All Views Articles for 2015-07-31

Friday, July 31, 2015
Kumi Naidoo
Solarizing Greece Is A Way Out of the Crisis
Greece is facing a depression on a scale arguably comparable to the U.S. Great Depression of the late 1920s. Huge unemployment rates and a dramatic drop in family incomes of more than 40 percent have...
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Helena Norberg-Hodge
We Are All Greece
The cast of heroes and villains in Greece’s ongoing battle to save its economy varies depending on who’s telling the story. One simplified narrative depicts the German people as rich and callous...
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Daphne Wysham
We Can Stop Shell's Disastrous Arctic Drilling – But Only If We Join Together
Shell’s plan to commence drilling in this untouched region would impact climate change efforts, indigenous populations and the marine environment
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Lauren Gazzola
From "Terrorism" to Activism: Moving from the Green Scare to Animal Rights
Eleven years ago, when I was arrested along with six other animal activists on domestic terrorism charges , I was already tired of looking for lawyers. The campaign I was working on, Stop Huntingdon...
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Dorothy Ogle
Time to End the Korean War: Lessons from the Past
During a break at a July Washington forum by the Korean Economic Institute of America, South Korean National Assembly Chairman of the Armed Services Committee told Newsmax reporter John Gizzi that he...
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Emily Wight
Jeremy Corbyn and Women's Experiences of Austerity
Jeremy Corbyn’s bid for Labour Party leadership may also mean that the damage of austerity, particularly to women, is finally being recognized
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Jeff Faux
Why Republicans Oppose the Iran Agreement: Follow the Money
By any sensible measure, our country's highest foreign policy priority is halting the spread of nuclear weapons. Given our size and military might, we Americans are safe from outside invasion for as...
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Terrance Heath
Medicare at 50: Successful, Popular, and Threatened By Conservatives
Thursday marked Medicare’s 50th birthday. It’s improved the lives of millions of Americans, and it can as much for even more people. That’s why Republicans have never stopped trying to end it. Fifty...
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Ellen Brown
The Greek Coup: Liquidity as a Weapon of Coercion
“My father made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Luca Brasi held a gun to his head and my father assured him that either his brains, or his signature, would be on the contract.” — The Godfather (1972...
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Subhankar Banerjee
Paradise Burning: Why We All Need to Learn the Word “Anthropogenic”
The wettest rainforest in the continental United States had gone up in flames and the smoke was so thick, so blanketing, that you could see it miles away. Deep in Washington’s Olympic National Park,...
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Joseph Gerson
Our 70th Anniversary Homework: Confronting the Myths and Learning the Lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Seventy years ago, two nuclear weapons targeted against cities which met the criteria of having “densely packed workers’ homes,” killed more than 200,000 people in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima...
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John Atcheson
Bush-Clinton Is Not Inevitable
A funny thing happened on the way to the oligarch’s quadrennial choice between tweedle-de and tweedle-dum. Two renegade candidates decided to ignore the script. One, a right-wing lunatic with a...
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