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Friday, October 24, 2008
Larry Beinhart
Keep Religion Away From the Ballot
The Constitution, Article VI, Section 3, states "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States." James Madison, the primary author...
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Peter Dreier, John Atlas
The GOP's Blame-ACORN Game
An increasingly desperate Republican attack machine has recently identified the community organizing group ACORN as Public Enemy Number One. Among ACORN's alleged crimes, perhaps the most serious is...
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Matthew Rothschild
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Disinvites William Ayers After Death Threats, Financial Pressure
William Ayers can't catch a break. After the McCain campaign has dragged his name through the mud and tried to attach it to Obama's, Ayers is finding himself shunned even on a university campus...
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Thursday, October 23, 2008
Patricia Schroeder
Amendment 48 Goes Too Far
My very first job after graduating from Harvard Law School was as a part-time lawyer for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains in Denver. I was working on cases related to expanding access to...
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Sarah Wildman
Preying on the Right
With her eyes on 2012, Sarah Palin is aiming at the same evangelical base that carried George Bush to the White House
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Richard Hopson
ACORN Fights Back
In the midst of the predictable partisan exaggerations, distortions and occasional lies that close election races generate, ACORN has become the focus of an extraordinary amount of attention over our...
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Haroon Siddiqui
Disturbing Complicity on Torture
The headlines didn't match the stories on the report of the Frank Iacobucci inquiry into the alleged torture of three Arab Canadians abroad. The former judge of the Supreme Court of Canada concluded...
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Sarah van Gelder
How to Stop the Rigging of Election '08
Don't be fooled by all the accusations about ACORN . The real voting scandal is the voter suppression methods that likely swayed election results in 2000 and 2004, and are in process again as you...
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Glenn Greenwald
Bipartisanship and Threats of War Toward Iran
Two former Senators -- conservative Democrat Chuck Robb and conservative Republican Dan Coats (that's what "bipartisan" means) -- have a jointly authored Op-Ed in The Washington Post today decreeing...
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Patricia J. Williams
Predatory Scapegoating
Some three weeks before New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was forced to resign his office in disgrace (sex! scandal! floozies!), he published an op-ed in the Washington Post. Titled "Predatory Lenders...
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Chuck Williams
Never a Better Time for Health-Care Reform
Moderator Tom Brokaw's question in the second presidential debate crystallized the crux of the health-care reform discussion: Is health care in America a privilege, a right or a responsibility? The...
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George Hunsinger
Iraq: Did the Surge Work?
Violence, Alexander Solzenitsyn once observed, finds refuge in falsehood, even as falsehood is supported by violence. "Anyone who has once acclaimed violence as his method must inexorably choose...
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Allan Lichtman
What Voter Fraud?
This year the Republicans are rolling out one of their oldest and most misleading charges: that Democrats and their supporters are planning to flood the polls with illegal voters. Although the GOP...
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Robert Jensen and Pat Youngblood
Taking Politics Seriously: Looking Beyond the Election and Beyond Elections
We have nothing against voting. We plan to vote in the upcoming election. Some of our best friends are voters. But we also believe that we shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that the most...
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Robert C. Koehler
Redesigning Democracy
Two seconds of radio news was enough -- suddenly the 2008 presidential campaign collapsed around me in an unrecognizable heap of consumer politics as I ate breakfast. "Redistribution of the wealth,"...
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Amy Goodman
Change Big Donors Can Believe In
Change is at hand. Barring a repeat of the protracted Florida recount of 2000, there will be a victor soon in the U.S. presidential election. With the economic crisis, change is something in your...
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Andy Worthington
Guantánamo's Bleak Farce
After dropping war crimes charges against five prisoners today, the US's use of military commissions is unraveling
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Marianne Mollmann
Abortion, Reproductive Health: Not Just Rights to Me
Throughout a long election campaign, the future of abortion rights and the right to choose has remained a silent concern for many women and men as the higher-profile issues of the economy and the...
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Joyce Marcel
McCain and Palin: To Their Eternal Shame
Outrage is a columnist's best friend. When you're working up a good head of steam, words pour out in self-righteous anger and columns almost write themselves. This is not one of those columns. It...
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Sen. Bernie Sanders
Now Is the Time
These are frightening and unusual times. The world of finance and the overall economy are both in perilous condition . Almost every day a new crisis erupts. The stock market has plunged dramatically...
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Kathleen Taylor
Don't Ignore Constitution During Election Season
America is in the midst of an election season, nearing an Election Day with what likely will be far-reaching consequences. Public interest is extraordinarily high, and candidates are debating many...
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Tom Engelhardt
F Is for Failure
The Bush Doctrine in Ruins
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Robert Scheer
The Battle for Obama’s Economic Soul
The battle for Barack Obama's economic soul is on in earnest, and it has nothing to do with the "European socialism" that John McCain attempted to use as an epithet against him. The Republican...
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Chris Hayes
How I Committed Voter Fraud
This past week, I committed voter fraud. Or, I should say, "voter fraud" inside the same sarcastic scare quotes that John McCain deployed when he recently invoked that old tricky word "health," as in...
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Dean Baker
Any Pay Cuts on Wall Street Yet?
Congress assured us that there would be no more big paychecks for incompetent Wall Street bankers when they passed their bailout bill. They told us that the tough pay provisions would put an end to...
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Linda Burnham
The Great Unmasking
Capitalism in crisis is a sight to behold. Most of the time the system seems to hum along quite nicely. Oh, maybe a passel of people loses their jobs when some big-headed suit at the top decides to...
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Robert B. Reich
No Company Should Be Too Big to Fail
According to Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, the biggest Wall Street banks now getting money from the government are just "too big to fail." Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke uses a different euphemism: he...
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Norman Solomon
In the Battle for a Progressive Congress
At this point, many journalists are speculating about the number of congressional seats that Republicans will lose on Election Day. But a boost in the size of the Democratic majority might not count...
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Demitrious C. Sinor
No Child Left Behind Fails Us All
The last question in the final presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama had to do with what moderator Bob Schieffer suggested might be the most important issue of all: education.
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Linda McQuaig
Maybe the Rich Are the Problem
John McCain clearly thought he'd found a winning issue last week when Barack Obama was caught on tape defending his plan to tax the rich and "spread the wealth around." Gotcha! For days, the...
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George Monbiot
If an Hour Is a Long Time in Politics, We Must Start Thinking in Centuries
From banking to the climate, the wreckage of short-termism is stark, and the need for a 100-year committee is plain
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H.D.S. Greenway
The Grand Illusion of American Power
The other day I went to hear my favorite soldier-scholar, Andrew Bacevich, give a talk at Boston University, where he teaches. A retired colonel and Vietnam veteran, Bacevich's new book is called "...
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Jeff Biggers
Speak Now Against Bush's Great Coal Giveaway
With our attention focused on the Wall Street crisis and the presidential election, the George W. Bush administration took an extraordinary step last Friday to give coal companies a couple of...
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Seth Kantner
That Sarah Palin Is One Unreal Alaskan
I'm sitting on my bearskin chair beside the woodstove, in Kotzebue Alaska, fifty miles above the Arctic Circle, while outside the ocean begins to freeze over. Inside I have about 49 things piling up...
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Robert Buzzanco
Spreading the Wealth Around? Why Not?
According to the Republican candidate for U.S. president, John McCain, whose family wealth exceeds $120 million, and who owns eight houses and thirteen cars, Democrat Barack Obama poses a grave...
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Bill Gallagher
McCain Gambles Rove's Way, Making Vile Bet
"We declare this race well and truly over and congratulate all those who backed Obama." --Paddy Power, Ireland's biggest bookmaker, Oct. 16th. While John McCain keeps rolling gutter balls and his...
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Sean Gonsalves
Brother, Can You Spare the Time?
During his first re-election campaign, FDR came to Bedford, Massachusetts in 1936, stumping for four more years of New Deal . In the crowd was a young girl with an envelope. She tried to make her way...
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Carol V. Hamilton
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off!
Why the Blue States Should Secede
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Sarah Anderson, Sam Pizzigati
Rewrite Bailout Rules on CEO Pay
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has executed two fairly slick about-faces since Congress passed the $700 billion Wall Street bailout two weeks ago. The first makes eminent sense. The second should...
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Monday, October 20, 2008
Nell Levin
Mountaintop Removal Destroys Wildlife and the Way of Life for Local Residents
Imagine earth-shaking explosions, rock and debris flying through the air, and mountains blasted to smithereens by explosions 100 times more powerful than those that blew up the federal building in...
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Leonard Pitts Jr.
Fear Has Profoundly Changed Us
Meanwhile, back at the War on Terror . . . You remember the War on Terror, don't you? It was in all the papers. Back before presidential politics sucked the air from the room and your 401(k) shrank...
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Johann Hari
Don't Kill the Planet in the Name of Saving the Economy
The collision of the credit crunch and the climate crunch could be a boon
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Stephen Zunes
The Republicans Embrace the Cootie Effect
Back in the 1950s, at the height of the McCarthy era, simply being friends with someone suspected of being a Communist could ruin your career. It became known as "guilt by association." During this...
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Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman
Critical US Supreme Court Ruling Against Rovian GOP Vote Meddling May Prove Temporary
A critical US Supreme Court decision against GOP voter meddling in Ohio may prove temporary.
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John F. Borowski
Corporate Curriculum: Teaching the 'Science of Death'
For more than a decade, writing for numerous newspapers, magazines and websites, I have attempted to cast a light on "industrial strength" science curriculum: "that curriculum of the corporation, by...
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Bill Quigley
Swedish Peace Activists Repeatedly Break Into Weapon Factories
Using hammers and bolt cutters, peace activists repeatedly broke into weapon plants and damaged weapons in Sweden. Activists from the Swedish group OFOG/Avrusta admitted damaging twenty high...
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Jeanmarie Bishop, Jeanmarie Simpson
The Revolution Has Arrived
The current global economic crisis has rekindled the wannabe hippy spirit I carried as a kid in junior high in the early 1970s. My generation admired our flower child elders. We played guitar and...
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Nick Turse
The Rising Body Count on Main Street: The Human Fallout from the Financial Crisis
On October 4, 2008, in the Porter Ranch section of Los Angeles, Karthik Rajaram, beset by financial troubles, shot his wife, mother-in-law, and three sons before turning the gun on himself. In one of...
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James Carroll
Courage, Wisdom in an Age of Fear
When friends have confided their fears for Barack Obama's physical safety, I have winced and wanted to shush them. It may be a neurosis peculiar to me, but I have felt that even to speak of the...
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Chris Hedges
The Idiots Who Rule America
Our oligarchic class is incompetent at governing, managing the economy, coping with natural disasters, educating our young, handling foreign affairs, providing basic services like health care and...
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Michael Winship
A Mighty Hoax from ACORN Grows
ACORN and election fraud. Hang on. As soon as I can get the alligator that crawled out of my toilet back into the New York City sewers where it belongs, I can turn my attention to this very important...
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Sunday, October 19, 2008
Nir Rosen
How We Lost The War We Won
A journey into Taliban-controlled Afghanistan
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Linda Milazzo
How Spreading The Wealth Rescued A Mother Thanks To CODEPINK and ANP
As corporate media reports obsessively on Joe The Plumber, who misrepresented himself to Barack Obama saying he'd be victimized by Obama's tax plan, Americans more in need than Joe are being...
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Jeff Goodell
Change Everything Now
One of the nation's most mainstream environmentalists says it's time to get a lot more radical. An interview with Gus Speth.
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Mark Danner
The Radical Face of Obama
A Fateful Election
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Jessica Mosby
Soldiers of Conscience: Opposing the Iraq War
"There are two types of bayonet fighters, the quick and the dead. Which type are you?" This is what a boot camp drill sergeant yells at new recruits, who then reply in unison - "the quick!" During...
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Eric Margolis
Maybe US Needs Yard Sale
Russia could buy back Alaska or perhaps Canada could pick up sunny Florida
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Jay Bookman
GOP Terrified of American Voters
John McCain's statement in the debate that ACORN and the liberals are "on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history ... maybe destroying the fabric of democracy" is...
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Olga Bonfiglio
Will Catholics Move On or Will They Cave to Same-O, Same-O?
It might be wishful thinking to believe that the 67.5 million Catholics of this nation (about 24.5 percent of the population) will influence this year's presidential election in Barack Obama's favor...
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Jim Rucquoi
Reading The Election
Thumbing Pages With A Restless Geezer
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Saturday, October 18, 2008
Aziz Huq
Use It or Lose It?
How to Manage an Imperial Decline
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Tim Dickinson
Make-Believe Maverick
A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty
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Joan Hamilton
The Electronic Activist
Can digital organizing work in the real world?
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Bill McKibben
Green Fantasia
Thomas Friedman is the prime leading indicator of the conventional wisdom, always positioned just far enough ahead of the curve to give readers the sense that they're in-the-know, but never far...
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Joesph Stiglitz
Guided by An Invisible Hand
Make no mistake: we are witnessing the biggest crisis since the Great Depression. In some ways it is worse than the Great Depression, because the latter did not involve these very complicated...
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Christopher Brauchli
Lucky Sarah Palin
Ever since I could remember I'd wished I'd been lucky enough to be alive. . . when something big was going on-like the crucifixion. And suddenly I realized I was. - Ben Shahn, On Painting a gouache:...
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Ray McGovern
Attack on Iran Off the Table?
On Sept. 23, the neo-conservative chiefs of the Washington Post's editorial page mourned, in a tone much like what one hears on the death of a close friend, that "a military strike by the United...
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David Michael Green
Payback’s A Bitch
With apologies to Churchill (who owed a few of his own): Never have so many been so wrong about so much. There are few things you'd less rather be right now than a conservative/regressive, and that...
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Michael Sears
GOP Strategy: Voter Suppression
In the 2000 Presidential election, reporter Greg Palast, author of "The Best Democracy Money can Buy," broke the story of Florida's illegal voter purges, in which Florida Secretary of State Katherine...
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Philippe Sands
The Torture Time Bomb
The Bush administration's approval of the abuse of detainees is a toxic legacy for the next US president
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Friday, October 17, 2008
Michael T. Klare
The Crisis and the Environment
Given the magnitude and scope of the current economic crisis, the world will no doubt experience a significant economic downturn - of what degree and duration, no one can say - profoundly affecting...
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Brattleboro Reformer Editorial
Diverse Voices, Ideas Missing From Debates
In the past few weeks, we've seen three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate. The TV audiences have been sizable, but these four debates have provided little sizzle and even less...
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Amy Goodman
Who Gets to Vote?
The 2008 presidential election may see the highest participation in U.S. history. Voter-registration organizations and local election boards have been overwhelmed by enthusiastic people eager to vote...
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Richard Kim
Waiting for the Barbarians
In case you haven't heard, there's a guy running for president named Barack Hussein Osama Nobama. This Nobama was born outside America and secretly schooled in Islamic terrorism at a Wahhabi madrassa...
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Glenn Greenwald
Poor John McCain: Forced Against His Honor to Run an Ugly Campaign
Time's Ana Marie Cox, in a Bloggingheads discussion with Ann Althouse, does an excellent job of expressing what is still, amazingly enough, the prevailing media view of John McCain: namely, that this...
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Suzanne Smith
McCain Said It, Why Don't We?
John McCain said it. Right out loud in the third debate. "Obviously, we had to take Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait or it would've threatened the Middle Eastern oil supply." The first gulf war was about...
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Dan Brook
Courage, Cowardice, and John McCain
'Why Courage Matters: The Way to a Braver Life', by John McCain
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Ralph Nader
Closing the Courthouse Door
"Real change comes from the bottom up, not the top down. The genius of the American system has been to let that change flow upward, from neighborhoods to cities to states and then to the federal...
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Thursday, October 16, 2008
Philippe Sands
10 Years of the Pinochet Principle
The arrest warrant served on the Chilean head of state in 1998 changed history and has implications for the US government now
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Peter Dyer
US Journalists and War-Crime Guilt
October 16 is an anniversary that should hold considerable interest for American journalists who have written in support of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" - the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Sixty-two...
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Michele Swenson
McCain Works Against Access to Contraception
Does He Consider It Murder?
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Ellen Goodman
Endangering Choice
Do you remember the New Yorker cartoon showing a couple in their living room reading the newspaper? "Gays and lesbians getting married," reports the husband to his wife, whereupon he adds, "haven't...
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Johann Hari
Scribbled in the Margins: The Character of the Next President
It is the aggression that McCain loves in his Teddy, not the reform
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Glenn W. Smith
Why the Media Can't See the Trees for the ACORNs
John McCain and other Republicans making criminal allegations against the community-organizing group ACORN know exactly what they're doing. They're using alarmist allegations of "voter fraud" to fire...
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Andy Worthington
The Trail of Torture
That the White House authorised 'waterboarding' is disturbing. But that no one in mainstream US politics seems to care is worse
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Ira Chernus
Lefties for Obama, Round Two
I've written a lot of columns for Commondreams over the years. But I don't recall any that got as much response as a piece I posted recently urging lefties to support Obama. Many of the responses...
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David Benjamin
The Little Lie, and How It Grew
GREAT NECK, N.Y. - Last week, Gayle Quinnell, a septuagenarian reactionary from Shakopee, Minnesota, confessed - on TV - to G.O.P. candidate John McCain that she fears Democratic candidate Barack...
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Ann Wright
'In a Way, It’s Surprising That There Aren’t More Bodies Piling up at Military Bases All Over This Nation'
Military Town Newspaper Challenges US Military on Murder of Military Women
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Dave Lindorff
Why I’m Voting for Obama
Okay, I was going to vote for Ralph Nader this November 4. It was an easy decision. I live in Pennsylvania, which is now, according to all the polls, reliably in the Obama column, with the Democratic...
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Juan Cole
The Great Reagan Pyramid Scheme Comes Crashing Down
The Republican Party that Nixon invented melded the moneyed classes of the Northeast with the white evangelicals of the South. This odd couple went on to simultaneously steal from and oppress the...
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Phyllis Bennis
As Its Economic Power Wanes, Does the US Lean Harder on the Military?
The current economic crisis holds enormous dangers, even beyond its direct threat to jobs, homes, savings, and the well-being of millions of ordinary people in the U.S. The challenge will be, as ever...
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Keith Olbermann
McCain, Suspend Your Campaign
The GOP ticket is inciting supporters to violence against Barack Obama
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Mike Davis
Can Obama See the Grand Canyon?
On Presidential Blindness and Economic Catastrophe
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John Nichols
How to Fix the Debates: Better Moderators
The last of the Lincoln-Douglas debates took place 150 years ago today in the politically volatile Mississippi River town of Alton, Illinois. As Stephen Douglas, the former Illinois Supreme Court...
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Matthew Rothschild
Paulson, the Treasurer of Wall Street
Is there anyone out there other than Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, and Bernie Sanders who wonders about the conflict of interest that Henry Paulson has been displaying lately? It doesn't seem to...
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Mark Morford
More Booze and Cake!
Cruel recession got you down? Buck up, pal. Good news abounds!
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Pat LaMarche, Pat LaMarche
Defining ‘Socialized’ Medicine
I got an e-mail yesterday afternoon from a friend of mine who worked on my 2004 campaign for U.S. vice president. He was pretty disheartened with the way things have been going the last four years...
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Diane Santoriello
An Open Letter to Cindy McCain From a Gold Star Mom
I am really upset over your statement about how you felt about Sen. Obama's refusal to vote for war funding. Usually, I am loath to criticize any blue or gold star parent for their political views,...
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Nomi Prins
Paulson's Plan B
How do you stop a ship from sinking, and simultaneously rebuild it to prevent its future destruction? That was the question in the minds of the world's central bankers as they sat down over the...
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Robert Weissman
Public Ownership -- But No Public Control
t is an extraordinary time. On Friday, the Washington Post ran a front-page story titled, "The End of American Capitalism?" Today, the banner headline is, "U.S. Forces Nine Major Banks to Accept...
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