All Views Articles for 2012-10-17

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Olivier De Schutter
In a World Hungry for Biofuels, Food Security Must Come First
Growing crops for food and fuel together can work but farmers and policymakers must prioritise hungry people and think local
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Jill Richardson
The Risky Business of Eating in America
How can eating too much rice can give you cancer?
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Jay Walljasper
Mitt Romney: What Is This Man Planning for America?
The real sources of rage in the Republican Party
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Jake Olzen
Food Sovereignty Advocates Occupy the World Food Prize
The world’s leading agricultural and food policy experts are headed to Des Moines, Iowa, this week to celebrate the World Food Prize. The annual event heralds the achievements of individuals who have...
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Laura Flanders
Freedom of Beach: Dump 'Citizens United'
With rigged debates, pay-to-play races and a money-mad media that feeds at the same corporate trough as the candidates, what’s a person to do to send a message in today’s America?
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Mark Morford
Swing Voters for Fun and Terror
Mitt Romney and his allies are […] hoping that burying President Obama in ads will give them a crucial edge on Election Day. Ad purchases in the presidential race doubled or in some cases tripled...
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Daryl Hannah
Why I'm Standing Up to TransCanada's Keystone XL Pipeline in East Texas
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Tom Engelhardt
How We Gained the Ability to Create Our Own End Times
Here was the oddest thing: within weeks of the United States dropping an atomic bomb on a second Japanese city on August 9, 1945, and so obliterating it, Americans were already immersed in new...
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Randall Amster
Blinded by the Light of an Electoral ‘Reality Show’
Coming up next on ‘The Oval Office’: sparks fly as the final two contestants go head-to-head on live TV, while a dramatic surprise will soon be revealed that could change everything — and YOU get to...
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Dave Lindorff
Children Under Attack in Pakistan and Afghanistan
UPDATED (on 10/18): The US is going to extraordinary lengths to pretend it did not target innocent children in this strike, which it now says was done not by a plane dropping a bomb, but by a guided...
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Rajesh Makwana, Adam Parsons
It’s Time to Prioritize the Global Sharing Economy
This following article is based on a new report, Financing the Global Sharing Economy , by the non-profit policy and advocacy group Share the World's Resources (STWR). For references, further...
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Jim Hightower
The Dirty Little Secret of Private Equity Profits
Today, for the first time, I am officially notifying the honchos of Bain Capital, Blackstone Group, Carlyle Group, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and other big-time private equity funds that I am available...
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Karen Dolan
Rope-a-Dope Revives the Hope
Barack Obama reappeared Tuesday night. He seemed to own Governor Romney on issues of foreign policy, women, immigration, the 47 percent and with a fatal blow regarding the attack on the U.S. embassy...
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George Zornick
Romney’s Seven Biggest Debate Lies
Perhaps the most famous moment to come out of Tuesday night’s presidential town-hall style debate in Hempstead, New York, was when moderator Candy Crowley fact-checked Mitt Romney on the spot on...
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