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Saturday, July 12, 2014
Former US Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates (right) escorts Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki into the Pentagon on July 23, 2009. Christopher Brauchli
'Misery Acquaints a Man with Strange Bedfellows'
Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows. - Shakespeare, The Tempest Last month’s enemies are this month’s friends. Sort of. We owe it all to Nouri al-Maliki. He has a way of bringing enemies...
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Supporters of ousted Honduras' President Manuel Zelaya clash with soldiers near the presidential residency Tegucigalpa, Monday, June 29. 2009. Police fired tear gas to hold back thousands of Hondurans outside the occupied presidential residency as world leaders appealed to Honduras to reverse a coup that ousted the president. (AP) Ted Rall
Those Kids Crossing the Border From Mexico Wouldn't Be There If Obama Hadn't Supported a Coup the Media Doesn't Talk About
If you're reading this, you probably follow the news. So you've probably heard of the latest iteration of the "crisis at the border": tens of thousands of children, many of them unaccompanied by an...
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Chelsea Manning Nozomi Hayase
Chelsea Manning and The Power of Empathy
It is 3 am. Something in me is unsettled and I cannot sleep. Earlier today, the Israeli military intensified its assault on Gaza Strip as a kind of collective punishment of the Palestinians; those...
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Judith Miller was the only known example of a NY Times journalist losing a job over what the public editor admits was the “flawed” and biased reporting on Iraq. Robert Parry
No Lessons Learned at the NYT
Mistakes were made on the Iraq War in 2003 and lessons have been learned, the New York Times says, but those lessons haven’t carried over to the Times’ deeply biased coverage of the crises in Syria and Ukraine
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The US National Security Agency brazenly tapped German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s private cellphone. (AFP/Julian Stratenschulte) Eric Margolis
It's Still 1945 in Europe - In Washington's View
Just how independent is the European Union? Given recent events involving the United States and its European allies, one really must wonder. First, there was the US National Security Agency brazenly...
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Israel's US-funded 'Iron Dome' Missile Interceptor Mairav Zonszein
Anticipating Sirens and Contractions: Bringing a Baby Into This Reality
Thursday was my “due date.” I began my 40th week of pregnancy yesterday and am due to go into labor any day now. I’ve been mentally and physically preparing myself for this exciting and unpredictable...
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Welcome to the $1,000 pill – yes the price of Gilead Sciences latest drug, Sovaldi, which is used to treat hepatitis C, a liver-destroying virus. Ralph Nader
The Myths of Big Corporate Capitalism
Large corporate capitalism is a breed apart from smaller scale capitalism. The former can often avoid marketplace verdicts through corporate welfare, strip owner-shareholders of power over the top...
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