All Views Articles for 2013-11-01

Friday, November 1, 2013
Kevin Gosztola
Not Even Feinstein Calls Her Bill, Which Legalizes & Expands Surveillance, ‘Reform’
Legislation that would restore legitimacy to the National Security Agency by giving off the appearance of improving privacy protections and enhancing transparency of United States surveillance passed...
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Mairead Maguire
In the Name of Love and Nonviolence, Let Us Strive to Heal Syria
An open letter to the American people from Nobel Peace Laureate
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Mijin Cha
'Poor People Do Not Deserve to Have Children'
I received a phone call Thursday from someone who had seen Demos’ Vice President, Heather McGhee, on MSNBC talking about why people need food stamps.
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Howard Friel
The 'Preventive Constitution' in the Age of NSA Surveillance
On Dershowitz’s ‘Heartland of Criminality’
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Trevor Timm
Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s New NSA Bill Will Codify and Extend Mass Surveillance of Americans
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Vandana Shiva
How Economic Growth Has Become Anti-Life
An obsession with growth has eclipsed our concern for sustainability, justice and human dignity. But people are not disposable – the value of life lies outside economic development
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Ira Chernus
Critics of Spying on Allies Need a Better Narrative
I was shocked, shocked, to learn that the United States is spying on the leaders of allied nations -- just about as shocked as the French police captain in Casablanca when he saw gambling going on in...
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Tom Engelhardt
A Rogue Superpower Is All Ears
The foreign leaders are dropping like flies -- to American surveillance.
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