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The Value of the Impeachment Process

John Keane

There are few strategies that are used to control society that are more effective then "divide and conquer." Another is fear. Today America is more divided than at any time in recent history and fear has become patriotic.

Why? Because we are unsure of ourselves. We all think that our opinions are valid. We immerse ourselves in media and social contacts that support our world view. We forget that every coin has two sides and then we find ourselves distracted by useless and pointless conflicts.

We don't have time to examine all the facts but make "gut" decisions based on emotionally charged information and so we become ripe for manipulation.

A case in point is the notion that the war in Iraq is "all about oil." This is obviously not true. Neither are W.M.D's, the spreading of democracy, the protection of freedom or any other excuse that is used to justify an avoidable war. Then why are we at war and why won't anyone move decisively to end it? Why is impeachment "off the table?"

The executive branch of government never wields more power than it does when the country is at war. It can fix contracts, circumvent the Constitution, suspend elections and basically do anything it deems necessary to protect American interests... world wide! American corporations stand to reap huge amounts of money during a war, whether it be from oil, munitions, uniforms, food or transportation.

To them, an economy at war is an economy making money.

Now the Democrats stand a good chance of winning the presidency, as well as Congress, and will assume all the dictatorial power of the "War Powers Act" as long as we are still at war when they assume power. The corporate powers know that most politicians will cave before money and power.

The Democratic Party is just the other side of the coin that fits snugly in the pocket of the multinational corporations that make up the military industrial complex, and it behooves them to continue the current money-making conflict. The only interests that will benefit from this war are corporate interests.

Many young people have and will die and more have and will be grievously wounded. Why should future generations of taxpayers inherit the tab for their care and rehabilitation while the true perpetrators who have made billions of dollars get a pass?

Some believe that impeachment would distract the president from his self-declared "war on terror." If it distracts him enough, we may avoid an escalation of hostilities and defuse a nuclear conflict! Repeatedly, when people protest domestic wiretapping, the argument becomes "if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about."

The same logic should apply to impeachment. Impeachment would move the discussion from the realm of opinion and spin to the province of investigation before the law and under oath. It should include the whole administration past and present and should continue through and beyond the coming general election.

Impeachment could:

• Lead to a trial for treason, a capital offense at a time of war.

• Exonerate the current administration.

• End the war and begin an international law enforcement hunt for terrorists.

• Lead to a recession ala post Vietnam.

• Rob the Democrats of their coveted war powers presidency.

• Bring our soldiers home to establish true homeland security.

Impeachment would also show the American people how close they are to the end game of corporate tyranny and neo-fascism. No doubt, the process would be a painful one, but we're talking about the preservation of America - not just for ourselves and our progeny but also for the whole world.

Through impeachment we might also redeem ourselves in the eyes of future generations. We would begin to re-establish the rule of constitutional law and also avoid a future of enslavement to a war-based world economy feeding a corporate machine lubricated by blood and poverty.

It is our responsibility to redirect our energies toward assuring that the American dream remains available to all the people of the world in perpetuity.

John Keane lives in Nevada City.

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