wendell Potter
Repeal Obamacare? GOP Should Be Careful What They Wish For
Now that they'll control the White House and Congress, Republicans still haven't got a clue what to do about health care.
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Robert Borosage
How to Expose Trump’s Dastardly Bait-and-Switch
Trump is not an economic populist, he’s just playing one on TV.
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Robert Parry
How War Propaganda Keeps on Killing
The “fake news” hysteria has become the cover for the U.S. government and mainstream media to crack down on fact-based journalism that challenges Official Washington’s “group thinks”
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Elizabeth Goitein
Trump Will Have Wider Spying Powers Than Anything J. Edgar Hoover Ever Imagined
President-elect Donald Trump is about to inherit the most powerful surveillance apparatus in history. Combining unprecedented technological capabilities with a lax legal regime, his spying powers...
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Martha Burk
What Trumponomics Means for Women
The new president's plan to "fix the economy" will put women workers in a fix indeed.
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Robert Reich
The Art of the Autocrat
Last week, Trump made a deal with Carrier (and its parent, United Technologies) to keep 800 jobs in Indiana rather than sending them to Mexico. Indiana agreed to give Carrier $7 million in tax breaks...
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Josh Hoxie
Who Voted for Wall Street?
Trump railed against Wall Street bankers on the campaign trail. Now they're joining his administration.
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Richard Eskow
Will Trump Bring the Robot Apocalypse?
The future was supposed to bring prosperity and leisure to working people, not joblessness and misery. But that was before the money guys took over. This week Amazon announced that it’s planning to...
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Ellen Brown
“We’ll Look at Everything”: More Reasons Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Is Terrible
To stimulate the economy, create new jobs and generate new GDP requires an injection of new money. Borrowing from the bond markets or off-balance-sheet in public/private partnerships won’t do it. If...
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William Josephson
The Tasks That Still Tower Above Us
In his first State of the Union Address, President Kennedy said that when the problems "are towering and unprecedented — the response must be towering and unprecedented as well." His words ring true today.
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Jim Hightower
Augustus Trumpus
All hail Augustus Trumpus! All hail the American Putin, whom none can criticize! All hail the Great All Knowing One, who reveals "realities" that are not there and finds "facts" that mere mortals...
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Bill Moyers, Michael Winship
Hillary Clinton’s Inaugural Address
Here's what we'd like to hear her say before Donald Trump takes office — a call for a shadow government that will watchdog everything he and Congress do.
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Nick Surgey
Revealed: The Trump Administration's Energy Plan
The future Donald Trump administration's energy agenda is revealed in a memo prepared by Trump's energy transition head Thomas Pyle, titled "What to Expect from the Trump Administration." The...
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Ashley Balcerzak
Carson’s Cash: Highly Conservative Interests Have Fueled His Campaign and Kept Food on the Table
No (public) experience required. Neurosurgeon Ben Carson has been tapped to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, despite never holding public office in his career. (Even Carson admitted he...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Trump’s Team of Faux Populists and Real Crony Capitalists
“My whole life I’ve been greedy, greedy, greedy. I’ve grabbed all the money I could get. I’m so greedy,” President-elect Donald Trump boasted last January. “But now I’d like to be greedy for the...
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Bill Blum
Talk of Impeaching Trump May Be Premature, But Its Time Will Come
Donald Trump has yet to be inaugurated, but talk of impeachment has been in the air since the day after the election. It’s been promoted by an array of influential commentators, both progressive and...
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Steven Singer
Democrats Need to Embrace Progressivism or Else Move Out of the Way
It’s time to clean house.
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Eva Lenke
Time for the Nobel Committee to Divest from Fossil Fuels
The Nobel Prize celebrates the greatest achievements of and for humankind. In the spirit of Alfred Nobel’s will, the Nobel Foundation needs to break with companies that cause climate change, one of the greatest threats humanity has ever faced
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Glenn Greenwald
The Smear Campaign Against Keith Ellison Is Repugnant but Reveals Much About Washington
Ever since he announced his candidacy to lead the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison, the first American Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress, has been the target of a defamation campaign...
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Yifat Susskind
Women the World over Have Shown the US How to Deal with Sexism and Racism
From Liberia to Colombia and beyond, women have compiled a vast archive of methods to combat threats to their rights. The US need only follow their lead
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John Feffer
Pulling the Lever for Doomsday
Or How Donald Trump Changed Everything (2016-2020)
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Ezra Rosser
Heads in the Sand
It seems that many Democrats are determined not to change, not to learn any lessons from the 2016 election. Instead of trying to figure out what went wrong, they are clinging to denial and self-...
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RoseAnn DeMoro
Repealing Obamacare? Here’s a Better Idea – Medicare for All
Eliminating private insurance and the high premiums, co-pays and deductibles will save families thousands of dollars, free up millions for businesses, increase wages for workers, and save hundreds of billions for taxpayers
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Monday, December 5, 2016
Bill Scher
Ben Carson’s Opposition To Obama’s Desegregation Plan Is Incoherent
The announcement that Ben Carson has been tapped to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development has come with reminders that Carson opposes President Barack Obama’s new rules intended to...
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Paul Buchheit
What the Robots Are Doing to the Middle Class
The simplistic response to the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on employment is that we've experienced this before, during the Industrial Revolution and beyond, and that the "market" will...
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Tracy Loeffelholz Dunn
The Numbers That Tell the Story of This Standing Rock Victory
The Army Corps announced Sunday that the Dakota Access pipeline will be rerouted. Here are the numbers that show what lies ahead.
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Richard Eskow
How Trump's Grift Gave Government to the 0.01 Percent
Trump was always a Trojan horse for the 0.01 percent. And now he’s forming a government of, by, and for the very elites he campaigned against.
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Dean Baker
How to Gain Support for Trade: Stop Rigging It to Redistribute Upward
The NYT had an article presenting the comments of several people genuflecting over the lack of public support for current trade policy (wrongly referred to as "free trade"). The obvious reason for...
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"Will Obama act on any of these nine recommendations?" asks Chatterjee. "Or will he simply hand over the vast, increasingly secretive national security state that he helped build to a man whom he once declared to be 'unfit' not just for the presidency but even for a job at a retail store." Pratap Chatterjee
Publish, Punish, and Pardon
Nine Things Obama Could Do Before Leaving Office to Reveal the Nature of the National Security State
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Michela Zonta, Sarah Edelman
6 Reasons Why HUD Deserves a Leader Who Is Actually Qualified for the Job
Earlier this month, when rumors of erstwhile presidential candidate Ben Carson’s role in a future Trump administration started flying, Carson made it clear that he wasn’t interested in an agency...
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Norman Solomon
Media Complicity Is Key to Blacklisting Websites
We still don’t have any sort of apology or retraction from the Washington Post for promoting “The List” -- the highly dangerous blacklist that got a huge boost from the newspaper’s fawning coverage...
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Vandana Shiva
People's Economies vs Corporate Control: First Commodification, Then Financialization, Now Demonetization
Ever since the Corporate Form was "invented" - in its earliest avatar as the collective East India Companies - those who have ruled via corporation have found innovative "means" new to extract wealth...
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Sunday, December 4, 2016
Michel Temer Christopher Brauchli
Temer and Trump
Politicians [are] a set of men who have interests aside from the interests of the people. . . . — Abraham Lincoln, 1837 Speech in Illinois Legislature Herewith some remarkable similarities between...
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Earth from space Gretchen Goldman
The Internet Can’t Get Over the House Science Committee’s Climate-Denying Tweet—and That’s a Good Thing
On Thursday the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology tweeted some good ole fashioned climate denial—you know, the old tired long discredited nonsensical claim that cold weather negates...
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IfNotNow marched on the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia on Nov. 22. Sarah Aziza
IfNotNow Leads 'Jewish Day of Resistance' Against Trump and Appointees
This article was originally published by Waging Nonviolence on November 30. Demonstrators are gathering in over 30 U.S. cities today as part of a “Jewish Day of Resistance” against President-elect...
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Exxon sign Sarah Anderson
Overpaid Oil CEOs for Top Diplomat?
Donald Trump is reportedly vetting ExxonMobil’s current and former CEO for the job of Secretary of State. Both are poster boys for executive excess.
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Howard Dean speaks at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in July. John Atcheson
No, Dr. Dean, Democrats Do Need to Fight It Out
While he was bowing out of the contest to head up the Democratic National Party, Howard Dean said the election of the next chair should not become a fight between Hillary supporters and Bernie...
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Dry cleaning sign Melanie Benesh
A Pro-Industry EPA Could Undermine New Chemical Safety Law
By releasing the first 10 chemicals to be reviewed under the new federal chemical safety law, the Environmental Protection Agency reminds us of what’s at stake – and how decisions made by the...
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Carrier sign Ralph Nader
Trump and His Betraying Makeover
Attention workers who voted for Trump, either eagerly or as a vote against the hawkish, Wall Street favorite, Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump, less than a month after the election, has already begun to...
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Kinder Morgan protest Andy Rowell
Kinder Morgan Pipeline Might Be Canada’s DAPL
In the end, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for all his suave talk of being a new progressive politician, who would era in a new type of politics, turned out disappointingly to be like all...
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Saturday, December 3, 2016
Fidel Castro Marjorie Cohn
The Remarkable Legacy of Fidel Castro
When Fidel Castro died on Nov. 25 at the age of 90, we lost one of the most remarkable leaders of the 20th century. No other head of state has so steadfastly stood up to the United States and...
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From left to right: Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, and Mitch McConnell Ciara Torres-Spelliscy
Three Men in a Room: The D.C. Edition
For years, New York’s dysfunctional state government has been derisively called “ Three Men in a Room .” The three men were the Governor, the New York State Senate Majority Leader and the New York...
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Protest banner reads "System change not climate change." Ilana Solomon, Ben Beachy
After the TPP, Here’s a Progressive Vision for Trade
This op-ed was originally published on the Sierra Club's Compass blog on November 16, 2016. Opposition to status-quo trade deals has reached unprecedented heights. The entire 2016 election cycle...
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The National Security Agency seal superimposed on an eye Jamie Williams
The Problem of Our Surveillance Laws: Report Exposes Deeply Rooted Governmental Secrecy—Underscoring Why Obama Should Act Now
Kafka wrote in his parable The Problem of Our Laws , “It is an extremely painful thing to be ruled by laws that one does not know.” By this standard, America has long been in pain. Secret law runs...
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Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, speaks during a press conference in Washington, DC on Nov. 29, 2016. Karin Kamp
As Hate Incidents Rise, Rights Groups Urge Trump to Denounce Bigotry
The Southern Poverty Law Center reveals a "national outbreak of hate" since Donald Trump's election.
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Donald Trump on CNN Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
How the Media Iced Out Bernie Sanders & Helped Donald Trump Win
We hadn’t seen Bernie Sanders in Philadelphia since last July, when he watched his primary opponent, Hillary Clinton, win the Democratic Party’s nomination. Sanders joined the “Democracy Now!” news...
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A prison Carl Takei, Joanne Lin
In Stunning Reversal, Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Advisors Urge Homeland Security to Shift Away from Private Prisons
In a surprise development, the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC), an expert panel of law enforcement, national security, military, and other experts who advise the secretary of the Department...
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Friday, December 2, 2016
Shefali Sharma
The CETA Vote: Will the European Parliament Learn From BREXIT and Trump?
Our tour across Europe on Selling Off the Farm Corporate Meat’s Takeover Through TTIP and its links to the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) launched on November 29 at the...
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Adam Johnson
Why Are Media Outlets Still Citing Discredited ‘Fake News’ Blacklist?
The Washington Post ( 11/24/16 ) last week published a front-page blockbuster that quickly went viral: Russia-promoted “fake news” had infiltrated the newsfeeds of 213 million Americans during the...
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The Hall of Biodiversity at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, NY. Nele Marien
Mainstreaming Biodiversity: A Real Solution to the Devastation of Nature?
4 December marks the start of the Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP). While not as well-known as the climate COPs, this conference responds to a complex...
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A wind farm in Illinois. Kenvo Esquivel, Diane Fager
Clean Energy Victory In IL Shows We Can Still Win In The Age of Trump
With the election of Donald Trump to the presidency this November, many on the left are rightfully frightened about what the next four years portend for the fight against climate change, when even...
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Bill McKibben
How to Save the Planet From President Trump
It’s quite possible that we’ve lost our best chance to combat climate change, but we must try to contain the damage.
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John Feffer
Trump the Predictable
Without exception, Trump's foreign policy picks are members of the far right: aggressive, Islamophobic, and contemptuous of diplomacy
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Medea Benjamin
Bush’s Iraq Lies, Uncontested, Will Haunt Us Under Trump
The CODEPINK Tribunal taking place December 1 and 2, and live streamed by The Real News, is a historic collection of testimonies about the lies and costs of the Iraq war. It takes on new meaning with...
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Sarah van Gelder
The Many Ways to Help Standing Rock
Even if you can’t show up at the wintry encampments, you can join water protectors in other ways: from calling the North Dakota governor to breaking up with your bank.
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Les Leopold
Will Trump’s PR Triumph At Carrier Mean The Democratic Party’s Demise?
President-elect Trump scored a remarkable PR victory by saving 1,000 of the 2,100 jobs that Carrier and it’s parent company, United Technologies, were outsourcing to Mexico from Indianapolis. During...
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Thursday, December 1, 2016
Donald Trump Tom Engelhardt
Was 11/8 a New 9/11?
The Election That Changed Everything and Could Prove History’s Deal-Breaker
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Janine Petito, Andrew Hyatt
We Condemn the AMA and AAMC Endorsements of Tom Price for HHS Secretary
Early Tuesday morning, President-elect Donald Trump announced his selection of Representative Tom Price (R-Ga.) for Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), to succeed Secretary Sylvia Mathews...
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Gretchen Goldman
On Trump and Science: Preparing for the Unknown
Until President George W. Bush came along, "never before had political interference in science been so pervasive and so widespread across the government"
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Katherine Paul
Six Reasons We’ll Need to Ramp Up the #ConsumerRevolution under Trumpism
If ever conditions were ripe for revolution, that time is now—especially for anyone who cares about their health, and the health of planet earth. President-Elect Donald Trump’s short lists for his...
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Oya Ayman
Something Strange Is In the Air
It was surprising when there were few fruits on the cherry trees at the beginning of summer, the very same trees that had blossomed with white flowers the previous spring. Most of the buds had been...
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Beppe Grillo of Italy's Five Star Movement speaks at a rally in Sicily. Gwynne Dyer
Italy: "I Say No"
“Today saying No is the most beautiful and glorious form of politics....Whoever doesn’t understand that can go screw themselves.” It could have been Donald Trump before the US election two weeks ago...
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Bernie Sanders
Carrier Just Showed Corporations How to Beat Donald Trump
We need a president who can stand up to big corporations, not fold to their demands.
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Trevor Timm
Attention All Journalists: US Border Patrol Agents Can Search Your Phones
Award-winning photojournalist and filmmaker Ed Ou , who has covered the Middle East for over a decade, has worked under threat as a journalist in almost too many countries to count. Authorities in...
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Sonja Avlija
Why We Should Embrace the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Since democracy is a form of dependency on the will of others, we need to work a lot harder to overcome our narcissism and belief that we know best.
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Ray McGovern
Trump Ponders Petraeus for Senior Job
President-elect Trump’s promise to "drain the swamp" of Washington seems forgotten—like so many political promises—as he meets with swamp creatures, such as disgraced Gen. David Petraeus
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Robert C. Koehler
Vote Recount vs the Media Consensus
The impatience across much of the media is palpable. Recount? Oh groan. That’s not going to change the election results. The consensus “truth” writhing just below the surface of the mainstream,...
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Jake Johnson
Hope in a Dark Era: In the Face of Barbarism, Thousands Turn to Democratic Socialism
In his book The American Left and Some British Comparisons , published in 1971, the renowned economist John Kenneth Galbraith sought to analyze the persistent shortcomings of the Democratic Party...
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Ray McGovern
Petraeus ex Machina: Not Again!
President-elect Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” of Washington seems forgotten — like so many political promises — as he meets with swamp creatures, such as disgraced Gen. David Petraeus
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Sarah Anderson
‘Foreclosure King’ for Treasury
Trump’s pick for the nation’s top financial regulator sparked rave responses from Wall Street lobbyists but a firestorm from public interest groups.
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Peter Dreier
Steve Mnuchin: Evictor, Forecloser, and Our New Treasury Secretary
Trump’s appointee is the very model of a predatory lender.
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Neal Gabler
Who’s Really to Blame for Fake News? Look in the Mirror, America.
Consider for a moment the oxymoronic concept of “fake news,” which we have been hearing so much about lately. This isn’t your typical disinformation or misinformation — generated by the government,...
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Robert Jensen
Why Professor Watchlist Gets My Teaching Values Completely Wrong
From a “critique” of my work on the recently launched website Professor Watchlist , I learned that I’m a threat to my students for contending that we won’t end men’s violence against women “if we do...
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John Nichols
Elizabeth Warren Proposes to Strengthen Democratic Spines With a Powerful New Tool: Math
Noting that more Americans voted for Democrats, the senator says her party has a mandate to resist Trumpism.
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Hugh Handeyside
Does What Happened to This Journalist at the US-Canada Border Herald a Darker Trend?
The recent abusive border search of a Canadian photojournalist should serve as a warning to everyone concerned about press freedom these days. Ed Ou is a renowned photographer and TED senior fellow...
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Bob Wing, Bill Fletcher Jr.
The System IS Rigged!—The Electoral College and the 2016 Election
Donald Trump was right: the system is rigged! But it is rigged for the Republicans, not the Democrats, for conservatives, not progressives. And the result is the election of an extreme racist,...
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Jim Hightower
The New Founder, Brought to You by the Koch Brothers
When you think of America's great Constitutional originators, names like Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Hamilton and Franklin come to mind. And, of course, Abbott. This past January, Texas...
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Richard Eskow
This Trump Hire is Hazardous to Your Health (And Not Just Your Medicare)
Donald Trump’s latest cabinet pick endangers the health and well-being of millions of Americans. From tax cuts to surgeons’ income, Rep. Tom Price of Georgia – Trump’s choice to run the Department of...
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Colin Beavan
Keep Your Spirits Up: You Can’t Resist Trump When You’re Tired and Sad
We must take care of ourselves in a way that ensures our compassion is not drained away.
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Emily Schwartz Greco
Climate Action Is Up to the Rest of Us Now
With Trump in the White House, “there is no time to waste” on fighting climate change.
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Robert Weissman
What Populism? Trump's America Is Party Time for the Corporate Elite
Trump’s corporate takeover of federal agencies
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Juan Cole
Is Jimmy Carter Right That Obama Should Recognize Palestine?
Jimmy Carter wrote and NYT op-ed yesterday in which he called on Barack Obama to arrange for the UN Security Council to recognize Palestine and pass resolutions reaffirming the illegality of Israeli...
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Adil E. Shamoo, Bonnie Bricker
The Last Days of Democracy?
A fraudulent campaign has resulted in the election of a fraudulent president. What can be done to save American democracy?
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Dean Baker
Trump Has No Choice: He Has to Sell the Stuff
On Andrew Ross Sorkin's joke letter to the president-elect regarding his business holdings
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Putin Didn’t Undermine the Election. We Did.
Three weeks after Election Day, allegations of Russian interference in the contest continue to appear. Adm. Michael S. Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, stated that there was a “...
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Richard Eskow
Who Will Lead the Anti-Trump Resistance?
The Donald Trump Administration hasn’t even started, and the President-elect is already unpopular. Only 42 percent of those polled in this “honeymoon” period approve of Trump. Voters were split (46-...
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Steven Mufson
Tribe’s Fight for Land Rights Goes Back Long Before Pipeline
In the Dakota language, the word “oahe” signifies “a place to stand on.” And that’s what the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies in the environmental and activist movements say they are doing: using...
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Robert Dodge
The Treaty of Tlatelolco: Giving Thanks to Our Latin American Neighbors Toward a World Free of Nuclear Weapons
Americans gathered around their Thanksgiving tables last week reflecting on what they were thankful for this past year. There was the potential for much angst after a year with significant division...
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Faiza Patel
Muslim Americans Are Building an Infrastructure to Protect Themselves
This election season has been an anxious time for Muslim Americans. After the election, my Facebook feed was filled with Muslim mothers wondering how to explain to their children that the new...
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Andrew Bacevich
Donald Trump and the Swamp of Endless War
Trump loves to win, but American generals have forgotten how
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Rebecca Solnit
The US Election Recount Is a Long Shot – But the Alternative Is Catastrophe
It’s unlikely that a recount will change the election’s outcome, but the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency means it’s time to think big
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Monday, November 28, 2016
Matt Taibbi
The 'Washington Post' 'Blacklist' Story Is Shameful and Disgusting
The capital's paper of record crashes legacy media on an iceberg
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Charlie Jiang
Building a New America, With or Without the Democratic Party
In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer proclaimed , “When we can agree on issues, then we’re going to work with him.” Other leading Democrats echoed his...
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Dave Johnson
Trump’s Absurd Plan To Dismantle Government’s Protections
Donald Trump released a video announcing his agenda for his “first day in office.” One of the things he said is, “I will formulate a rule which says that for every one new regulation, two old...
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Dorothy Samuels
For Women's Reproductive Freedom, a Chill Wind Blows
Donald Trump’s plans for an extreme misogynistic makeover of reproductive health care received way too little scrutiny during his noxious, anti-woman campaign. Now, the damage a hard-right Trump...
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Nick Turse
The Manhattan White House, the Secret Service, and the Painted Bikini Lady
A journey to the President-elect’s private "public" park
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Norman Stockwell
On Covering Fidel Castro
A half-century of writing in The Progressive
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Robert Reich
Trump’s Seven Techniques to Control the Media
Democracy depends on a free and independent press, which is why all tyrants try to squelch it. They use seven techniques that, worryingly, President-elect Donald Trump already employs. 1. Berate the...
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