All Views Articles for 2015-01-08

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Michael T. Klare
Carbon Counterattack: How Big Oil Is Responding to the Anti-Carbon Moment
Around the world, carbon-based fuels are under attack. Increasingly grim economic pressures, growing popular resistance, and the efforts of government regulators have all shocked the energy industry...
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Ellen Brown
EU Showdown: Greece Takes on the Vampire Squid
Greece and the troika (the International Monetary Fund, the EU, and the European Central Bank) are in a dangerous game of chicken. The Greeks have been threatened with a " Cyprus-Style prolonged ban...
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Lawrence Wittner
Ten Questions for Conservatives
Now that the Republican Party―the conservative voice in mainstream U.S. electoral politics―has attained the most thoroughgoing control of Congress that it has enjoyed since 1928, it’s an appropriate...
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Vijay Prashad
Double Standards in the World Order
Israel can thumb its nose at UN inquiries and openly blame Palestinians for seeking justice through the international courts. Nato can rebuff the UN over Libya. The US can ignore its own torture investigation. The powerful are not accountable.
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Khalid Albaih
When Cartoons Upset the 'Wrong People'
An Arab Muslim cartoonist condemns the Paris attacks even though he finds the magazine's editorial slant hurtful.
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Amy Goodman
Close Guantanamo—Then Give It Back to Cuba
This week marks the 13th anniversary of the arrival of the first post-9/11 prisoners to Guantanamo Bay, the most notorious prison on the planet. This grim anniversary, and the beginning of...
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Robert C. Koehler
Turning Our Backs (on a Broken World)
Oh, the moral force of a snub. Several hundred cops turn their backs on New York’s mayor as he eulogizes one of their own, killed in the line of duty, and the media have another us-vs.-them story to...
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