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Thursday, April 24, 2014
Timothy Geithner (left), then Treasury Secretary, meeting with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. (White House photo) JP Sottile
America’s Surge Toward Oligarchy
With the rapid concentration of wealth in a few well-manicured hands and the right-wing U.S. Supreme Court declaring money to be speech, the American surge toward oligarchy has gained what looks like an unstoppable momentum
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(Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech) Joe Brewer, B. Laszlo Karafiath
Engage the Battlefield of Ideas for Social Good
Changes in societies are driven by “culture wars” and the battle of ideas. Epic idea battles arose between capitalism and communism, religious fundamentalism and secular humanism, pro-choice and pro-...
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The lines are now clear, says Karr: "Either you are for Net Neutrality or you're with [FCC chair] Tom Wheeler. You can no longer say you're for both." (Image: Free / text added) Timothy Karr
Strike Two: Obama's Second FCC Chair Fails on Net Neutrality
When President Barack Obama pledged to appoint a Federal Communications Commission chair who was dedicated to protecting Net Neutrality, we had no reason to doubt he'd find the right person for the...
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Journalist and author Dave Zirin. (Portrait by Robert Shetterly / Robert Shetterly
The Sports Page and the Common Good: On Painting Journalist Dave Zirin
Editor's note: The artist's essay that follows accompanies the 'online unveiling'—exclusive to Common Dreams—of Shetterly's latest painting in his " Americans Who Tell the Truth " portrait series,...
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A demonstration against Ag-Gag legislation in Idaho earlier this year. (Credit: Flickr / cc / Mercy for Animals) Matthew Dominguez
Defeat of Ag-Gag Laws Mark Victories in Fight Against Animal Cruelty
Across the country, lobbyists for the meat and dairy industries have been pressuring legislators to pass laws that punish whistleblowers who expose crimes on agricultural facilities. Kentucky,...
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(Image: Public domain) Peter Van Buren
I'm a Whistleblower: Want Fries with That?
An Apartheid of Dollars: Life in the New American Minimum-Wage Economy
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Robert C. Koehler
Losing Another Decade
“We cannot afford to lose another decade.” My God. There’s more darkness in this quote than the New York Times intended. I winced when I read these words of Ottmar Edenhofer, co-chairman of the...
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Bill Haslam has 10 days to sign or veto a bill that would make his the first US state to hold women criminally accountable for illegal drug use during pregnancy. (Photograph: Redsnapper / Alamy) Cherisse Scott
This Bill Isn't Just Anti-Mother – It's Anti-Poor, Anti-Family, Anti-Doctor
Mothers of color and poor women stand to lose the most from a law that would turn pregnant drug users into criminals. But the whole system stands to fail
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Not even counting Noah’s flood, Earth has “rebooted” a number of times through mass extinctions. But the next one we see may be our last. (Photo: Mykl Roventine / Flickr) John Feffer
Earth: Game Over?
We're in the middle of a sixth mass extinction, and this will be the first one—and possibly the last—we will witness as human beings.
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