All Views Articles for 2010-10-09

Saturday, October 9, 2010
Laurel Dykstra
What If It Doesn’t Get Better? Queer and Aboriginal Youth Suicide
My mother says that when I was born she was given more tiny dresses than I could ever wear because they didn't have flowers at her father's funereal and, "people wanted to do something." My...
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Christopher Brauchli
A New Newt?
Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue. François, duc de La Rochefoucauld (1613–1680) — Maxim 218 It brought to mind days of old and the Newt Gingrich of old. It’s because of its name: Pledge to...
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Felice Cohen-Joppa
Upholding International Law in a Muddy Kansas City Soybean Field
The judge found me guilty. Even after I'd testified under oath that I had committed no crime when standing in front of a bulldozer in a muddy soybean field being cleared for the new Kansas City Plant...
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Chyng Sun
Gang Rape and Gang Bang
On September 10, 2010 in the Pitt Meadows district of Vancouver, Canada, a 16-year-old girl was drugged and then gang raped while a group of people watched. A 16-year-old boy took photos of the crime...
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Dennis Henigan
Right Wing Militias and the NRA: Second Amendment Soulmates
This week's Time magazine cover story on "The Secret World of Extreme Militias" sounds an alarm that cannot be ignored. The threat of terrorism is real, but it does not originate with Al Qaeda alone...
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Jon Wiener
Bob Dylan's Defense of John Lennon
How do you explain the value of a rock musician to the Immigration service? On what would have been John Lennon's seventieth birthday—October 9—it's worth noting the letter about Lennon that Bob...
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Bob Herbert
Policy at Its Worst
We can go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and threaten to blow Iran off the face of the planet. We can conduct a nonstop campaign of drone and helicopter attacks in Pakistan and run a network of...
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Gwynne Dyer
Green Brazil
"This is now the great mystery of Brazilian politics: what will Marina do?" "Marina" is Marina Silva, leader of Brazil's Green Party, and the speaker, Altino Machado, is a journalist and one of her...
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