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Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Elizabeth Grossman
Mostly Plants: New Science Says a Healthier Diet is Best for the Climate
Good food advocates have long argued that what’s best for your health is also best for the planet, but new science now backs up the claim. A paper published today in the journal Nature by scientists...
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Phyllis Bennis
End This War!
More troops are not going to solve the problem. It will mean more violence for Iraqis and Syrians, and they will not make us any safer here at home
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Marge Baker
Taking Stock of the Money Midterms
The 2014 elections exemplified everything wrong with the nation's campaign finance system as a movement to make it right gained steam.
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Naomi Klein
Some Very Initial Thoughts on the US-China Deal
Good Timing Timing isn’t everything but it sure helps. After the mid-term elections, the mood in climate circles was getting pretty grim. We faced the prospect of a Republican-dominated House and...
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Mark Jaycox
Americans Want More Privacy from Companies and Government
Pew released a report on Tuesday detailing the extensive privacy concerns of Americans. The report, which surveyed a nationally representative sample, highlighted their skepticism towards both...
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Amy Kroin
Most Conservative Voters Heart Net Neutrality
While Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted that Net Neutrality is “Obamacare for the Internet,” a new poll shows that most conservatives support open Internet protections. A poll from the Internet Freedom Business...
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Bill McKibben
The Big US/China Climate Deal: What It Is, and What It Isn’t
1) It is historic. John Kerry was right to use the phrase in his New York Times oped announcing the deal: for the first time a developing nation has agreed to eventually limit its emissions, which...
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Courtney White
Back-To-The-Future Agriculture: 'Farming Like the Earth Matters'
It is easy to forget that once upon a time all agriculture was organic, grassfed, and regenerative. Seed saving, composting, fertilizing with manure, polycultures, no-till and raising livestock...
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Tom Andrews
President Obama, Break the Silence in Burma: Say "Rohingya"
Making a tour of Asia President Obama has just landed in Burma. He just made headlines for a climate deal with China that can help save the planet. Now he has the chance to save 1.3 million people by...
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Robert Parry
The Neocon Plan for War and More War
A major test for President Obama is whether he will – in the face of the Republican midterm victories – submit to neocon demands for more wars in the Middle East and a costly Cold War with Russia or finally earn the Nobel Peace Prize that he got at the start of his presidency.
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Juan Cole
A Day Late, Dollar Short: Obama and China Agree on Languid Climate Goals
The good news is that US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Linping have reached an agreement on limiting carbon emissions in their two countries. The US puts out 5.5 billion metric tons...
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