All Views Articles for 2009-12-26

Saturday, December 26, 2009
John Nichols
Of War, Peace and the Distant Memory of a Christmas Truce
This has been a year of war, not peace, when a president elected to end conflicts instead expanded the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan. So as it closes we would do well to recall an old warrior who...
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Christopher Brauchli
Bank Presidents and US President
Surfeit begets insolence, when prosperity comes to a bad man. - Theognis, c. 545b.c.
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Billy Wharton
Healthcare Bill a Nightmare Before Christmas
Call it the nightmare before Christmas or Santa's lump of healthcare coal. Either title captures the disastrous qualities of the healthcare reform bill passed by Senate on Thursday. After months of...
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Dallas Darling
Still Trying to Monopolize the Arabian Peninsula
"If we take this trade of Malacca away from them, Cairo and Mecca will be entirely ruined..." --Afonso de Albuquerque
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Peter Dreier
Pass the Health Care Bill - Then Improve It
There are many lessons to learn from the health care war that has raged over the past year. We'll get to some of them below. But here's the bottom line: Pass the bill, then improve it.
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Peter Gorrie
Climate Change Doesn't Scare Us. That's Frightening
We've just ended a two-decade experiment in global problem solving. It failed: Now we must figure out how to manage the consequences. That's the main conclusion as the dust settles on the uninspiring...
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Sarah Lazare
The US Military is 'Exhausted'
The call for over 30,000 more troops to be sent to Afghanistan is a travesty for the people of that country who have already suffered eight brutal years of occupation. It is also a harsh blow to the...
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Ronnie Cummins
Beyond the Darkest Hours, Grassroots Rising
Winter in America 2009. Passing through the darkest period of the winter solstice, shrouded by the gloom and doom of climate destruction, war, and economic depression, making our way around the...
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The Gaza Freedom March
Open Letter to President Mubarek
Dear President Mubarak; We, representing 1,362 individuals from 43 countries arriving in Cairo to participate in the Gaza Freedom March, are pleading to the Egyptians and your reputation for...
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