All Views Articles for 2015-04-17

Friday, April 17, 2015
Amy Goodman
Open Veins, Healing Wounds, in Latin America
For the first time in more than half a century, the presidents of the United States and Cuba have had a formal meeting. Barack Obama met with Cuban President Raul Castro at the 7th Summit of the...
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John Nichols
If Clinton is Serious About Economic Populism, She Should Come Out Against Fast Track
Hillary Clinton has backed NAFTA-style “free-trade” agreements and she has opposed NAFTA-style “free-trade” agreements. Like other prominent Democrats, she has been inconsistent in her support of...
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Ali Gharib
How NBC Knowingly Let Syria Rebels’ False War Propaganda Stand For Years
An NBC News journalist is involved in a harrowing scene of battlefield danger. The journalist's first-person story serves as the dominant narrative for years—but it turns out to be wrong, very wrong...
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Martin Kirk
The World Bank and the Battle for the Future of Farming
Investing in smallholder farmers and regenerative farming methods, as opposed to the practices of industrial agricultural, would help foster a more equitable distribution of power in an increasingly unequal world.
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Nick Dearden
So TTIP Won’t Stop Public Services Being Run in the Interests of Ordinary People? Tell That to Argentina
Another week, another victory for big business over a government in a secret pseudo-court. This time it’s the turn of private water giant Suez, who successfully sued Argentina for reversing the...
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Gary Olson
Will Teach for Food
I recently asked my class on “U.S. Workers in the Global Economy,” what they knew about adjunct professors. One student hesitantly responded, “Aren’t they lawyers, judges, and other professionals who...
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Annelise Orleck
At Home and Abroad, the Labor Movement Comes Roaring Back
'Just a few short years after it was declared dead and almost buried, the labor movement has come roaring back.'
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Sonali Kolhatkar
Black Lives Matter... and Black Jobs Matter, Too
Fifty-year-old Walter Scott had been having money problems. Years earlier he had worked in the construction industry, a job he acquired through the Father to Father Project , a group that provides...
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John R. MacArthur
Grinding Down the Working Class
The gratuitous gunning down by a white police officer of a fleeing black man, captured on a phone camera by a passerby, has reignited the urgently needed debate about police arrogance and racism. So...
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Jay Walljasper
'Better, Not More' Is Rallying Cry for a New Economy
Environmental activist and filmmaker Annie Leonard has a knack for looking at familiar things in a new light that opens possibilities for transformation. Her short film The Story of Stuff offered an...
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Jim Naureckas
They Have ‘Propaganda,’ US Has ‘Public Diplomacy’–and a Servile Private Sector
The New York Times headline ( 4/15/15 ) paints a dire picture: Turmoil at Voice of America Is Seen as Hurting US Ability to Counter Propaganda But wait a second–isn’t Voice of America itself a...
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