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Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Astra Taylor
You Are Not A Loan: It's Time to Bring Student Debt Down to Zero
The entire structure of financing higher education is broken. Superficial reform in Washington means nothing until we make tuition ... free
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Jane Kleeb, Randy Thompson
Letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell from Randy Thompson and Jane Kleeb
Dear Senator McConnell, The ink barely dried on the voting ballots before Congress decided that the Keystone XL pipeline was the most pressing issue facing our nation and had to be addressed...
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Martin Kirk
Do We Live on a One Party Planet?
Introducing a new digital pamphlet designed to connect the dots on advanced-stage, 21st Century neoliberalism
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
When Mega Corporations Get Mega Tax Breaks, We All Pay
Is corporate CEO pay really out of control? Well, consider Fleecing Uncle Sam, a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies and the Center for Effective Government. Of the 100 highest-paid CEOs...
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Robert Parry
Letting the Neocons Lead
At the G-20 meeting, Putin-bashing was all the rage, as President Obama and other Western leaders berated Russian President Putin for his supposed “aggression” in Ukraine. The mainstream media also piled on. But the reality is much more complex.
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Nick Turse
RoboCop, Detroit, and the Rise of Our Contemporary Dystopia
It was July 1987 and I found myself in a cool, dark, completely packed movie theater, perched on the edge of my seat. The crowd was raucous, the mood electric. That night, I didn’t care about popcorn...
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Michael T. Klare
A New Congress, Fossil-Fueled Republicanism, and Planetary Disaster
The 'Grand Oil Party' takes Washington by storm
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Robert Reich
And Now the Richest .01 Percent
The richest Americans hold more of the nation’s wealth than they have in almost a century. What do they spend it on? As you might expect, personal jets, giant yachts, works of art, and luxury...
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Ralph Nader
Obama, Not the Giant Telecoms, Is Right on Net Neutrality
In the aftermath of his party's defeat in the midterm elections, President Obama surprised many when he reaffirmed his overwhelming support for net neutrality, proposing that the Internet should be...
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Michael Winship
'Dude Needs a Vacation': FCC Chairman Flails on Net Neutrality
A week has passed since President Obama surprised everyone with a strong statement in support of Net neutrality, declaring that the Internet should be available to everyone — reclassified under Title...
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Tom Athanasiou
No Time To Spare: Capitalism and Justice in the Age of Climate Change
In Review: Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate
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