All Views Articles for 2008-04-30

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Thom Hartmann
Interview With Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman
I interviewed former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman for an hour yesterday in the second hour of my radio program on Air America. These are blockbuster allegations of election fraud against Rove and...
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Stephen Zunes
The Clinton Smear Campaign Against Obama
Unable to find much that Barack Obama himself has said or believes that is particularly alien to the thinking and values of most Americans, Hillary Clinton and her supporters in the media have chosen...
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Robert Scheer
No Country for Old Men
Would President John McCain forget who made that 3 a.m. call to the special White House phone? I suspect that his aides would not just let him nod off back to sleep, even if they were intimidated by...
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Barbara Ehrenreich
Truckers Take Their Case to the Capitol
Truckers live in an alternative dimension, at least so I conclude when trying to figure out how to meet up with the convoy of trucks coming into to DC to protest high diesel fuel prices on Monday. JB...
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Cecile Richards
Message to McCain: Prevention Works
A tried and true tactic of the far right is to inject abortion into the presidential campaign as a divisive tactic. Their goal is twofold: to obscure the broader issue of reproductive and preventive...
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Charlie Cray
War Profiteers: The Bush Baghdad Bubble
Just as the blind devotion to deregulation of the financial markets can be blamed for much of the current meltdown on Wall Street, the war profiteers have enjoyed a Baghdad Bubble as a result of the...
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