All Views Articles for 2014-08-03

Sunday, August 3, 2014
Jay Stanley
New Technology Renews Old Fears of Manipulation and Control
In the first half of the 20th century, Americans gained a new awareness of the malleability and manipulability of the human mind, and the result was a wave of concern over “propaganda” and other...
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Julianne Hing
L.A. Girls and Women of Color Demand to Be Heard Amidst My Brother’s Keeper
Kristie Dotson knows what it’s like to have to do her homework on the backs of cars because she doesn’t have a home to go to after school’s out. “I too have gone homeless,” Dotson said of her youth...
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Ahdaf Soueif
The End of Impunity
By the time you read this who knows how many people will have been killed in Israel’s latest onslaught on Gaza. As I write more than 1200 - mostly civilian - Palestinians have been killed, hundreds...
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Donna Smith
Many People Cannot Boycott Corporate Tax Dodgers Like Walgreen's
We sat in line this morning at the Walgreen's pharmacy drive up window picking up one of the many prescriptions my husband, Larry, must have every month. The news that has been reported about...
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Kevin Zeese
Demand That Clapper and Brennan Be Fired
Unacceptable culture of lying in U.S. intelligence leadership gets Obama’s “full support.”
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