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Friday, March 4, 2011
Greg Mitchell
Bradley Manning and the Tomb of the Well-Known Soldier
Ten months after he was arrested for allegedly leaking classified material, including diplomatic cables, Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was very much in the news this week -- with the military bringing 22...
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Michael Winship
Wackos of the World, Unite!
" Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here." Given the level of wackiness that seems to have afflicted this third planet from the sun, Jack Nicholson’s immortal line in the movie "As Good...
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Talat Hamdani
This is My Son's America, Too
I was appalled when I learned that House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King planned to hold hearings on the threat of homegrown Islamic terrorism. (The hearings are scheduled for next...
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Mary Bottari
Scott Walker Down the Rat Hole with the Palace Guard
The Wisconsin State Capitol has erupted in a torrent of lawlessness this week that schoolchildren will be reading about for years. No, I don't mean rowdy protests resulting in mass arrests. Even...
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Michael Hamilton
Wanna Bust a Union? Be Careful What You Wish For
Public worker benefits costly? Higher taxes will solve the problem
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Dave Lindorff
A Boomers Revolt: Madison a Foretaste of Things to Come?
The Next Big Occupation Could be Boomers Taking Over the Capitol Building
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Bill McKibben
Tim DeChristopher: Taking a Leap and Pointing the Way
Let's consider for a moment the targets the federal government chooses to make an example of. So far, no bankers have been charged, despite the unmitigated greed that nearly brought the world economy...
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Les Leopold
Main Street Goes to War Against Itself as Job Crisis Persists
The February unemployment rate is 8.9 percent. The broader Bureau of Labor Statistics U6 jobless rate is 15.9 percent. The report shows a net increase of 192,000 jobs. However, we need 127,000 new...
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Tom Engelhardt
Fools at the Pump
Do Our Leaders Ever Fill Their Gas Tanks Themselves?
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Bob Burnett
Pirates Threaten Washington
As US warships approached, on February 22nd four American hostages were killed by Somali pirates . It was an ominous harbinger of the crisis in Washington, where Republican pirates are holding...
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Jamie Henn
Tim DeChristopher's Speech After Guilty Verdict for Climate Civil Disobedience
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - On Thursday, a jury in Salt Lake City declared climate activist Tim DeChristopher guilty for his interference with an oil and gas auction held at the end of the Bush...
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Zoe Weil
Teaching: The Most Noble Profession
I just heard from a friend of mine, a middle school teacher in Wisconsin. She is an extraordinary educator, one of the most innovative, inspiring, dedicated, passionate, successful, loving and...
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Kathy Kelly
The Cost of US Terrorism in Afghanistan: Incalculable
Recent polls suggest that while a majority of U.S. people disapprove of the war in Afghanistan, many on grounds of its horrible economic cost, only 3% took the war into account when voting in the...
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