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Friday, December 12, 2014
Dave Johnson
Take Action: Stop The Citibank Budget – No More Rigged Backroom Deals
The “Citibank budget” has not passed the Senate. There is time to fight this giveaway to Wall Street. Call your senators today and tell them take the Citibank bailout part out or block the budget...
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Ben Lilliston
Farmers and Eaters Lose, Corporate Money Wins in Budget Deal
The amazingly terrible new spending agreement reached by the House and Senate this week illustrates the heavy price we all pay for a government increasingly influenced by big corporate and financial...
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Josh Silver
5 Awful Things Congress Snuck Into the Omnibus Budget Deal
On Thursday night, the US House passed the omnibus spending bill - backed aggressively by President Obama and GOP leadership - to avert another government shutdown and put off our next completely...
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Michael Winship
At The New Republic, “Black Lives Don’t Matter Much at All”
Over the last week and a half or so, in Washington especially but here in New York City, too, much has been written about the turmoil at The New Republic magazine after the resignation of editor...
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Robert Parry
How 'Awesome' Is America?
America has an extraordinary capacity to submerge unpleasant truths about its past and present, from African-American slavery and Native-American genocide to bloodbaths in Vietnam and Iraq. Now faced with clear evidence of torture, one cheerleader simply says the U.S. is "awesome."
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Michelle Gunderson
Learning From Karen Lewis
Karen Lewis is a woman who speaks truth to power— boldly and without hesitation. When you listen to her words and watch her actions, you realize the possibility of winning, the possibility of what it...
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Sam Husseini
What "Both Sides" Are Ignoring: Torture Did Work... to Produce Iraq War
'The truth is that torture did work,' writes Husseini, 'but not the way its defenders claim. It worked to produce justifications for policies the establishment wanted, like the Iraq war.'
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Jamie Henn
The Climate Talks Find an Enemy at COP20: The Fossil Fuel Industry
The UN Climate Talks in Paris next December are shaping up be high noon for the fossil fuel industry. Over the last week, negotiators here in Lima have been working on the draft of a new climate...
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Sonali Kolhatkar
Ferguson Is Baghdad Is New York Is Kabul
Our wars abroad are mirror images of the war at home.
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Katherine Paul
GMO Labeling Activists Protest Bill to Preempt States’ Rights to Label GMOs
From the minute the first bus arrived outside Washington D.C.’s Rayburn Building, and 50 sleep-deprived but enthusiastic activists spilled out onto the sidewalk, it was clear. This would be a day of...
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(Photo: United States Interagency Council on Homelessness) David Nibert
The Hilarity of Developmental Disability
It is disheartening that, 20 years after the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber, not only has a sequel been released but the new film also has earned largely favorable reviews. While harmful stereotypes and...
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Isaiah Poole
The Ominous ‘Cromnibus,’ A Budget Bill That Should Have Died
In addition to the nasty items that made their way into the bill at the behest of the wealthy and powerful, there is also a major story to be told about what’s not in the bill.
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Ray McGovern
What’s the Next Step to Stop Torture?
“I want you to listen to me,” said George Tenet lunging forward from his chair, his index finger outstretched and pointed menacingly at CBS’ Scott Pelley, “We don’t torture people; we don’t torture...
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Kathy Kelly
For Protesting US Drone Strikes, Prosecutor Told Judge I Must "Be Rehabilitated"
On drones, discrimination, and kicking bad habits
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