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Friday, January 7, 2011
Michelle Chen
US Flunks Women’s Health
Kids might dread that report card that comes every winter, but a nationwide report card on women’s health doesn’t make officials nearly as anxious as it should.
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Michael McCarthy
Have We Learned Nothing Since "Silent Spring"?
Nicotine, found in tobacco, is a deadly substance - and not only for smokers. It has long been known as a powerful natural insecticide, and its presence in the tobacco crop has evolved to deter pests...
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Glenn Greenwald
Daley is a Reflection, Not a Cause
Few things interest me less at this point than royal court personnel changes. I actually agree with the pro-Obama/Democratic-Party-loyal commentators who insist it doesn't much matter who becomes...
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Andy Worthington
Ending Bush's Big Lie on Guantánamo
The Obama administration has fallen into the trap of demonising innocent Guantánamo detainees as dangerous terrorists
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Nat Hentoff
Welcome to Guantánamo, the President's Private Prison
A major part of a presidential press secretary's job is to cover up his boss's violations of our rule of constitutional law by denying they happened. Yet, on Dec. 25, Robert Gibbs actually said on...
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Michael Ratner
Bringing the 'Bush Six' to Justice
If those responsible for the Bush administration's torture policy will not face charges in the US, then in Spain it must be
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David Sirota
The Money Paradox
If there's one thing you can still count on from today's increasingly erratic politics, it is pure unadulterated paradox. In a Washington circus that features as many morons as oxymorons, we have...
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David Cole
The Conservative Constitution of the United States
House members opened the 112th Congress on Thursday by reading aloud the Constitution, presumably as a first step toward fulfilling the tea party's goal of "restoring" our nation's founding document...
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Robert C. Koehler
Drone Reporting
For me, it always comes back to the media and the moral values implicit in throwaway news stories - the ones we barely notice as we move through our day. "A series of missile strikes killed at least...
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Francis Shor
Selective Compassion and the Pathologies of Inequality
“We believe in second chances and second opportunities,” declared the senior vice president for marketing from the Cleveland Cavaliers. This pronouncement accompanied the offer of an announcing job...
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Ramzy Baroud
Declaring Palestine: Revisiting Hope and Failure
When late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat read the Declaration of the Palestinian Independence just over 22 years ago, Palestinians everywhere were enthralled. They held onto his every word...
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Donna Smith
Will Vermont’s Babies Have a Better Chance?
As Peter Shumlin was officially sworn in as governor of Vermont, there was and is great hope that at least in one state we may see passage and implementation of a truly universal, single-payer...
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Thursday, January 6, 2011
Helen Thomas
Privatizing Social Security Again?
This year, 2011, marks the beginning of baby boomers receiving Social Security checks and they should be alerted of past perennial Republican attempts to partially privatize the program. Heaven...
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Glenn Greenwald
US Teenager Tortured in Kuwait and Barred Re-Entry into the US
Gulet Mohamed is an 18-year-old American citizen whose family is Somalian. His parents moved with him to the U.S. when he was 2 or 3 years old, and he has lived in the U.S.
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Ann Wright
Obama: No Whistleblowing on My Watch
The US Military Should Be Ashamed of Its Treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning
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Russell Mokhiber
No Contest Politics
Fox, CNN, MSNBC, C-Span? Or ESPN? Politics v. Sports. A friend of mine — a life long political junkie — told me recently that he used to watch more politics than sports. Now, it’s the opposite. Now,...
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Marielena Hincapié
Attacking Immigrants, and the Constitution
Yesterday, a group of state legislators launched an attack on the fundamental American values in the U.S. Constitution by announcing their intent to target babies born in the United States. This...
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William Astore
Freedom Fighters for a Fading Empire
What It Means When We Say We Have the World’s Finest Fighting Force
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David Korten
The Missing Vision for a New Economy
This is the first of a series of blogs based on excerpts adapted from the 2nd edition of Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth . I wrote Agenda to spur a national conversation...
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Hannah Gurman
Will US Use Punjab Governor's Death as Pretext for More Drone Attacks?
On Tuesday morning, the reports of Salman Taseer’s assassination topped headlines around the world. Taseer, the governor of Punjab, Pakistan’s largest province, had been killed by one of his own...
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Robert Shetterly
The Death of Judy Bonds, and Life
A successful autocracy rests on the universal failure of individual courage. -- Marilynne Robinson What magic occurs to make an invisible person visible, visible and powerful? Well, sometimes it’s...
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Robert Reich
The Shameful Attack on Public Employees
In 1968, 1,300 sanitation workers in Memphis went on strike. The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. came to support them. That was where he lost his life. Eventually Memphis heard the grievances of its...
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César Chelala
Don't Just Close Guantánamo, Return It
To restore good relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, damaged by several years of neglect, is one of many difficult tasks facing the Obama administration. A measure that could have far-...
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Michael Winship
At Year’s End, A Tale of Two Cities
We probably should have stayed in New Orleans.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
John Nichols
Robert Gibbs Is Out! Maybe Now This White House Will Learn to Communicate
Against competition from the likes of Ari Fleischer and Mike McCurry, it is tough to suggest that Robert Gibbs was the worst White House press secretary in modern times. Then again, the spokesman for...
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Bradley Day
The Climate Movement is in Desperate Need of Renewal
If a jury that received extensive education on climate change could not vindicate the Ratcliffe activists, then who will?
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Glenn Greenwald
Why Government Censorship of US Media is Unnecessary
In this week's New Yorker , Peter Maass -- who was in Iraq covering the war at the time -- examines the iconic, manufactured toppling of the Saddam statue in Baghdad's Firdos Square, an event the...
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Amy Goodman
Darrell Issa, Step Away From the Corporations
Remember "freedom fries"? That's what the House Republicans, when they were last in the majority, renamed french fries, after France refused to support the invasion of Iraq. It seems like renaming...
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Robert Naiman
A "Pledge of Resistance" to Defend Social Security (and Defund the Empire)
For the third time in the last 20 years, establishment voices, with high-profile slots in traditional media, are trying to convince the public to accept cuts to Social Security by endlessly claiming...
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Russ Wellen
Indignez-vous! (When Will Americans Get Indignant?)
What Would It Take for Americans to React Like "Gaza Youth Breaks Out"?
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Sarah Laskow
How to Avoid Fracking and Oil Spills in 2011
2010 was a disappointing year for environmentalists.
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John Miller and Jeannette Wicks-Lim
Unemployment: A Jobs Deficit or a Skills Deficit?
Politicians and economists are trying to reframe a severe jobs crunch as a problem of workers’ inadequate skills.
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Ruth Conniff
Nader to the NYT: 'There Is Too a Left!'
In a letter To The New York Times , Ralph Nader takes issue with the paper's editorial asserting that Tea Party victories show there is "no progressive champion" for the poor and powerless. "Hello!"...
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John Nichols
The Filibuster FAQ: Fact, Fiction, and Why We Need Reform
Cato the Younger, who inspired the eighteenth-century proponents of a free society who in turn inspired the libertarian Cato Institute , employed the filibuster to slow Julius Caesar's consolidation...
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Michelle Chen
Learning From Shattered Haiti’s Year of Struggle
A year ago this month, Haiti was flattened by a seismic catastrophe. It was hardly the only tragedy that the tiny nation has faced in its 220-year history as the first republic born of a slave revolt...
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Bruce Ramsey
Bert Sacks vs. the US: Why an Activist Still Fights for the Iraqi People
The case of activist Bert Sacks, who violated the economic sanctions on Saddam Hussein's Iraq by donating medicine to hospitals facing a humanitarian disaster.
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Jim Hightower
Playing With Economic Dynamite
By gollies, America is still an exporting powerhouse. In fact, the good ol' U.S.A. is No. 1 in the world in exports! Our corporate leaders, backed by Republicans and Democrats alike in Washington,...
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Ira Chernus
Israel’s Deadly Tear Gas Made in USA
Editor's note: This article corrects an error and adds some updates to an earlier version that appeared yesterday.
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Dave Lindorff
A Profound and Jarring Disconnect
Democracy: de-moc-ra-cy, government by the people; the common people of a community, as distinguished from any privileged class
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Catalina Nieto
The For-Profit Con to Criminalize Immigrants
In addition to directing funding towards enforcement-only policies that criminalize immigrants, CCA lobbies for immigration policies that get more undocumented residents locked up.
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Robert Reich
The Big Lie
Republicans are telling Americans a Big Lie, and Obama and the Democrats are letting them. The Big Lie is our economic problems are due to a government that’s too large, and therefore the solution is...
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Joseph Dana
From Bilin to Tel Aviv, Outrage at Killing of Jawaher Abu Rahmah
"I am in shock, we are in shock," Hamde Abu Rahmah told me as we stood outside the small cemetery in Bilin where 36-year-old Jawaher Abu Rahmah was buried on Saturday. One day earlier, on 31 December...
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Robin Broad, John Cavanagh
The Age of Vulnerability
How the 2008 financial crash redefined what it means to be economically vulnerable.
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Tom Engelhardt
War is a Drug: Washington's 30-Year High
The Urge to Surge
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John Nichols
An Answer to 2011's Austerity Arguments: 'We Won't Pay For Their Crisis'
First, Washington squandered our tax dollars enriching the corporate contractors that profiteer upon unnecessary and seemingly endless wars. The cost figure just for the Iraq imbroglio is now far in...
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Glenn Greenwald
Leading Conservatives Openly Support a Terrorist Group
Imagine if a group of leading American liberals met on foreign soil with -- and expressed vocal support for -- supporters of a terrorist group that had (a) a long history of hateful anti-American...
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Bob Herbert
Get Ready for a GOP Rerun
You just can't close the door on this crowd. The party that brought us the worst economy since the Great Depression, that led us into Iraq and the worst foreign policy disaster in American history,...
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Laura Flanders
Public Workers Getting Snowed
The snow is mostly melted after a near-record storm immobilized much of New York for nearly four days last week. But before non-New Yorkers gloat -- beware -- the Big Apple's storm offers just a...
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Robert Muggah
The World's Broken Promises to Haiti
A year on from the earthquake, more than a million are still living in tents and less than a tenth of aid cash has been delivered
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Ralph Nader
Tweeting Away the Time
The start of the New Year is a good time to talk about Time. About this, we can all agree—there are only twenty four hours in a day. Zillions of companies and persons want a piece of that time from...
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Mike Ferner
'Dear Afghanistan': A Global Listening Project for Peace
KABUL - At four in the morning on New Year's Day, 2011, a group of young Afghan peace makers and their much-older U.S. colleagues huddled around a laptop computer in this city, to begin a 24-hour...
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Ray McGovern
Obama Should Read WikiLeaks on Afghanistan
Perhaps President Barack Obama should give himself a waiver on the ban prohibiting U.S. government employees from downloading classified cables released by WikiLeaks, so he can better understand the...
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Monday, January 3, 2011
Greg Kaufmann
A Real December Review for Afghanistan
The War in Afghanistan is the longest in US history , at 110 months, and the most expensive, at $1 million per soldier and over $100 billion annually. There have been over 2,200 US and coalition...
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Frida Berrigan
Enough Already: Close Gitmo
Two years later, President Obama hasn't kept his promise to shut the Guantanamo prison.
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Janet Redman
Our Slow-Motion Global Accident
Industry simply doesn't have an incentive to kick its fossil fuel habit.
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Immanuel Wallerstein
End of the Recession? Who's Kidding Whom?
The media are telling us that the economic “crisis” is over, and that the world-economy is once more back to its normal mode of growth and profit. On December 30, Le Monde summed up this mood in one...
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Denis O’Hearn
On Hunger Strike, To Be on Death Row
Why would anyone want to go on death row? A federal judge from Ohio once asked that question. To be specific, he asked, "Why would anyone rather be on death row than at Ohio State Penitentiary?" Why...
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Jack Lohman
Dear States, Watch Out for the Privatizers
State after state is reporting dire financial conditions - California, Illinois, New Jersey, and even our own Wisconsin. The losses are so deep that only bankruptcy seems an option . But wait - there...
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Roberto Rodriguez
Creation in a Time of Resistance
In March of 2010, I announced the end of Column of the Americas; that would have marked the end of 16 years of writing a deadline-based nationally syndicated column, first with Chronicle Features in...
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Mary Bottari
Full Catastrophe Banking in 2011
With a $4.7 trillion dollar bailout under their belts with no harm done to their billion-dollar bonuses, don't expect Wall Street bankers to be chastened by the 2008 financial crisis. Below we list...
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Robert Jensen
'Greatest Nation' Rhetoric Roars Back
My greatness as a writer is simply a fact. You don't agree? Well, then obviously you are churlish or malevolent. If I were serious about such a claim of superiority, now would be the time to stop...
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Chris Hedges
Ralph Nader: ‘The Left Has Nowhere to Go’
Ralph Nader in a CNN poll a few days before the 2008 presidential election had an estimated 3 percent of the electorate, or about 4 million people, behind his candidacy. But once the votes were...
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Olga Bonfiglio
Speaker Designate John Boehner: A Traitor to His Class
Our future Speaker of the House John Boehner isn't afraid to cry in public. He readily admits to being an emotional man. But what does he cry about? During his victory speech on Election Night,...
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Phil Ochs during a 1967 Vietnam protest outside the United Nations in New York. (Photo by Michael Ochs) Michael Simmons
Phil Ochs Lives!
A recent study maintains that empathy has declined in young Americans over the last thirty years. My own unscientific observations tell me that us Americans as a whole don’t seem to give a damn about...
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Joseph Stiglitz
Common Sense, Not Austerity, in 2011
New Year’s Hope against Hope
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James Carroll
Now the Rich Get Richer Quicker
The new year requires an inventory of the old. Mostly, this is an individual impulse, leading to resolutions and renewal. Such reckoning can seem an intensely private exercise. But what of a whole...
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Sunday, January 2, 2011
LeRoy Moore
Nuclear Guardianship at Rocky Flats
The late Thomas Berry insisted with a calm urgency that we humans are at a turning point in our relationship with nature. Either we engage in the "great work" of rapidly replacing our deadly...
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Neal Peirce
It's Time to Return to a Robust Urbanism
Columnist Neal Peirce writes it's time to return to robust urbanism, the relatively compact, more energy-efficient growth we once practiced in our cities and towns, but lost in our rush to build far-flung, auto-centric subdivisions and strip malls after World War II.
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Robert Fisk
Bombs Make No Moral Distinctions Where They Fall
To Mannheim for its annual film festival and I am gripped by Armadillo, a documentary on a Danish NATO unit in Afghanistan, real bullets whizzing past one of the bravest directors of photography in...
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Ritt Goldstein
America: Once It Was ‘a Wonderful Life’
Like quite a few others, the old James Stewart/Donna Reed movie ‘It's a wonderful life' is one of my Christmas traditions, with this year having been no exception. The film recalls many things for me...
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Saturday, January 1, 2011
Andrew Simms
We are Global Warming: 71 Months and Counting...
100 Months to Save the World
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Richard Wolff
2011: Calling Time on Capitalism
Recent decades have seen a massive redistribution of wealth, imposing the cost of successive crises on the poorest. Enough!
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Renée Loth
11 Things We Can Live Without in ’11
Last year on this date I wrote a column featuring "10 wishes for 2010." It was sweet, but with the exception of our unexpectedly glorious New England summer, few of my wishes (comity in Washington,...
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Christopher Brauchli
The Congressman King-Reincarnated as Senator Joe McCarthy
This kind of inquisition violates the spirit of the Constitution. — Albert Einstein, Letter to Wm. Frauenglass (1953)
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Mark Engler
The 2010 Worth Remembering
It is a tragic fact: progressives are notoriously bad at celebrating their victories. Tragic, because when it comes to motivating people to take action, keeping evidence that collective organizing...
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