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Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Emily Dwass
BPA: ‘Not in My Kitchen’ Is Easier Said Than Done
The controversial chemical bisphenol A was not on my radar screen back in 2008, when I ordered a polycarbonate electric food steamer from I thought I had purchased a nifty appliance,...
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John Nichols
"Occupy Iowa Caucus" Urges Dems to Back "Uncommitted" Slate
President Obama faces no serious challenge from an individual on the left in Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses. But that does not mean that Obama will get all the votes cast by Democrats on January...
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Lauren Unger-Geoffroy
Dispatches From Cairo: The Worst So Far
Truthdig asked Lauren Unger-Geoffroy, an Arabic-speaking American who lives in Cairo, to share her perspective of life in Egypt after the revolution. In this entry, she writes about a new surge in...
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Michelle Chen
With Anti-Immigrant Law, Alabama is Again Ground Zero for Civil Rights
It’s not often that human rights and business profits line up on the same side of a political debate, but Alabama is a special place. The Cotton State was not only ground zero for some of the worst...
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David Macaray
The NLRB Under Assault
Republicans Declare War on the Working Class
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David Michael Green
A Better World’s In Birth (Maybe)
If it feels to you a bit reminiscent of 1968 these days, that’s because it is. And that’s a good thing. It’s starting to look like 2011 was the year of Basta!, when people finally woke up and found...
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Monday, December 19, 2011
Ahdaf Soueif
Image of Unknown Woman Beaten by Egypt's Military Echoes Around World
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Neal Peirce
President Obama's Puzzling Silence on Marijuana Policy
WASHINGTON — "Dance with the One that Brought You" is the title of a well-known song. But the Urban Dictionary offers a deeper meaning: "The principle that someone should pay proper fealty to those...
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Gary Younge
The US is Blind to the Price of War That is Still Being Borne by the Iraqi People
On 19 November 2005 a US marine squad was struck by a roadside bomb in Haditha, in Iraq's Anbar province, killing one soldier and seriously injuring two others. According to civilians they then went...
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Gwynne Dyer
The False Equation: Religion Equals Morality
In the United States, where it is almost impossible to get elected unless you profess a strong religious faith, it would have passed completely unnoticed. Not one of the hundred US senators ticks the...
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Bill Quigley, Sunita Patel
Migrants’ Rights Are Human Rights! Take Local Police Out of Immigration Enforcement
Nations and organizations around the globe observed yesterday as International Migrants Day. Twenty-two years ago, on December 18, 1990 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the...
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Jim Rigby
Christmas is No Time to Talk About War and Peace
When I heard the President speak to returning troops last week, my mind flashed back to an article I once wrote for our local newspaper. Each week a different member of the local clergy would write a...
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Thomas Edsall
The Trouble With That Revolving Door
Last week, an inside-the-Beltway newsletter, First Street, published a unique top-ten list . It reveals which former members of Congress are among the most important Washington lobbyists.
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Sunday, December 18, 2011
Danny Schechter
Occupy Movement Puts on a “Why I Occupy” Show in Times Square
Protests Mark The Third Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street’
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Caroline Arnold
World Poses Growing Challenge to Generosity of Our Hearts
What shall we give to the Child in the manger? (Catalonian Christmas carol)
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George Monbiot
Why Is It So Easy to Save the Banks – but So Hard to Save the Biosphere?
They bailed out the banks in days. But even deciding to bail out the planet is taking decades.
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Nathan Schneider
Why Occupy Calls for “Sanctuary”
As Occupy Wall Street’s birthday party got going at midday today, the mood was mixed—not unlike the mood with which, in a series of improvisations , the movement began three months earlier on...
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Derrick O'Keefe
After Durban: We Must Pull the Emergency Brake Before the 1 Per Cent Drive Us Off the Cliff
On behalf of Canada, Environment Minister Peter Kent recently spent several days in Durban at the UN climate talks treating the global community like, well, shit -- disrespecting her, ignoring her...
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Kathy Kelly
Big Shoulders in Chicago and Kabul
Kabul--NATO/G8 meetings are scheduled to take place from May 19-21 next year in Chicago. Plans are ramping up everywhere. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and NATO Secretary General Anders...
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Michael Moore
A Man in Tunisia, a Movement on Wall Street, and the Soldier Who Ignited the Fuse
It's Saturday night and I didn't want the day to end before I sent out this note to you. One year ago today (December 17th), Mohamed Bouazizi, a man who had a simple produce stand in Tunisia, set...
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Saturday, December 17, 2011
César Chelala
Demolitions Can Doom Israel's Democracy
Displacement and survival are two branches of a same tree. Following the Second World War, many Jewish survivors of forced labor camps, concentration camps and death marches sought to rebuild their...
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Russell Mokhiber
Top 100 Corporate Crime Stories of 2011
Here’s the other difference between the one percent and the rest of us – The crimes of the one percent inflict far more damage on society than those of the 99 percent. And they tend to get away with...
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Michael Winship
How Now, Brown Cloud: What Smog Hath Wrought
Have you heard about the great brown cloud? No, it’s not a new nickname for Donald Trump (his cloud is more an intergalactic nimbus of Aqua Velva and Tang), or the ominous menace in a new Stephen...
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Ann Wright
The Trial of Bradley Manning-Rule of Law or Rule of Intimidation, Retaliation and Retribution
Yesterday, December 16, 2011, 40 supporters of Bradley Manning saw him in person in the military courtroom at Fort Meade, Maryland and another 60 saw him on a video feed from the court, the first...
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Michelle Chen
Immigrants Occupy! Broadening a Movement Culture
The Occupy movements around the country have touched different communities in different ways, resonating with local issues as well as bringing local folks to the front lines of a national struggle...
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Friday, December 16, 2011
Philip Caper
Do We Need Health Insurance?
Do Americans need health insurance? The short answer is no — at least not in the form it currently exists in America. It is true that in many wealthy countries private insurance companies are used in...
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Bret Weinstein
Occupying Power
Three months ago, a small band of patriots triggered the turning of a historical page. They did it by stepping out of their expected roles within the socioeconomic hierarchy, and stepping into...
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William K. Black
Dante’s Divine Comedy: Banksters Edition
Sixty Minutes’ December 11, 2011 interview of President Obama included a claim by Obama that, unfortunately, did not lead the interviewer to ask the obvious, essential follow-up questions.
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Paul Buchheit
Don't Any of You Corporations Pay Your Taxes?
It gets tiring to hear the complaints about the allegedly excessive corporate federal tax burden in the U.S., and the need for CEOs to move their offices to more tax-friendly countries. It's just as...
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Maude Barlow
How To Save Our Great Lakes
There are huge and growing problems in the Great Lakes. Water use is growing at a rate double that of the population, and we now know that by 2030, global demand will outstrip supply by 40 per cent...
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John Atcheson
The Walmartization of America Redux: How the Relentless Drive for Cheap Stuff Undermines Our Economy, Bankrupts Our Soul, and Pillages the Planet
If you want to know why the middle class disappeared and where they went, look no further than your local Walmart. People walked in for the low prices, and walked out with a pile of cheap stuff, but...
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Ted Rall
Obama's "Mission Accomplished"
Troops and Prisons Move, Wars and Torture Never Ends
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Jeff Milchen, Michael Shuman
Shift Your Shopping to Create More Jobs, Stronger Communities
According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend an average of about $700 per person on holiday season shopping this year and, despite the hype surrounding Black Friday, the busiest...
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Brian Tierney
Remembering Pittston: 99 Strikers Who Occupied Before Occupy
After a year of revolutions, strikes, and protest occupations, a new era of struggle has shifted the political landscape. Workers and the poor have taken to the streets, occupying public squares and...
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Josh Levy
The Top 10 Ways Mobile Carriers Tried to Screw Us in 2011
Another year, another 12 months in which the mobile carriers did their best to screw us. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon do so many bad, annoying and anti-consumer things that it’s almost...
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Jason Hickel
How to Occupy the World
The leading tagline of the Occupy Wall Street movement reads: “Protest for World Revolution.” This is an ambitious claim, to be sure. And in most respects it seems to ring quite true: the movement...
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Thursday, December 15, 2011
Raed Jarrar
The Iraq War Disaster
Millions of Iraqis are celebrating the U.S. withdrawal this month, in what is widely viewed as a condemnation of the U.S. military involvement in Iraq. This is especially true with the final attempt...
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Stephen Zunes
Obama Ad Condemns Israel Aid Opponents
An ad on my Facebook page from reads, "Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich say they would start foreign aid to Israel at zero. Reject their extreme plan now!" This struck me as...
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Michelle Chen
Food Industry Brings Bitter Harvest to Child Cocoa Laborers
The taste of hot cocoa or a chocolate bar is one of the classic pleasures of being a kid. But chocolate is a bitter harvest for countless children in West Africa, who spend their days towing around...
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Barbara Ehrenreich, John Ehrenreich
The Making of the American 99% And the Collapse of the Middle Class
“ Class happens when some men, as a result of common experiences (inherited or shared), feel and articulate the identity of their interests as between themselves, and as against other men whose...
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John Cavanagh
Why the 99 Percent Are Protesting at the World Bank Today
Undemocratic provisions in treaties enable corporations to sue governments in international tribunals over environmental, health, and other measures foreign countries take to protect the public...
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Harvey Wasserman
The Timeless Joy of George Whitman’s Shakespeare & Company
Never doubt that simple acts of generosity and solidarity can change lives---and the world. George Whitman and his Shakespeare & Company bookstore have been uniquely powerful living proof of that...
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Bill McKibben
At Last, A New Story for the Future
Bill McKibben's introduction to OTC's book All That We Share: A Field Guide to the Commons
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Tom Gallagher
TINA Comes to America
“There is no alternative,” Margaret Thatcher’s defining phrase, is coming soon to a theater near you, on the lips of Meryl Streep, in a new biopic on the former British Prime Minister, Iron Lady. Now...
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Glenn Greenwald
Bradley Manning Deserves a Medal
The prosecution of the whistleblower and alleged WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning is an exercise in intimidation, not justice
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Phil Rockstroh
Recovering from Authoritarian Simpatico Syndrome (ASS): "Because the Cops Don’t Need You and Man They Expect the Same"
Witnessing the acts and utterances of Republican presidential candidates can be regarded as a helpful psychological exercise, a type of “exposure therapy” involving the development of methods used to...
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Ralph Nader
Congressional Tyranny, White House Surrender
Paraphrasing Shakespeare, something is rotten in the state of Capitol Hill. A majority of Congress is just about to put the finishing touches on an amendment to the military budget authorization...
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Robert C. Koehler
The Spiritual Jackpot
The topic was “Indians of the Midwest” and the professor was knowledgeable and conveyed serious respect for Native culture, but something kept gnawing at me as she talked.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Katrina vanden Heuvel
99%er Champions
As we head into a presidential election year, I’d wager a lot the mainstream media will focus their attention on the horse race for the White House and other prime time campaigns. But this is a...
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Juan Gonzalez
Jon Corzine, Ex-Gov and Bad CEO, Proves He's Clueless to Congress
Where is the $1.2 billion in customer money that disappeared before derivatives giant MF Global’s financial collapse on Oct. 31 in one of the largest bankruptcies in U.S. history?
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Jim Naureckas
A New Lowe in Advertiser Cowardice
The national hardware chain Lowe's pulled its advertising from the TLC reality show All-American Muslim --explaining that the question of whether Muslims can be presented as regular human beings is a...
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John R. MacArthur
President Obama Richly Deserves to Be Dumped
As evidence of a failed Obama presidency accumulates, criticism of his administration is mounting from liberal Democrats who have too much moral authority to be ignored.
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Donna Smith
Occupying Love and Joy for Nataline
Every year for the past four years around this time, Nataline Sarkisyan’s parents build toward an unimaginable anniversary filled with sorrow and pain. On December 20, 2007, they lost their only...
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Danny Schechter
Markets of Shame Before the Collapse: Crisis, Crisis, Everywhere
Earlier this week, Stephen Colbert announced dramatically that there were important developments underway in Europe that we should know about. True to form, Colbert’s Repor didn’t talk about the big...
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Robert Reich
Newt’s Tax Plan, and Why His Polls Rise the More Outrageous He Becomes
Newt Gingrich has done it again. With his new tax plan he has raised the bar from irresponsibility to recklessness. Every dollar estimate I’m about to share with you comes from the independent, non-...
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Madeline Ostrander
After Durban: Climate Activists Target Corporate Power
With UN climate negotiations turning out disappointing once again, some members of the climate justice movement are fighting what they say is the root cause of climate inaction.
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Jim Hightower
America's Leaders Are Small, but Americans Are Not
"We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the...
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David Morris
Occupy Economics Departments
Conventional economists have a lot to answer for but will they listen?
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Amy Goodman
Climate Apartheid
“You’ve been negotiating all my life,” Anjali Appadurai told the plenary session of the U.N.‘s 17th “Conference of Parties,” or COP 17, the official title of the United Nations Climate Change...
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Jeff Biggers
Arizona Memo to Journalists / Editors on Immigration: Drop the I-Word
Two words stood out in the AP news story on Arizona's controversial SB 1070 immigration law yesterday: BREAKING: Supreme Court says it will rule on Arizona law targeting illegal immigrants Within...
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Gloria Lowe
Turning to Instead of Against Each Other
We live in difficult times. Stories of corruption, violence and down right evilness surround us. Trying to make sense of this state it sometimes seems easier to close it all out, becoming numb to our...
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Mary Bottari
FOX News, OWS, Banksters, and Bombs
Last week, tragedy was averted when savvy security at Deutsche Bank (DB) in Frankfurt, Germany, spotted a suspicious package and sequestered a letter bomb intended for the DB CEO. This was the second...
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Center for Constitutional Rights
President Obama, Veto the National Defense Authorization Act
CCR urges President Obama to veto the NDAA. If he doesn’t, he will bear the blame for making indefinite military detention without trial a permanent feature of the U.S. legal system. He will be...
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Nick Turse
Making Repression Our Business: The Pentagon’s Secret Training Missions in the Middle East
As the Arab Spring blossomed and President Obama hesitated about whether to speak out in favor of protesters seeking democratic change in the Greater Middle East, the Pentagon acted decisively. It...
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César Chelala
Saudi Arabia's Breach of Human Rights
December 10 is Human Rights Day. On December 12, 2011, Saudi Arabian authorities ordered the execution of a woman convicted of practicing magic and sorcery. Although the Saudi Interior Ministry didn’...
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Jim Hightower
Influence Peddler for President
Gingrich, his lawyers, and his staff adamantly insist that it's rude and crude to call him a lobbyist.
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Karen Greenberg
How Terrorist 'Entrapment' Ensnares Us All
When the government gets in the business of playing along with terror plots, it's not just justice that suffers – but our safety
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Miriam Pemberton
Military Spending is the Weakest Job Creator
Even before the supercommittee’s demise, the defense industry and its Pentagon and congressional allies were making preemptive strikes on the next phase: the automatic cuts, half of them from defense...
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Monday, December 12, 2011
Rich Bindell
Are Privatized Water Utilities in Cahoots With Shale Gas Companies?
On one hand, we have shale gas companies who have been rushing into various regions of the country to extract gas using a dangerous extraction process that involves toxic chemicals potentially...
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Robert Naiman
On Complaints over Iran Nuclear Weapon Claims, WaPo Ombud Rules for the Plaintiffs
Has your hometown newspaper drunk the Kool-Aid on claims that "the debate is over," and everyone now knows that Iran is pursuing the acquisition of a nuclear weapon? Help is on the way. On Sunday,...
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Ruth Rosen
Occupy: You Can’t Evict an Idea
As snowstorms and freezing rain announce the arrival of winter, it’s hard to remember that the Occupy Wall Street movement emerged just a few months ago, in September. Enraged by the government...
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Dean Baker
A Tale of Two Deficit Charts
Not long after I first came to Washington 20 years ago I was at a conference dealing with Social Security privatization. One of the panelists used a number for the administrative costs of private...
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Laura Flanders
What a Difference an Occupation Makes
It was never a genuine question. Money media prattled on about Occupy Wall Street’s supposedly ineffable demands the same way they batted aside the end capitalism signs to wonder what the Seattle...
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Sam Pizzigati
Presenting America’s Ten Greediest of 2011
One puts on football pageants. Another makes mega millions on a virtual farm. They all remind us how much needs to change, economically and politically, in 2012 and beyond.
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Ira Chernus
Gingrich on Palestine: Small Truths In A Big Lie
If Newt had really said what the headlines claimed: “Gingrich Calls Palestinians an ‘Invented’ People,” I would have shrugged and said, So what? Americans are an invented people too. So are British,...
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Jim Goodman
Occupy the Food System
The world can feed itself, without corporate America's science-experiment crops and expensive chemicals.
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Tom Engelhardt
The 1% Election: How to Turn Election Year Into Election Life
Their Bread, Our Circus
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Sunday, December 11, 2011
Juan Cole
Washington Actions on Palestine Don’t Differ from Gingrich’s Words
Newt Gingrich has been trying for the monetary backing and votes of Jewish Americans and Christian Zionists by taking up the positions of the Israeli far Right.
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Seema Jilani
Must We Permit the US Military to Detain Americans without Trial?
The National Defense Authorisation Act before Congress threatens further erosion of US citizens' civil liberties
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Tina Gerhardt
Get it Done! Youth to UN on Internationally Binding Climate Treaty
DURBAN, South Africa – As the sun set over Durban on Saturday, time was running out for an agreement to be reached at the COP 17. In a replay of Copenhagen two years ago, backroom texts emerged at...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Real Definition of Terrorism
The FBI yesterday announced it has secured an indictment against Faruq Khalil Muhammad ‘Isa, a 38-year-old citizen of Iraq currently in Canada, from which the U.S. is seeking his extradition.
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Fran Quigley
Haitian Cholera Victims to UN: Practice What You Preach
RIVYE KANO, Haiti -- Gathered silently in the shade of a mango tree here, dozens of people patiently wait their turn to tell us about the horror that descended on their community a year ago. Shortly...
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Jackie Smith
How Elite Media Strategies Marginalize the Occupy Movement
I took the decision by Foreign Affairs to report on the Occupy Wall Street protests as a sign that the movement was having some success. Not surprisingly, however, this favorite journal of foreign...
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Rebekah Wilce
We Are Farmer Brown
More than 150 supporters gathered on the steps of Town Hall in Blue Hill, Maine on Friday, November 18.
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Diane Ravitch
A Nation's Education Left Behind
My theme for today: Whose children have been left behind?
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Eric Margolis
Time to Apologize for the West's Shameful Support of Dictatorship in Egypt
Tahrir Square, epicenter of the earthquake that ousted Egypt’s western-backed dictator, Husni Mubarak, is quiet - for the moment. There are banner-wavers, speakers, and youngsters milling about. But...
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Damian Carrington
Climate Deal: A Guarantee Our Children Will Be Worse Off Than Us
After the feast of words in Durban , comes the reckoning: the deal ensures beyond doubt that our children will be worse off than we have been. Unlike the economic debt currently transfixing the...
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Robert Fisk
Bankers are the Dictators of the West
Writing from the very region that produces more clichés per square foot than any other "story" – the Middle East – I should perhaps pause before I say I have never read so much garbage, so much utter...
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Patrick Cockburn
Wars Without Victory Equal an America Without Influence
For all its military might, the US has failed to get its way in Afghanistan and Iraq, severely denting the prestige of the world's only superpower
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Saturday, December 10, 2011
David Uhlmann
For 29 Dead Miners, No Justice
Early on April 5, 2010, in the heart of West Virginia coal country, a huge explosion killed 29 workers at Massey Energy ’s Upper Big Branch Mine. Later that day, President Obama directed Labor...
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Michelle Chen
Embarrassment of Riches: Conflict Diamond Regulation Breaks Down
The holiday season is a time of material pleasures, but it's also a time to take stock of how our social values tend to be at odds with the objects we most prize.
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Robert Reich
The Remarkable Political Stupidity of the Street
Wall Street is its own worst enemy. It should have welcomed new financial regulation as a means of restoring public trust. Instead, it’s busily shredding new regulations and making the public more...
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Christopher Brauchli
The Politician and the Mistress
Politicians [are] a set of men who have interests aside from the interests of the people and who, to say the most of them, are, taken as a mass, at least one long step removed from honest men. —...
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Michael Nigro
Occupied Media: Foreclose on the Corporate Fourth Estate
Beneath the ever-expanding Occupy umbrella, one of the broad messages is this: people are fed up going through the regular political channels. Politicians have – intentionally or otherwise – immersed...
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Paul Rogat Loeb
Burying Your Victories: What if Obama Taxed the Rich But Never Told Anyone?
Did you know Obama's health care bill contained a $20 billion a year tax on the richest Americans? I didn't until I stumbled onto a mention of this the other day, although writing about politics is...
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Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez
On Human Rights Day, Calling the Next ‘Greatest Generation’
Today, Human Rights Day, I call upon the peoples of the world to understand that if we don’t focus on reducing human impact on the global environment in this new century, all the other more isolated...
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Josh Fox
Shale Gas Drilling's Dirty Secret Is Out
The EPA's findings about fracking's contamination of ground water have sent a shockwave through a gas industry in denial
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Anjali Appadurai
Don't Betray Our Generation. Get It Done.
The following is the prepared speech of remarks made by Anjali Appadurai, a student at the College of the Atlantic in Maine, as she addressed the COP17 climate conference in Durban, South Africa on...
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Jim Naureckas
Why Is PBS Telling Us That Profit Is Journalism's Friend?
PBS has a website called MediaShift , billed as "Your Guide to the Digital Media Revolution." Based on an alarming post this week headlined "Tear Down the Wall Between Business and Editorial!" ( 12/7...
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Friday, December 9, 2011
Jake Johnston
MINUSTAH by the Numbers
The United Nations Peacekeeping operation in Haiti, MINUSTAH by its French acronym, has been the target of recent popular protests and a source of controversy because of its role in re-introducing...
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