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Wednesday, August 6, 2014
(Credit: flickr/cc/James Yu) Sarita Gupta
Beyond the Minimum Wage: What’s Really Keeping Hourly Workers in Poverty?
In the debate about poverty and rising economic inequality, we need to think beyond the minimum wage. When we talk about poverty it’s difficult to track—and give voice to—all of the different ideas...
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John Feffer
Obama Gets "Into" Africa: An Ugly Scramble for Oil, Minerals, and Markets
Unfortunately US policy towards Africa have largely translated into holding the door open for U.S. multinationals to do what outsiders have done for centuries: extract the continent’s wealth.
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Ramzy Baroud
On Heroes and Preachers: Gaza’s New Resistance Paradigm
“Where is the Palestinian Gandhi? In Israeli prison, of course!,” was the title of an article by Jo Ehrlich published in on Dec 21, 2009. That was almost exactly one year after Israel...
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Martin Kirk, Joe Brewer
The Hidden Shallows of Global Poverty "Eradication" Efforts
A closer look at how the the UN's New Sustainable Development Goals are being framed and what we must do to challenge a paradigm that is not working
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Diana Anahi Torres-Valverde
The Other Immigrant Youth Crisis
Some Republicans want to end an Obama directive that lets undocumented teens and young adults temporarily work, study, and live legally in the United States.
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Matthew Cunningham-Cook
6 Ways Wall Street Is Hosing Chicago Teachers
During Andrew Cuomo ’s tenure as attorney general of New York, he noted, “In New York, the biggest pool of money is the state pension fund.” This is true with public pension funds across the nation—...
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Personal attacks are common among deniers. Their lies are continually debunked, leaving them with no rational challenge to overwhelming scientific evidence that the world is warming and that humans are largely responsible. (Photo credit: Shutterstock via EcoWatch) David Suzuki
Global Warming Deniers Become More Desperate By the Day
The Heartland Institute’s recent International Climate Change Conference in Las Vegas illustrates climate change deniers’ desperate confusion. As Bloomberg News noted , “Heartland’s strategy seemed...
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Nicole D’Alessandro
Fight Continues Over Moratorium of GMO Crops on Hawaii’s Big Island
On Aug. 1 Center for Food Safety (CFS), Earthjustice and local farmers filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit to defend the County of Hawaii’s Ordinance 13-121, which places a moratorium on...
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Gabriel Schivone
Then and Now: US Policy Towards Central American Fuels Child Refugee Crisis
For once the Republicans got it right. But not in the way they think. Indeed, President Obama carries the representative blame for the debacle (including reports of sadistic abuse by U.S. Border...
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Michael Laxer
Aiding and Abetting Austerity: The Social Democratic Rhetoric of Retreat
After the total disaster of the Ontario NDP's "pocketbook populism" provincial 2014 campaign that sought, allegedly, to attract new voters by seeming to try to mimic the tone (if not exactly the...
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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Hunter S. Thompson
Ugly, Tasteless, Terrifying and Wild... Count Me In!
He's been America's most unorthodox political commentator for more than 30 years. But for Dr Hunter S Thompson the Bush presidency is evil beyond belief - and judgment is nigh
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