All Views Articles for 2013-03-27

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Sadhbh Walshe
The Sad Death of Kimani Gray and Society's Bad Choices
The disputed details of the NYPD shooting of a Brooklyn boy highlight the need for a story other than crime and punishment
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Robert Borosage
Health Care Costs: The Rip Off That Bankrupts America
The International Federation of Health Plans has depicted our ridiculous health care system in 21 graphs. We don’t get more health care; we just pay more — much more.
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Mary Bryant
School Closures Condemn Communities to Hopelessness: A Plea from a Chicago Teacher
An open letter to CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett from a district teacher
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Richard Eskow
Cyprus Has the Global Money Elite’s Fingerprints All Over It
The debacle in Cyprus is far from over, but it’s already taught us some very important lessons. We’ve seen, for example, that the world’s financial leaders insist on clinging to the principles of...
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Micah Uetricht
Chicago Is Ground Zero for Disastrous "Free Market" Reforms of Education
Chicago has turned public schools into privately run charters. The results aren't stellar and other cities should beware
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Elsa Rassbach
Germany Sees Rise of Campaign Against Combat Drones
Leading national and local peace and justice organizations in Germany have launched a major campaign to oppose the German government's recently revealed plan to acquire combat drones (weaponized...
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Kumi Naidoo
World Social Forum 2013: A More Just, Peaceful and Sustainable World Is Possible
In early 2011, Tunisia’s President Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali was overthrown and the popular uprising in Tunisia was followed shortly by a wave of revolutions in several Arab countries – proving to us...
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Richard Falk
What Was Wrong with Obama’s Speech in Jerusalem
It was master-crafted as an ingratiating speech by the world’s most important leader and the government that has most consistently championed Israel ’s cause over the decades. Enthusiastically...
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Rafia Zakaria
President Obama: The Drones Don't Work, They Just Make It Worse
Less than two weeks after Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster of CIA Chief John Brennan’s confirmation in the US Senate, it seems that the controversy over the legality and transparency of drone attacks...
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Peter Dreier, Donald Cohen
The Fire Last Time: Workplace Safety Still Ignored Across the Globe
Two years ago this week, the 100 th anniversary of the tragic Triangle Shirtwaist fire, the issue of workplace safety got a lot of attention. Two years later things haven’t changed much except now...
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Jim Hightower
Corporate Kangaroo Courts Supplant Our Seventh Amendment Rights
Being wronged by a corporation is painful enough, but just try getting your day in court. Most Americans don't realize it, but our Seventh Amendment right to a fair jury trial against corporate...
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Brock Hicks
The US Food Aid Industry: Food for Peace or Food for Profit?
On February 21st, 69 organizations submitted a letter to President Barack Obama in support of continued funding for Public Law 480 (also known as Food for Peace) and Food for Progress international...
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