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Friday, September 3, 2010
Les Leopold
Why the Big Lie About the Job Crisis? And the $10 Trillion Answer
The August unemployment numbers are ugly, yet again. Nearly 30 million Americans are still jobless or forced into part-time jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics official unemployment rate is 9.6%. It...
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Ralph Nader
Honoring Those Who Toil
What does Labor Day mean anymore other than another day off, another store sale and, in some cities, parades ever smaller and more devoid of passion for elevating the well-being of working people?
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John Nichols
Carly Fiorina's Campaign Against a Free and Open Internet
Carly Fiorina, the millionaire former Hewlett-Packard CEO and telecommunications industry executive, is running for the US Senate as a candidate who supposedly knows a thing or two about technology...
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Jerry Lanson
Journalism by Poll Simply Reflects Conventional Wisdom
I teach my students that the best reporters zig when everyone else zags. They leave the panting pack behind to look to the corners of news, to listen to voices that are ignored, such as the old, the...
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Hannah Gurman
"Tolerating" the Ground Zero Muslim Center Is Damning It With Faint Praise
As the headlines and blogs about the “Ground Zero mosque” mounted in recent weeks, I, like many, wished the whole “debate” would just go away. To even refer to it as a legitimate debate struck me as...
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Laura Flanders
Accepting Defeat in Iraq
Everyone is spinning the Iraq mission's so-called end but no one seems willing to accept defeat.
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Mohammed Khatib
Why Israel Imprisoned My Best Friend
When I was a boy I was still allowed to travel in Israel. I went to the beach and swam in the sea, something that most Palestinian children living in the West Bank today can only dream of. Israel has...
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Fran Korten
10 Ways to Solve the Jobs Problem
Imagine a no-holds-barred "summit" that comes up with ideas to solve both our job and environmental problems. What might it come up with?
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Ann Wright
Toxic Beaches Remain in Shadow of Latest Rig Explosion
Another Oil Rig Explodes as Labor Day Crowds May Come to Polluted Louisiana Beaches
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Mark Weisbrot
More Stimulus Badly Needed to Create Jobs
This is the worst Labor Day for American labor in decades, maybe since the Great Depression. Unemployment is at 9.5 percent (as of July), and if we add in the people involuntarily working part time...
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Ira Chernus
Skeptics Could Doom Mideast Peace Talks to Fail
It's easy to be skeptical about the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks that have just begun. It might even be just a little bit fun. Skepticism puts you in with the in crowd - the swelling chorus of...
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Sarah Anderson
FDR’s Labor Day Plea Resonates Today
On the eve of Labor Day in 1936, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt warned in his “Fireside Chat” of a potentially dangerous surge in class divisions if more was not done to support ordinary workers...
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