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Wake Up America, The Democratic Party is the Pro-Life Party.

Lynne Gillooly

If I were a Republican and had supported and voted for the RNC for almost three decades on the issue of abortion, I would be FURIOUS, beside myself with anger.

After how many elections and dollars spent, they came up with "Abstinence Only"? Are you kidding me? A policy that increases unplanned pregnancies and the abortions associated with them. Wow! Not to mention the increase in STD's.

Are they in the 18th or 21st century? Do they think America is a Theocracy or Democracy? Is it your behavior they want to control or save the unborn? When will Republicans and people of faith realize they have been duped and manipulated by the Religious Right (wholly owned by the RNCorp)?

The Democratic Party wants to ACTUALLY reduce the abortion rate. Not by telling you it is our way or the highway, but by using all the tools available. We want to make it a rare but safe procedure.

Yes, abstinence discussions within the family, at church and in the community are a valuable tool, but not nearly enough. Ask Sarah Palin's daughter what she said about its effectiveness.

Also, get one thing straight. NO ONE is "pro-abortion." The Right loves to call Planned Parenthood and others this. It is a false argument. Think, please.

Talking to teens candidly about the risks and consequences of sexual activity is important. Teaching them about herpes, STD's and AIDS will not make them run out and have sex. They also need to be educated on birth control.

If we know that fewer unplanned pregnancies will reduce abortions why wouldn't we want that?

Now you might say "but we want to reverse Roe v. Wade and make it completely illegal."

First of all, the RNC will NEVER let that happen. This issue - along with gay marriage - is their "meal ticket" to get people of faith and others to vote for them. They know where their bread is buttered.

Think about it, if they really wanted it illegal why do they only bring it up during campaigns? Then it disappears into the night until the next election.

Truth be known, prior to Roe v. Wade abortions still occurred. The wealthy women had the D and C procedure for "female problems." The middle class went to illegal clinics and became criminals and made other criminals rich (read El Doctore).

The poor tried to terminate the pregnancy with coat hangers and other means. Sometimes they would have the baby only to be told by the Christian RNC to take care of the child on your own. Do not expect help from us. Your behavior caused this and pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Do we really want to go back to that? If not, why aren't we using every tool available to deal with this issue?

The Democrats want to. Why is the RNC, after all of your support and votes, choosing a pro-death policy? Please, if you must support the RNC, demand answers.

P.S.: David Kuo, author of Tempting Faith worked at the Bush Faith-Based Initiative program. He really thought Bush was sincere. He left in disgust. They would call the Evangelical leaders "useful idiots." Every week they would have to talk to the religious leaders to stroke their egos.

Please Wake Up America.

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Lynne Gillooly describes herself as a "basketball-playing Hockey Mom" who owns a small business in the Charlotte, North Carolina-area, has four children and voted for Ronald Reagan.

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