All Views Articles for 2008-12-21

Sunday, December 21, 2008
Pierre Tristam
Compelling Journalism Persists Despite Media's Business Struggle
Contrary to popular assumptions, or desires, American journalism isn't dead. It isn't even unwell. It's as good, and sometimes as great, as it's ever been.
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Eric Margolis
America Needs a Period of Pain
Recessions Vital Part of Capitalist System
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Sarah van Gelder
Health Care By and For the People
The Obama transition team is asking you to help create a new health care policy. Really. Host a meeting , invite friends and associates, look at the Obama team's proposal , and let the transition...
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John Brown
Thoughts on the So-Called 'War of Ideas'
"No matter how powerful our military is, we will not be powerful if we lose the war of ideas." - Senator Joe Biden, soon after 9/11; cited in Ira Teinowitz, "Congress will support the war of ideas" (...
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