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Monday, June 13, 2011
Phil Rockstroh
On "The Issue of Character" and Empire
Late last month, poet, musician, and self-termed "bluesologist," Gil Scott-Heron exited the hologram and returned to the source…to begin chanting, eternity will not be televised.
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Lewis Lapham
The Midas Touch: Stomachs Too Big to Fail?
Jesus answered, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” -- The Gospel According to Matthew It is a hard matter, my fellow citizens,...
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Sunday, June 12, 2011
Kelly McCartney
Report: Public Banking Can Democratize the Economy
In the wake of the financial crisis that the U.S. is still clawing its way out of, a handful of ideas have begun to surface that might actually shore up our still-floundering economy and, potentially...
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David Moberg
What Americans Want: The People’s Budget
The Congressional Progressive Caucus lays out a surprisingly popular vision of the future.
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Shamus Cooke
The Rich Are Destroying the Economy
Ever since the Great Recession shook the foundations of the U.S. economy, President Obama has been promising recovery. Evidence of this recovery, we were told, was manifested in the massive post-...
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John Nichols
Wisconsin GOP Batters Democracy With Sleazy "Fake Candidate" Strategy
One of the great contributions that the progressive reformers of a century ago made to the politics of Wisconsin and the nation was the open primary.
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Brendan Smith, Jeremy Brecher
Are Progressives in Denial About Climate Change?
If you listen to right wing commentators, you might think American progressives are leading the charge to protect our planet from climate change.
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Saturday, June 11, 2011
John Pilger
'The War You Don't See': A Film You Won't See
An Open Letter to Noam Chomsky and the General Public
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Pierre Tristam
Firefighter Hero-Worship and Hypocrisy: When Public Employees Save Lives
There’s really been only one story in Flagler County in the past few weeks: The wildfires. I’ve had a chance to see the disaster up close a few times, and to see firefighters in action at several of...
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Kari Hamerschlag
Improving School Food: Do It Now or Pay the Price Later
On May 30, the Republican-controlled House Appropriations Committee voted to cripple the nation’s budding effort to do something about the woeful quality of school food and make America’s kids...
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Sarah Anderson
Cut Wall Street Down to Size With a Financial Speculation Tax
If you want to transform the economy, you have to cut Wall Street down to its proper size. One way to do that is to tax the short-term speculative activities that dominate and distort financial...
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Deborah Burger
The Nurses’ Main Street Campaign to Rebuild America
Mister Cellophane 'Cause you can look right through me Walk right by me And never know I'm there... -- from 'Chicago' (the musical)
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Michael Winship
The Perils of Ignoring Science
I heard a remarkable thing on the radio the other day and it had nothing to do with a congressman’s nether regions. A local NPR reporter was talking with Joseph Nicholson, CEO of Red Jacket Orchards...
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Friday, June 10, 2011
Jacob Lesniewski
Without Immigration Reform E-Verify Is Just Profiling
The need for comprehensive immigration reform at the federal is even more pressing as immigrants face the hodgepodge of state and local legislative efforts and federal enforcement programs that vary...
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Antonia Zerbisias
When Breaking the Law Is Justified
The recent bad news about climate change thundered through the scientific community like those twisters through the U.S. First, the International Energy Association (IEA) announced global greenhouse...
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Khadija Sharife
Pollution: Africa’s Real Resource Curse?
Africa has long been synonymous as the poster child of the resource curse. Illicit financial flows, often siphoned through corruption and mis-pricing, are estimated to cost the continent $200-billion...
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Dean Baker
The Faith-Based Economics of Deficit Reduction
Deficit cutting has become the common 'wisdom' of economic policy wonks in DC. But it can't muster one rational argument
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Anne Landman
R.I.P., Fairness Doctrine
On June 8, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chair Julius Genachowski agreed to wipe the Fairness Doctrine completely off the agency's books, even though the rule has been officially dead since...
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David Benjamin
The Economic Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
“Fantasy economics only works in a fantasy world.” Michelle Bachmann
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Firmin DeBrabander
The Green Revolution Backfires: Sweden’s Lesson for Real Sustainability
What if electric cars made pollution worse, not better? What if they increased greenhouse gas emissions instead of decreasing them? Preposterous you say? Well, consider what’s happened in Sweden.
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Thomas S. Harrington
The Death of Jorge Semprun
Though the mainstream American press apparently doesn’t see it that way, one of the more extraordinary figures of 20th century died a few days ago in Paris. His name was Jorge Semprun. The son of a...
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David Krieger
How Many Nuclear Weapons Still Threaten Humanity?
The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) is one of the most authoritative institutes in the world on issues of war and peace. The recently-released 2011 SIPRI Yearbook provides...
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
The March on Blair Mountain: A Protest to Protect Our Jobs and Our Mountains
This week an important protest is taking place in the coalfields of West Virginia. The March on Blair Mountain began on Monday as several hundred people embarked on a five-day journey retracing the...
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David Sirota
America’s Energy Ethos: Do, Regardless of Harm
Laugh me off as the idealistic son of a physician (which I am), but I still thought the doctor’s ethos of “first do no harm” was a notion we could all agree on. Even in this hyper-polarized Era of...
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Thursday, June 9, 2011
Chuck Collins
Pawlenty's Tax Proposal Caters to the Richest Americans
He sure knows how to mark an anniversary
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Mark Morford
Ask Me About My Agony and Despair!
Often is the question posed to me, maybe over on my Facebook page or via email after someone has made it through the messier parts of my book , but also in sundry sweaty nightclubs or boutique SF...
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Tom Engelhardt
100% Scared: How the National Security Complex Grows on Terrorism Fears
Here’s a scenario to chill you to the bone: Without warning, the network -- a set of terrorist super cells -- struck in northern Germany and Germans began to fall by the hundreds, then thousands. As...
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Glen Ford
U.S. Agency Sabotages Haiti Earthquake Aid
A Black Agenda Radio commentary
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Marian Wright Edelman
Don't Cut Head Start
Congress is debating whether to slash more than $1 billion from Head Start to give trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the richest Americans and corporations.
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Peter Bosshard
How Dams Can Kick up a Storm and Change Our Climate
Only 140 kilometers from our Berkeley office, the Folsom Dam towers 100 meter high over the American River. When it was built in the 1950s, the project was supposed to withstand the most severe flood...
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Riki Ott
Lots of Inconvenient Truths -- Chemical Illness Epidemic in the Wake of the BP Blowout
Recently Kenneth Feinberg, the lawyer overseeing the $20 billion Gulf Coast Claims Facility to "make it right" for people harmed by the British Petroleum oil blowout disaster, told a Louisiana House...
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Robert C. Koehler
Predator Syndrome
There are twenty thousand nuclear weapons on the planet, a quarter of them ready for launch at a moment’s suicidal impulse, aimed at countries that stopped being enemies two decades ago. It’s six...
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Mike Elk
The Good News in Wisconsin That the Media Isn’t Covering
This week in Madison, Wis., has seen the largest protests since a "budget repair bill" virtually outlawing collective bargaining proposed by Gov. Scott Walker inspired an occupation of the state...
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Hannah Gurman
Bigger than Blackwater: Arming the UAE
The International Defense Exhibition, otherwise known as IDEX , has been held bi-annually in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since 1993. It is the largest defense expo in the Middle East and North...
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Josh Golin
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce... and Other Scholastic Satires
Scholastic, the nation's largest purveyor of school-based book clubs and book fairs, bills itself as the "most trusted name in learning."
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Jeff Biggers
Blair Mountain Emergency: Obama Is Obliged by Deathtoll to Order Mountaintop Removal Moratorium
Almost ninety years ago, an emergency crisis of unconscionable human suffering, government neglect and coal company lawlessness compelled thousands of coal miners and impoverished World War I...
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William Loren Katz
War? Bloodlust? What’s a Scholar to Do?
The New York Sunday Times on November 28, 2010 published noted historian Geoffrey C. Ward’s review of a biography of President Theodore Roosevelt [TR]. His review reveals something distressing about...
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Robert Scheer
The Bernanke Scandal: Full-Frontal Cluelessness
How I wish that Ben Bernanke would get caught emailing photos of his underwear-clad groin. Otherwise we don’t stand a chance of reversing this administration’s economic policy, which is shaping up to...
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Amy Goodman
Heeding the Warnings of Environmental Reveres
“The troubled sky reveals The grief it feels.”
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Vandana Shiva
The Great Land Grab: India's War on Farmers
Land is a powerful commodity that should be used for the betterment of humanity through farming and ecolog.
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Tom Engelhardt
Is It Time for Rent-a-Diplomats?
Iraq? Where’s that? Most Americans no longer seem to know and evidently could care less, but don’t tell that to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, various key military figures and Washington...
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Ann Pelo
Early Childhood Military Education?
Does our national security rely on top-quality early childhood education?
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Jeff Biggers
Arizona Ethnic Studies Showdown: As Teachers Heal Tucson, Will Extremist Officials Escalate Crisis This Week?
Only days after college-bound Ethnic Studies graduates collected their diplomas and a widely praised Tucson forum allowed the community to discuss the city's acclaimed Ethnic Studies/Mexican American...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Joys of Repressed Voyeuristic Titillation
There are few things more sickening -- or revealing -- to behold than a D.C.
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Jodi Jacobson
Almost Fifty Years After Griswold, We're Still Fighting for Access to Contraception
June 7th, 2011 marks the 45th anniversary of the landmark 1965 Supreme Court decision Griswold v. Connecticut , which legalized family planning and the right to individual privacy in family planning...
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Greg Grandin
With Ollanta Humala's Win, Peru Joins Latin America's Left Turn
Add Peru to the list of Latin American countries that have turned left. On Sunday, Peruvians voted in a second-round run-off ballot and elected Ollanta Humala, a 48-year old former army officer,...
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Wael Khalil
Egypt's IMF-Backed Revolution? No Thanks
Year after year, the IMF praised Mubarak's 'progress'. Signing up to its $3bn loan now hardly seems a break with the past
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Larry Goldsmith
Bradley Manning: Rich Man's War, Poor (Gay) Man's Fight
A poor, young gay man from the rural South joins the U.S. Army under pressure from his father, and because it's the only way left to pay for a college education. He is sent to Iraq, where he is...
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Tina Gerhardt
German Utilities Push Back on Merkel’s Plan to Phase Out Nukes
Berlin, Germany — German Chancellor Angela Merkel signed off today on a ‪ bill ‬ phasing out all nuclear energy in Germany by the end of 2022, underscoring the economic and environmental benefits of...
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Paul Buchheit
Dependence Day
Another July 4th is coming soon, and we'll sing with pride about living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. But freedom and bravery are ambiguous words. Our freedom to maintain an...
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Peter Van Buren
Occupying Iraq, State Department-Style: A Frat House With Guns in Baghdad
Way out on the edge of Forward Operating Base Hammer , where I lived for much of my year in Iraq as a Provincial Reconstruction Team leader for the U.S. Department of State, there were several small...
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Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers
History Is Knocking: Stop the Machine! Create a New World!
There comes a time when efforts to avoid the truth begin to fail, when one can no longer go about daily life and pretend that all is okay. If you are like most of us, you are experiencing this. There...
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Ken Cook
Best Friends Forever? Produce Growers and Pesticide Makers Deepen Their Bond
In nearly two decades of research and advocacy on pesticides and human health, Environmental Working Group has never before seen the produce industry take a high-profile role in debates over...
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Linda McQuaig
Canada Mines African Discontent
While Canadians may think of ourselves as best known for owning the Olympic podium, among Africans we may actually be better known — and not particularly liked — for owning their natural resources...
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Michael Smallberg
The SEC's Revolving Door
The agency is too cozy with the financial industry it oversees.
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Monday, June 6, 2011
Robert Shetterly
The Loneliness and Courage of Thomas Drake: A Whistleblower's Journey
“As a student of history and politics, I firmly believe that we have reached a breaking point in this country, when the government violates and erodes our very privacy and precious freedoms in the...
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Paul Rogat Loeb
Glued to The Weather Channel While the World Burns
Following the weather is beginning to feel like revisiting the Biblical plagues. Tornadoes rip through Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma--even Massachusetts. A million acres burn in Texas...
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Kristine Mattis
Not Resting on Their Laurels, Wisconsinites Establish Walkerville
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Ray McGovern
Gen. Keane Keen on Attacking Iran
Celebrating a golden anniversary reunion with classmates from Fordham College (class of 1961) on a perfect June day in New York should be a time of pure Gaudeamus Igitur and little or no stress.
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Donna Smith
Stained Then Blamed for the Stain
It’s no secret that Americans think bankruptcy is for deadbeats, losers and folks with substandard moral character and work ethics. The stain of a personal bankruptcy carries far wider and deeper...
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Tom Gallagher
Part of the Way With the WSJ
“America can be a superpower or a welfare state, but not both.” So says the Wall Street Journal in its editorial on “The Gates Farewell Warning.” Although you probably won’t have to read the article...
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Laura Carlsen
Ending Rape in War
After curving through miles of Quebec’s countryside, the road to Montebello arrives at an enormous log cabin along the Ottawa River. Busloads of women pull up, from Rwanda, Colombia, the Congo,...
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Robert Alvarez
America's Nuclear Spent-Fuel Time Bombs
Japan's nuclear disaster should serve as a wake-up call for the United States.
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Michael T. Klare
How to Wreck a Planet 101: Three Energy Developments That Are Changing Your Life
The Global Energy Crisis Deepens
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Sunday, June 5, 2011
Anne Sweeney
Listen My Children & You Shall Hear, Palin's Take on Paul Revere
"He who warned, uh, the British that they weren't gonna be takin' away our arms, uh, by ringing those bells, and um, makin' sure as he's riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and...
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Michael Mears
US Supreme Court Deals Mortal Blow to Privacy
Last month, the United States Supreme Court, in an 8-1 decision in the case of Kentucky v. King, told the police in our nation that they may break into a home without a warrant if they believe that...
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Russ Baker
A Moment to Seize With Israel
Those who defend Israel reflexively, and those who criticize Israel as if it—all its component parts, and all (or most) of its people—is singularly evil and without redeeming features, would do well...
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Jeff Biggers
Will President Obama Screen Last Mountain Film at White House -- And Then Abolish Mountaintop Removal?
While The Last Mountain film exposé on mountaintop removal mining opened in theaters across the country on Friday, its most important screening should take place at the White House Family Theater .
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Russell Mokhiber
Pay or Die
An old friend came over today. Hadn’t seen him in a couple of years. He’s a self-employed contractor. He’s uninsured. Two weeks ago, he was driving home from a job. He felt a severe pain in the back...
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David Schwartz
The Rise of the Second-String Psychopaths
The great writer Kurt Vonnegut titled his final book A Man without a Country . He was the man; the country was the United States of America. Vonnegut felt that his country had disappeared right under...
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Gwynne Dyer
Yemen: After Saleh, What?
President Ali Abdullah al-Saleh, in power in Yemen for the past 33 years and under siege for the past three months, left the country on Saturday night with a large piece of shrapnel lodged just below...
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Ian Birrell
The War on Drugs War is Lost. Now It's Time for a Rational Response
Politicians are too scared to propose legalization and controlled use, but without radical changes many more lives will be destroyed or ruined
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Saturday, June 4, 2011
James Hansen
Silence Is Deadly: I’m Speaking Out Against Canada-U.S. Tar Sands Pipeline
The U.S. Department of State seems likely to approve a huge pipeline, known as Keystone XL to carry tar sands oil (about 830,000 barrels per day) to Texas refineries unless sufficient objections are...
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John Nichols
One If By Misstatement, Two If By Ignorant: Palin Gets an "F" in American History
Why is Sarah Palin touring American historical sites? Apparently to because she has decided to try and learn some basic details of the country’s founding story. Unfortunately, the endeavor is not...
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William Blum
US Targeting Cuba’s Health-Care System
The U.S. government’s half-century campaign to discredit and destroy Cuba’s experiment with socialism has had many ruthless aspects, but perhaps none more so than efforts to disparage and damage the Caribbean island’s widely admired health-care system
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Glenn Greenwald
WashPost: Criminal Law is Not for Political Elites
The Washington Post Editors work in a city and live in a nation in which huge numbers of poor and minority residents are consigned to cages for petty and trivial transgressions of the criminal law...
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Michael Winship
Secret Cash: The Worst Political Scandal of All
Sometimes I feel like Gus, the father in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" -- you know, the guy who thinks you can cure all maladies with a spritz of Windex and declares, "Give me a word, any word, and I...
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Ralph Nader
Open Letter to President Barack Obama from E.coli 0104:H4
June 3, 2011 Dear President Obama: My name is E.coli 0104:H4. I am being detained in a German Laboratory in Baveria, charged with being "a highly virulent strain of bacteria." Together with many...
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César Chelala
UN Sharply Critical of US on Women's Rights
The United Nations Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, has issued a very critical report of the U.S. on its policies on women’s rights. The report is based on a trip of...
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Friday, June 3, 2011
Robert Borosage
It Takes a Movement
This is a classic "small d" democratic moment. The economy is in deep trouble -- immediate and long term. Washington is oblivious, compromised by moneyed interests, knotted by ideological divides. It...
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Amitabh Pal
A Change to Believe In: US Support for the Nonviolent Arab Spring
Arab Nonviolent Uprisings Need Full U.S. Support
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Tom Engelhardt
Eating Fossil Fuels for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
If you didn’t know better, you might think the planet was simply piling on to make a point. The extreme weather events of the last year have proven little short of biblical. As a start, 2010 had the...
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Julianne Hing
Arne Duncan: With New Rules, For-Profit Schools Need to be 35% Effective
Late may be better than never, but is something always better than nothing? That’s what student advocates are left wondering now after the Department of Education released its final and long-awaited...
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Mona Eltahawy
These 'Virginity Tests' Will Spark Egypt's Next Revolution
The 'virginity tests' used by Egypt's new rulers show the struggle for women's rights goes on
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Howard Troxler
Florida Cracks Down on Everybody (except Decent People)
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? --Matthew 7:3 Public employees, as we all know, are parasites who should be...
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Rick Salutin
The Strange, and Very Political, Death of Hope
Hope is indispensable in public and private life. I don’t mean brainless optimism in the face of facts. I mean hope that finds a way to persist in honest awareness of how bad things are.
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Zoe Weil
No Controversy Allowed! On Getting Kicked Out of a Middle School
For twenty-five years I’ve been a humane educator, someone who teaches about the interconnected issues of human rights, environmental preservation, and animal protection and encourages positive...
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Johann Hari
It's Not Just Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The IMF Itself Should Be On Trial
Imagine a prominent figure was charged, not with raping a hotel maid, but with starving her, and her family, to death
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Andrew Nikiforuk
How Fish Use Energy Teaches True Oil Economics
Charlie Hall, the outspoken ecologist who charges that neoclassical economists largely write fairy tales, is having a good day in Puerto Rico. The sun is shining and girls in bikinis are walking down...
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Donna Smith
Quiet Fighters for Healthcare Justice
As we continue to advocate for healthcare as a human right, at times I think it valuable to acknowledge those who aren’t in the spotlight or expecting to achieve immortality and personal accolades...
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María Carrión
Camp Sol: Spain's "Indignant" Give Lessons in True Democracy
MADRID, Spain -- The crowd of three thousand sat patiently on the hard pavement of the plaza as the fourth hour of the popular assembly came and went. The issue was whether Camp Sol, a protest that...
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John Atcheson
Puff the Mighty Deficit Dragon: Holding the American Economy Hostage
Republicans are engaged in a dangerous game of brinksmanship over raising the debt ceiling. It’s a game that could end in disaster. The US is a debtor nation, and as such, we are desperately...
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Randall Amster
‘I Want to Be a Farmer’: Food Justice, Out of the Mouths of Babes
“Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.” -- Psalm 8:2 My oldest son recently “graduated”...
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Medea Benjamin
Come Dance with Me (and Thomas Jefferson)
Dancing can be dangerous. In Ceausescu’s Romania I was arrested for dancing without a partner. In newly independent Guinea Bissau, my dancing partner was thrown in jail for boogying before the...
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Thursday, June 2, 2011
Mark Weisbrot
Why Washington Is Worried About Peru
If its preferred candidate Keiko Fujimori loses to Ollanta Humala, the US will be isolated against South America's left governments
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Judy Rebick
One Hoax to Rule Them All: The Hobbit Movie Tar Sands Story Revealed
Travelers at Terminal 3 in the Toronto airport were astounded Tuesday morning to see Gandalf the Grey and several hobbits march their handcuffed prisoner Stephen Harper, dressed as the evil lord...
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Vincent Iacopino
A Memo on Torture to John Yoo
The former Bush administration official continues to defend the indefensible: his authorization of a disastrous policy of abuse
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Stacy Mitchell
In South Africa, Wal-Mart Refuses to Buy Local, Threatens WTO Action, and Wins
Two things seem particularly noteworthy about the approval Wal-Mart won yesterday to acquire Massmart, a Johannesburg-based chain that operates across 13 African countries. One is that, despite the...
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Glenn Greenwald
The WH/Politico Attack on Seymour Hersh
Seymour Hersh has a new article in The New Yorker arguing that there is no credible evidence that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons; to the contrary, he writes, "the U.S.
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Margaret Kimberley
The Obama Surveillance State
The state security apparatus which came into being during the Bush administration is now supported just as strongly, if not more so, under president Barack Obama. There has been no let up, no change...
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