All Views Articles for 2015-06-16

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
David Morris
Treaties, Trade Agreements and Government by the People
For much of our history, trade agreements were considered treaties. According to the Constitution they had to be ratified by a two-thirds vote of the Senate. The House does not participate in...
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Ashley Gorski
New Docs Raise Questions About CIA Spying Here at Home
The current debate about government surveillance has largely overlooked the CIA, possibly because we know little about the agency's activities within the United States. While the relevant legal...
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Juan Cole
Jeb!: Another Disaster from the Bush Family Makes His Move for the White House
Like his brother and father before him, the Middle East policy of President John Ellis "Jeb" Bush would be predictably terrible
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Jono Shaffer, Stephen Lerner
25 Years Later: Lessons from the Organizers of Justice for Janitors
On June 15, 1990, the Los Angeles Police Department viciously attacked immigrant janitors who were striking for the right to organize in Century City, Los Angeles. In a story that is now all too...
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Jodie Evans
Stitching Korea Back Together
Thirty peace activists from 15 countries arrived in Beijing on May 17th. I knew 11 of the women before arriving but most of the women knew maybe one or two others and a few knew no one. Our work for...
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Naomi Oreskes
The Hoax of Climate Denial: Why “Politically Motivated” Science Is Good Science
What government scientists do matters. And why they do it matters, too.
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Faramarz Farbod
In the Age of Global Neoliberalism, Solutions Must Come From Below
Global capitalism is the 800-pound gorilla. The twin ecological and economic crises, militarism, the rise of the surveillance state, and a dysfunctional political system can all be traced to its...
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César Chelala
Iraq: A Nation Destroyed by American Contempt
Iraq’s dismal health situation is testimony to the invasion of the country by foreign forces, including now the takeover of important parts of its territory by the Islamic State of Iraq and the...
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