All Views Articles for 2015-10-03

Saturday, October 3, 2015
John Atcheson
The Fingers on the Trigger
Here we are again. Another tragedy. Our souls cry out for justice, in the vain hope of erasing our collective national grief and shame. In the last decade, there have been 316,545 deaths from gun...
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Bill Scher
Will Any Presidential Candidate Support Banning Handguns?
With yet another mass shooting terrorizing the American public, some facts are in order. * Mass shootings in public places are on the rise in America over the past few years, but they still represent...
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David Morris
Now We Have a Judicial System Just for Corporations
In the last 20 years the Supreme Court has created a parallel judicial system to resolve disputes involving corporations that is effectively run by the very corporations whose behavior is under...
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Thomas S. Harrington
I'm Surprised
I’m surprised. I'm truly and breathtakingly surprised that another young American has decided to open fire indiscriminately on his fellow citizens in a public space. I'm surprised that another young...
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Ralph Nader
Monsanto and its Promoters Vs. Freedom of Information
Next year, the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) will celebrate its 50th anniversary as one of the finest laws our Congress has ever passed. It is a vital investigative tool for exposing...
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