All Views Articles for 2015-08-11

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Jamie Lee Williams
Victory for the Press: Germany Drops 'Treason' Investigation of Digital Rights Blog (But Investigation of Sources Still Ongoing)
After much public outcry, the treason investigation into German blog was paused late last week. Yesterday, we were glad to hear that it had been officially dropped . This is a victory...
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Alex Scrivener
COP 21: Why Paris Won’t Deliver and What We Need Instead
On the 'No Hope Climate Summit' and Beyond
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Chisolm Allenlundy
Imagining a Progressive South
“The South is not, today, one whole.” Those words, uttered by the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. in a March 30, 1963 essay for The Nation , are as true today as they were then. In that statement, Dr...
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Rebecca Hiscock
Celebrity Activists Get It Wrong on Amnesty International’s Sex Work Policy
( CD update note: At the International Council Meeting (ICM) of Amnesty International in Dublin, Ireland on Tuesday, the human rights group voted to formally adopt a resolution authorizing the...
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Mark Morford
Coca-Cola Asks: How Stupid Are You, Really?
It’s a pertinent question, sadly: Just how dumb are you, average American? How gullible, how blindly trusting of corporate double-speak, of murky science, the idea that companies famous for making...
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Roger Hickey
Clinton Responds to Student Debt Voters – and Sanders and O’Malley
Many young people are discovering a historical secret: There was a time, only a few decades ago, when almost all Americans could find a way to attend college or university (like the University of...
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Kevin Gosztola
Pentagon War Manual Gives Military License To Target and Attack Journalists
The Pentagon has adopted a “law of war manual” [ PDF ], which enables commanders to treat journalists as “unprivileged belligerents.” It suggests that correspondents who report some information about...
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Tom Engelhardt
Where Did the Antiwar Movement Go?
(Or What It Means When You Kill People On the Other Side of the Planet and No One Notices)
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Erica Etelson
On Remorselessness
​It was recently reported that 459 Iraqi and Syrian civilians, including a hundred children, have been killed in air strikes targeting ISIS. As a parent, this news hit me hard. I try to imagine my 12...
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John Atcheson
Risk, Climate Change, and Black Swans
It’s getting increasingly hard to make a case for the sanity of humanity. "One of the most dangerous scenarios I can conceive of is having the countries of the world agree to their woefully...
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David Macaray
Bernie Sanders Wins Endorsement of Nation’s Largest Nurses Union
Bernie Sanders may eventually get flattened like a proverbial pancake by the Hillary Clinton juggernaut, but for the time being at least, he’s not only drawing increasingly large and enthusiastic...
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