All Views Articles for 2014-11-15

Saturday, November 15, 2014
Traci Donnelly
Raising the Minimum Wage and Affordable Child Care Go Hand in Hand
A few years ago, a young man named Israel and his wife enrolled their daughter in one of our Early Head Start programs. Israel, the son of Mexican immigrants, worked long hours as a barber. His wife...
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Kate Aronoff
Fossil Free Canada Convergence Deepens an International Movement
As a junior in college, I helped to organize a conference at my alma mater, Swarthmore. A number of us had traveled to Appalachia two years prior on a school-funded trip to visit with communities...
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Eric Margolis
No Good War; No Bad Peace
A full century after World War I we still cannot understand how generals sent so many soldiers to be slaughtered. Ten million soldiers died on all sides; millions more were left maimed or shell...
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Ralph Nader
Tomas Young’s Last Letter to Bush, Cheney
The courageous journey of seriously wounded Iraq War veteran, Tomas Young, ended this past Monday, nearly eleven years after he was ambushed in a wholly exposed military truck. He passed away in...
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Peter Hart
Debating How—Not Whether—to Launch a New War
Missing perspectives on Obama's attack on ISIS
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Bill Bigelow
The Koch Brothers Sneak into School
How right-wing billionaires seek to shape the social studies curriculum
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