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Friday, July 25, 2008
John Nichols
Impeachment Hearings Are the Appropriate and Necessary Next Step
As the House Judiciary Committee took up the question of how best to address what its chairman described as "the Imperial Presidency of George W. Bush," it was the ranking Republican in the room,...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Parade of 'Shrill, Unserious Extremists' on Display at Today's Impeachment Hearings
Former Reagan DOJ official, constitutional lawyer, and hard-core conservative Bruce Fein was one of the first prominent Americans to call for George Bush's impeachment in the wake of the illegal NSA...
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Dave Lindorff
We're a Nation of Lemmings
Listening to the endless stream of cars passing my house every day, and knowing, from watching them from my mailbox, that they are almost all carrying just one person, either commuting to work or...
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Robert Weissman
The Scourge of the IMF
Tuberculosis, a treatable disease, kills 1.7 million people a year worldwide. TB incidence, according to the World Health Organization seems to be correlated to broad social factors, like access to...
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David Sirota
Six Little Words
History books teem with six-word phrases, from the comforting ("Nothing to fear but fear itself") to the inspiring ("Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall") to the embarrassing ("Read my lips, no new...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Rethinking Afghanistan
If elected, Senator Barack Obama has the possibility of reengaging with a world that seeks an America which isn't defined by Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo -- but by the democratic ideals to which we...
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