All Views Articles for 2015-12-07

Monday, December 7, 2015
Dave Johnson
Does Clinton Really Oppose TPP? There Is A Test For That
Many people have come to believe politicians say what they need to say to win, and then turn on them. If Hillary Clinton wants to win the Democratic nomination and inspire people to vote for her in...
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Robert Naiman
Against ISIS in Syria, President Obama's Diplomacy Push Is Crucial
On Sunday night, President Obama addressed the nation on "keeping the American people safe." Here was President Obama's bullet point on diplomacy : Fourth, with American leadership, the international...
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Joe Solomon
We Will Draw Our Red Lines in Paris (and Across the World)
On December 12th, thousands of activists will bravely flood the streets of Paris
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Randall Amster
Together and Equal: Confronting Conflict and Climate Change Through Common Purpose
Are we finally to grasp that deep-seated inequalities are a hallmark of unsustainable systems?
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Robert Reich
What to Do About Disloyal Corporations
Just like that, Pfizer has decided it’s no longer American. It plans to link up with Ireland’s Allergan and move its corporate headquarters from New York to Ireland. That way it will pay less tax...
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Shena Elrington
As Immigrants Mark Frustrating Year for Obama’s Executive Action, Cities and States Can Take Lead
As debate over the immigration of Syrian refugees to the United States intensifies, immigrants already living in the United States quietly marked the passing of a frustrating year since Obama...
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Tom Engelhardt
Emperor Weather: Planet Earth and the Imperial Apocalypse of Climate Change
For six centuries or more, history was, above all, the story of the great game of empires. From the time the first wooden ships mounted with cannons left Europe’s shores, they began to compete for...
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Chris Hedges
Apocalyptic Capitalism
The charade of the 21st United Nations climate summit will end, as past climate summits have ended, with lofty rhetoric and ineffectual cosmetic reforms. Since the first summit more than 20 years ago...
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Paul Buchheit
Candidates for the 2015 "Hypocrite of the Year"
There are so many candidates. But the people included here stand out in their various areas of nefarious behavior: warmaking, tax avoidance, consumer gouging, environmental destruction, and criminal...
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Trevor Timm
Obama's Speech Reminded Americans That the War with ISIS Is Still Illegal
No matter the merits of the case for destroying Isis, the fact remains that it’s unconstitutional for the president to go to war without congressional approval
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Norman Solomon
Obama’s Speech, Translated into Candor
Here is a condensed version of President Obama's speech from the Oval Office on Sunday night, unofficially translated into plain English: I kind of realize we can’t kill our way out of this conflict...
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