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Friday, October 5, 2012
Matt Taibbi
Presidential Debate Aftermath: Mitt Romney Wins All-Important BS Contest
I didn't watch the debate – I just couldn't. I read it in transcript form afterwards. I know it is widely believed that Mitt Romney won, but I don't agree. I think both candidates lost. I think they...
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Matthew Rothschild
Joblessness Goes Down, GOP Goes Apoplectic
After his disastrous debate performance Wednesday night President Obama got some welcome news from the jobs report released Friday morning. The report showed that the economy created 114,000 jobs...
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Frances Fox Piven, Lorraine Minnite
Movements Need Politicians—and Vice Versa
The familiar question of whether we work on electoral politics or on movement politics is fraught with emotion and argument about whether movement or electoral politics is more effective for the left...
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Elizabeth Ben-Ishai
Breastfeeding Moms Boot Nestlé from Maternity Wards
If breastfeeding is healthier for babies, why are hospitals pushing corporate infant formula? How a growing number of states and cities are banning marketing in the maternity ward.
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Hannah Stone
Honduras ‘Model City’ Plan in the Spotlight
A plan to build “model cities” in Honduras, with their own laws and police force, is facing growing controversy with the resignation of its oversight committee, dozens of legal challenges, and the murder of a lawyer who was a leading opponent.
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Green Groups
We Stand With Those Who Stand Against Tar Sands Pipeline: An Open Letter
In support of the Tar Sands Blockade
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John Buell
Republicans, Democrats, and Jobs
"Speculators may do no harm as bubbles on a steady stream of enterprise. But the position is serious when enterprise becomes the bubble on a whirlpool of speculation. When the capital development of...
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Mirza Shahzad Akbar
The Folly of Drone Attacks and US Strategy
On March 17, 2011 a drone attack killed at least 40 members of a Wazir tribal Jirga, which was resolving a land ownership dispute among sub-tribes in Waziristan, a mountainous region in northwest...
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Amanda Eckerson
Ahead of Venezuela Election, Social Movements Affirm Bolivarian Revolution
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Jennifer Gibson
Living with Death by Drone
US drones hover over villages in Pakistan, with the residents never knowing when they will strike.
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Rev. John Dear
On the Killing of 8 Afghan Women
If you looked carefully at the news over the past two weeks, you might have heard a report from Afghanistan about how the U.S./NATO forces bombed and killed eight Afghan women who were out walking in...
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Robert Scheer
Sigh No More: Obama, Romney Leave No Room to Argue
The presidential debate this week was much ado about nothing, and Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama because he was more energetic in distorting the significance of their miniscule differences.
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Bob Herbert
For Obama, No More Excuses
It's time to stop making excuses for Barack Obama. With so much at stake in this election, his performance at the debate on Wednesday night was indefensible.
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