All Views Articles for 2014-10-14

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Ben Terrall
In Haiti, Baby Doc Is Gone But Political Repression Is Alive and Well
The death of former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier in Port-au-Prince on October 4 garnered world-wide attention. However, despite the justly deserved focus on the legacy of Duvalier (aka Baby...
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Coach Mark Smallwood
Can Organic Agriculture Reverse Climate Change?
Over the last 14 days, I have been on a walk . A walk that, I hope, will change the way that we look a climate change and think about how we can reverse this disastrous phenomenon. Each day I walk...
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Maureen Clare Murphy
Who Benefits from Billions Pledged for Gaza Reconstruction?
A donor conference hosted in Cairo on Sunday to raise funds for the reconstruction of war-devastated Gaza has boasted $5.4 billion in pledges from various Western and Arab governments. Yet Israel is...
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William Astore
Investing in Junk Armies: Why American Efforts to Create Foreign Armies Fail
In June, tens of thousands of Iraqi Security Forces in Nineveh province north of Baghdad collapsed in the face of attacks from the militants of the Islamic State (IS or ISIS), abandoning four major...
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Mairead Maguire
The Disturbing Expansion of the Military-Industrial Complex
BELFAST - How can we explain that in the 2lst century we are still training millions of men and women in our armed forces and sending them to war? There are more choices than war or peace, there are...
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Norman Solomon
Risen’s New Book Exposes Corrupt Zealotry of 'US War on Terror'
No single review or interview can do justice to " Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War "—the new book by James Risen that is the antithesis of what routinely passes for journalism about the “...
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Sandra Steingraber, Helen Slottje
Like New Yorkers, Californians Can Say No to Fracking
Great movements -- from women's suffrage to civil rights -- begin with a small group of people standing up and saying no to injustice. Such a movement is currently emerging around our most basic...
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Bill Quigley
Ten Facts about Being Homeless in USA
Three True Stories Renee Delisle was one of over 3500 homeless people in Santa Cruz when she found out she was pregnant. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported she was turned away from a shelter because...
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