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Sunday, May 26, 2019
People’s Action members stage a protest at Sen. Mitch McConnell’s office in Washington, D.C. Mary Gerisch
Why I Got Arrested For #MedicareForAll
So many lives are lost every day to our broken health system.
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Person holds sign reading: No ban! No wall! No raids! Dror Ladin
Trump’s ‘Big, Beautiful’ Wall Crumbles in Court
The court’s order is a vindication of border communities’ advocacy for themselves, and of our Constitution’s separation of powers.
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Students hold signs during a March 14, 2018 day of action against gun violence. Christina Delgado
Our Schools Need Healing, Not More Guns
Gov. Abbott should reject HB 1387
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Sign reads: A better world is possible. Maude Barlow
In the Face of Right-Wing Strongmen and an Economy Rife With Insecurity, We Must Reject the Politics of Despair
Maude Barlow delivers keynote speech to Tommy Douglas Institute
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Carrie Severino leads the Judicial Crisis Network, a 501(c)(4) secret-money "social welfare" nonprofit that has spent millions of dollars promoting conservative judges and plays a key role in the campaign to ban legal abortion in the U.S. Sue Sturgis
The Secret Money Behind the Push to Ban Abortion
An index from the Institute for Southern Studies
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US Supreme Court John Atcheson
Law and Disorder: Why Corporatism Will Dominate US Policy for Decades to Come
Trump and McConnell are doing everything possible to pack the courts with folks who have a higher regard for business than they do for the Constitution.
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Saturday, May 25, 2019
Activists hold a banner reading "Fifteen and a Union" Rebekah Barber
Fight for $15 Protests McDonald's Over Workplace Violence
Fight for $15 Protests McDonald's Over Workplace Violence
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A bike sits along a narrow path at sunrise Cynthia Kaufman
Creating a Home through the Green New Deal
A review of Bruno Latour's Down to Earth
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Activists protest President Donald Trump's "Muslim Ban" in Washington, D.C. on January 29, 2017. Christopher Brauchli
The Muslim and The Trump
It is not only in President Xi that Mr. Trump finds a companion spirit when the topic is Muslims.
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A section of Washington's Olympic National Park. Paul Koberstein, Jessica Applegate
Where the Forest Has No Name
We are still waiting for someone to launch a campaign to “save the coastal ecosystem running from Northern California to Alaska."
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Placards and messages in support of Julian Assange sit outside Ecuadorian Embassy stands in South Kensington on April 5, 2019 in London. David Greene, Kurt Opsahl
The Government’s Indictment of Julian Assange Poses a Clear and Present Danger to Journalism, the Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Speech
Make no mistake, this not just about Assange or Wikileaks
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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Basav Sen
The Terrifying Implications of India’s Elections for People and the Planet
The Modi government’s far-right bigotry is well-known, but its equally disturbing environmental record isn’t.
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  Young people take part in the March 15, 2019 global youth strike for climate justice in Nottingham, England. Mark Maslin
"They'll Give Me a Detention but It'll Be Worth It"—A Climate Scientist Interviews His Climate Striking Daughter
My daughter feels like she—and normal people like her—can make a difference.
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Friday, May 24, 2019
U.S. President Donald Trump talks to reporters while departing the White House May 24, 2019 in Washington, DC. Trump is traveling to Japan where, according to the president, he will be the guest of honor at Japan's "biggest event that they’ve had in over 200 years," when he meets with the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and new emperor, Naruhito. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Jeffrey C. Isaac
Is Impeachment Really Optional? Sometimes a Strong Offense Is the Only Defense
While Democratic leaders worry about being or seeming to be too “aggressive,” Trump is now turning the tables on them, putting them—and all of us who have questioned this administration—on the defensive.
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The migration crisis is, more accurately, a crisis of displacement. It is the product of a model of globalization that prioritizes the profits of a few over the lives of the many. (Photo by Orlando Sierra/Stringer/Getty Images) Michael Galant
The Right to Stay Home
Welcoming migrants is not enough—We need to change the global economy of displacement
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Global warming is so existentially terrifying, even seasoned activists may avoid the issue. (Photo: Christian Kortum) Adam Eichen
Waking Up to the Sunrise Movement
I battled climate change via a bank shot, never directly, in part because of existential despair. After attending a meeting, I realized my mistake.
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Christian Christensen
Assange, Espionage, and the Cult of Personality
Whatever schadenfreude some people—including some journalists, pundits and politicians—may feel over the idea of Assange spending time behind bars (regardless of the charge), the fact remains that criminalizing the work of journalism is ultimately destructive for any country that wants to call...
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The truth is that tribal people are the best conservationists and understand their environment better than anyone else.(Photo: Survival International) Fiore Longo
A Colonialist Land Grab Is Happening Right Now in Congo
In the name of "conservation," thousands of families, tribes and communities in Africa and Asia have had their land stolen and been forced into destitution and despair
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 ‘We are the people who happen to be alive at the moment when our choices will determine the future for thousands of years’. (Photo: Stéphane Mahé/Reuters)  Naomi Klein, Nnimmo Bassey, Bill McKibben, et al.
We’re Stepping Up—Join Us For a Day to Halt This Climate Crisis
We’re calling for a global strike on 20 September. Disrupting our normal lives is the only way to secure our future
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There is no question that neither Bolton nor Pompeo are to be trusted and that Bolton’s over reach of authority is the key driver pushing for confrontation and divisiveness while Pompeo is a more personally shrewd team player and somewhat less of a loose cannon. (Photo: State Department via Wikimedia Commons) Renee Parsons
Peace With Iran Is a Good Thing
Trump allows himself to be played like a fiddle, complicit with the neocon’s latest nefarious schemes that reveal him as a second-rate player; deteriorating before the public with a history of clumsy international gaffe
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 Kushner is not able to understand the pain for Palestinians of living under Israeli occupation. (Photo: Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Dominique A. Pineiro, via Flickr @thejointstaff). Juan Cole
Jared Kushner Is Surprised He Can’t Get Palestinian Businessmen on Board with Promises of Prosperity
They know that trying to build economic prosperity in an Occupied territory full of stateless people with no recourse is like building a mansion on quicksand. It will sink.
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As scientists warn of a growing global extinction crisis, Grijalva’s bill would offer a much-needed lifeline for America’s most endangered wildlife. (Photo: Getty Images) Stephanie Kurose
Fund Endangered Species Act, It's Saved 99 Percent of Wildlife on the Brink
If we do not provide more funding to save them now, we will almost surely lose them forever
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What is being attempted here is the de facto redefinition of the powers of the Legislative Branch by members of the Executive. (Photo: CHIP SOMODEVILLA/Getty Images) Charles P. Pierce
This Is Pure Authoritarian Audacity
The administration* tries something and, if there's no resistance, tries something more. This time, it's shrouding the Pentagon in secrecy as we saber-rattle at Iran
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Meanwhile, egged on by Bolton, Trump is considering sending 120,000 or more troops into another purposeless bloodbath in the Middle East. (Photo: Shutterstock) Peter Certo
Pardoning War Criminals Is a Monstrous Way to Honor Memorial Day
Glorifying serial killer-type behavior most service members would find appalling is a strange way to honor them
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Thursday, May 23, 2019
Louise Melling
An Outright Reversal of Roe V. Wade Isn’t All We Should Fear
Much damage can be done—indeed, is being done—long before the question reaches the Supreme Court
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“We see Ms. Smith’s appointment and career background as a travesty and an insult to all those that seek peace and social justice.”(Photo: Time & Life images) Russell Mokhiber
Facing Growing Backlash CIA Veteran Stephanie Smith Steps Down As Chair of Kent State 50th May 4 Commemoration Advisory Committee
“This is a people’s victory for all fighting for peace and justice in America.”
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 My destination was Marseilles (mar-SAYLZ), Illinois, a small prairie town with a population hovering around 5,000. (Photo: Flickr) Andrew Bacevich
The “Forever Wars” Enshrined
What Illinois bikers know that Washington doesn't
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Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. (Photo: Matt Rourke / AP) Sonali Kolhatkar
Joe Biden Is Not the Pragmatic Choice for 2020
Behind Biden are all the elite forces who dream of retaining the status quo that preserves their profits
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The Kochs donated approximately $150 million to 300 colleges and universities between 2005 and 2015, gifts they frequently specified must support economics and law schools fostering unfettered free-market capitalism. (Photo: DonkeyHotey/cc/flickr) Leo Gerard
Beware Billionaires Bearing Gifts
For Americans to achieve real freedom and self-governance, some of the billions that flow into the pockets of the already rich must go instead into the paychecks of the workers whose sweat creates profits
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Thus far, Trump looks like he’s completely getting his way and stomping on the hapless Democrats. This round goes to the bully. (Photo: People's Action Blog) Miles Mogulescu
It’s Time For The Democratic Party To Stand Up
The reasons House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership have thus far put politics above principle, and oppose commencing impeachment hearings, is their (mistaken) belief that it will help Trump win reelection
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 The harm begins with the dehumanization itself—the stripping of one’s rights. (Photo: a katz / Shutterstock) Robert C. Koehler
Politicizing a Woman’s Body
Denying a woman the right to have control over her own body is dehumanization of the highest order
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Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren make a joint appearance on Capitol Hill during a 2017 news conference about health care reform. (Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP) Adam Johnson
Warren and Sanders Understand the Power of 'The Bad Guy'
For Sanders and Warren, it’s simple: The Bad Guy is the rich, the one percent, the oligarchy
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Prohibition also hurts the economy in terms of lost wages. (Photo: Getty) Robert Reich
Why We Must Legalize Marijuana
The federal prohibition of marijuana has been unnecessarily cruel—wasting billions of dollars, unjustly harming millions of lives, and furthering racist policies
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Ralph Nader
What and Who Gave Us Trump?
Why did Trump look around and think, "Hey, I can get away with this."? Well, take a look around.
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Norman Solomon
Will Biden’s Dog Whistles for Racism Catch Up with Him?
Apt to be a big political liability among voters who normally vote Democratic in large numbers, the presumed frontrunner's troubling past on these issues is an incontrovertible reality
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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Tim Lau
The Government Is Expanding Its Social Media Surveillance Capabilities
But social media monitoring programs and the algorithms that power them aren’t effective — and may be discriminatory.
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Michael Stumo and Nadia Milleron, parents of Ethiopian Air crash victim Samya Stumo, hold signs as they listen to testimony during a hearing of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee's Aviation Subcommittee about the Boeing 737 MAX airplane in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill May 15, 2019 in Washington, DC. The Department of Transportation is investigating the process that certified the airplane, which has been grounded since it was involved in two fatal crashes, killing 346 Russell Mokhiber
Blaming Dead Pilots Brought to You by Boeing
Why would they do this? To shift the blame. After all, there is an active criminal investigation focused directly on Boeing and the responsible executives.
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Michael Winship
A US Foreign Policy in Three Simple Words: Do No Harm
When it comes to the worldwide destruction of democracy, Trump is the enabler supreme.
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 U.S. President Donald Trump speaks about Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election in the Rose Garden at the White House May 22, 2019 in Washington, DC. Trump responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying he was engaged in a cover up. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Jeffrey C. Isaac
Impeachment Will Succeed If It Demonstrates Very Publicly That Trump Is a Tyrant Unfit for Office and GOP Lawmakers Are His Enablers
That is all that can be expected. But that is enough.
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America Needs a Long-Term Care Program for Seniors Sarah Anderson
America Needs a Long-Term Care Program for Seniors
By 2035, seniors will outnumber children. A new plan in Washington state shows how we can care for them — and for their caretakers.
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Phyllis Bennis
Foreign Aid That Costs an Arm and a Leg — Literally
The U.S.-funded Israeli military is shooting so many unarmed Palestinians that the UN is warning of an amputation crisis in Gaza.
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Bill Moyers
What If We Covered the Climate Emergency Like We Did World War II?
Can we get this story right? Can we tell it whole? Can we connect the dots and inspire people with the possibility of change?
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Iranians walk in Valiasr Street in northern Tehran on 8 May. (Photo: AFP/Getty) Belén Fernández
Has the New York Times Declared War on Iran?
In its quest to paint Iran as a violent aggressor, the US media does not care to provide relevant history
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Ryan Cooper
Bernie Sanders Is Bringing Back the Most Underrated Education Policy
School integration has been outside the main political discussion for a long time, and it's long since time we started talking about it again.
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Melissa Simpson holds up her arm with "My Body My Choice" written on it during a protest against recently passed abortion ban bills at the Georgia State Capitol building, on May 21, 2019 in Atlanta, United States. The bill would ban abortion when a fetal heartbeat is detected. The Alabama abortion law, signed by Gov. Kay Ivey last week, includes no exceptions for cases of rape and incest, outlawing all abortions except when necessary to prevent serious health problems for the woman. Though women are exempt Jesse Jackson
Extremist Laws Will Make It Harder for Poor Women to End Pregnancies
Passing laws that outlaw abortions won't end abortions. They will simply make them less safe, putting more lives at risk.
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Pat Thomas
6 Reasons Impossible Burger's CEO Is Wrong About GMO Soy
It's time to demand more from the food we eat, better protection from our regulators and a higher level of truthfulness and transparency from food brands
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Nancy J. Altman
Beware Trump's Sneak Attack on Social Security
"Chained CPI" might sound technical and boring, but anyone who has closely followed the Social Security debate knows better. It has long been proposed as a deceptive, hard-to-understand way to cut our earned Social Security benefits.
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Leana Wen
Trump Owns This Attack on American Women
This is now a fight we can and will win, if Americans are ready to act on their convictions and make women's health a priority. And by doing so, we will not only protect women's health care and rights for this generation and generations to come, but we will also shine a spotlight on Trump's...
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Tom Engelhardt
The United States of... American Exceptionalism and Overseas Meddling
On living in a nation of political narcissists
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Bill Blum
Why Are Democrats So Scared of Impeachment?
All things considered, the real issue is not whether Trump should be impeached, but when and how impeachment should unfold
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Thom Hartmann
This Is How Republics Die
And no, the nation will not just "bounce back" once Trump is gone
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Monday, May 20, 2019
Christian Christensen
From Greta Thunberg to Parkland: Young Activists and the Right-Wing Smear Industry
These attacks have become an industry supposedly rooted in a worldview that worships rights and individual freedoms, but, in actual fact, is rooted in a hatred of activism, principle, and dedication
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Vijay Prashad
Fear the Mustache: Why Bolton Makes Even Donald Trump Nervous
The normal aggressiveness of the U.S. military force does not satisfy Bolton; he wants the United States to deepen its aggressiveness.
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Marcia Mitchell
Iraq All Over Again? And Where Is Katharine Gun
A rush to war based on faulty intelligence and a manufactured crisis sounds very familiar.
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Laura Flanders
Can It Happen Here?
It's not the hate that’s new. It’s the apparent sense of entitlement.
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Eric Margolis
Fire the Nutcases Leading Us to War
Trump is playing with fire by making threats against Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and China. He appears well on the way to a major war by either plan or accident.
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Antonia Zerbisias
The War on Women Is Still On
In Trumpistan, legislative attempts to ban abortion are a blatant sign that women are under attack. In Canada, the war on women is escalating, but slowly and stealthily.
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A protestor dressed as a character from the Hulu TV show "The Handmaid's Tale," based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood, walks back to her car after participating in a rally against one of the nation's most restrictive bans on abortions on May 19, 2019 in Montgomery, Alabama. Demonstrators gathered to protest HB 314, a bill passed by the Alabama Legislature last week making almost all abortion procedures illegal. (Photo by Julie Bennett/Getty Images) Chris Hedges
America's Reproductive Slaves
Ignore the religious rhetoric and moral posturing about abortion. This is about capitalism's cruelty.
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Paula Radley
We're Shutting Down BP Because It's a Climate Emergency
BP is motivated by profit, regardless of the damage. Their time has come to an end.
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Sunday, May 19, 2019
National Security Advisor John Bolton Janine Jackson
Corporate Media Setting Up Iran as New 'Threat' That Must Be Confronted
If we can still call things "surreal," that would describe watching corporate media do the same things they did in the run-up to the Iraq War
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illustration Celina della Croce
98.3% of Ghana's Gold Remains in the Hands of Multinational Corporations
The disproportionate focus on corruption of national leaders distracts from the systemic theft of national wealth by multinational corporations
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Christopher Brauchli
Why Mike Pompeo Smirked When Asked If North Korea Executed Negotiators
"It does appear that the next time we have serious conversations, my counterpart will be someone else," said the secretary of state
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Green groups maintain that ExxonMobil knew for decades about the effects of its oil and gas development on the climate Juan Cole
Are ExxonMobil Execs the Most Evil People in the 200K-Year History of Humanity?
Tens of millions of human beings will die so that they can have private planes and huge mansions
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stop the war on women sign Chrisse France
Ohio Lawmakers Ignored Us When They Banned Abortion. They Can't Ignore Us in the Courtroom
In defense of people across Ohio, I knew that our clinic couldn't stand by and do nothing while politicians intrude on one of the most private and personal decisions an individual can make
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union proud signs Ronaldo Munck
Emerging Transnational Unionism Contains the Seeds of a New Global Movement
Globalization, rather than being the death knell of labor, has helped to revitalize it
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child with sign Jeff Bryant
The Federal Government Has Poured Millions into Failing Charter Schools in Louisiana
Parents in New Orleans are sick of the instability that temporary charter schools have brought to their community, calling the schools an "illegal experiment" on their children
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Saturday, May 18, 2019
Daniel Ellsberg Daniel Ellsberg
The Truth-Teller: From the Pentagon Papers to the Doomsday Machine
Daniel Ellsberg discusses the continuing existential threat posed by the military-industrial complex
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Troy police Sandra Park & Allie Bohm
New York Passes a Bill to Ensure No One Loses Their Home for Calling the Police
When a property is the site of "too many" 911 responses, the city may punish the property owner with penalties such as fines, revocation of rental permits, or orders of closure
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Trump at AIPAC Mike Lofgren
Iran and the Coalition of the Weird
Attacking another Middle Eastern country: what could possibly go wrong?
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stop the war on women sign Alexa Kolbi-Molinas
Alabama Is the Most Explicit Example of What's Been Happening to Abortion Rights for Decades
Our elected representatives should be working towards creating a future that safeguards abortion care, upholds basic rights, and justice and respects our decision-making
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Joshua Cho
For Corporate Media, Space Belongs to Washington
We can expect more alarmist reports from corporate media about the "threats" posed by countries seeking a peace treaty with the U.S. in outer space
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Friday, May 17, 2019
Massimo Paciotto Biggers
Why I’m on Climate Strike in Iowa
The alarms are flashing, but humanity is not acting fast enough for the emergency at hand
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Bill de Blasio on the campaign trail before being elected mayor of New York, November 2013. Carmen Perez
Bill de Blasio Can't Run for President as a Progressive If He Doesn't Fire Daniel Pantaleo
This level of moral cowardice is disqualifying for a would-be president
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Thom Hartmann
The GOP Is on the Road to Mass Lockups for Women Who Have Miscarriages
The Republican Party's attack on women's reproductive rights has put the nation on a terrifying path
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Gregory Jaczko
I Oversaw the US Nuclear Power Industry. Now I Think It Should Be Banned.
The danger from climate change no longer outweighs the risks of nuclear accidents.
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Madeline Page, Rachel Curley
As Climate Crisis Threatens, Does Ford Have Something to Hide About Its Stance on Emissions Regulations?
It's time for this top automaker to come clean with its investors
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Youth in Ottawa take part in the Friday Climate Strike on May 3, 2019. Julie Weder, Avi Lewis
Time to Follow the Green New Leaders
Young people are rapidly changing the political calculus on climate in this country — even though many of the leaders are too young to vote
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Paul Pillar
Only Ones to Blame for Fresh US-Iranian Tensions: Team Trump
Such an atmosphere would never have existed if the administration had not turned its obsession with Iran into a relentless campaign of hostility
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US National Security Adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo listen as Trump speaks in the Oval Office in Washington on 7 February (AFP) US National Security Adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo listen as Trump speaks in the Oval Office in Washington on 7 February. (Photo: AFP/Getty) Richard Silverstein
Ignore the Propaganda: A US War Against Iran Would Be a Costly Mistake
Democrats must make this an election issue to ensure the Trump administration keeps the country out of another war of choice
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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), a 2020 presidential candidate, speaks during a news conference with fellow Democrats at the U.S. Capitol October 25, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Danny Sjursen
Where Is the Democratic Alternative to Forever War?
There sure are lots to choose from. By now, more than 20 candidates have announced a run for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. And with national security adviser John “Regime Change”...
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Sonali Kolhatkar
Neocons Won’t Stop Until They Get Their War With Iran
We've been here before.
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Thursday, May 16, 2019
Adrienne Pine
An Academic Arrested for Protecting the Venezuela Embassy
As a scholar and educator, there are times when standard tools of teaching, publishing, and public speaking aren't enough. There are times when we need to put our bodies on the line.
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"Unlike many macroeconomists," writes Sachs, most Americans know "there is more to life than a short-run increase in GDP growth or decline in the unemployment rate." Jeffrey D. Sachs
America's Illusions of Growth
Buoyant GDP and unemployment data in the United States may have improved President Donald Trump's re-election chances. But these indicators fail to measure what really counts for the public.
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Arms exhibition in Abu Dhabi (Photo: z.o.y.a via Shutterstock) William Hartung
It’s Time to Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Congress should work to close off the other main avenue of U.S. support for the Saudi-led coalition—the sale of bombs, combat aircraft, armored vehicles, attack helicopters, and other equipment to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the two primary perpetrators of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen
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“I felt everything was meaningless and there was no point going to school if there was no future.” (Photo: Time) Suyin Haynes
'Now I Am Speaking to the Whole World': How Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Got Everyone to Listen
Organizers estimate that on March 15, a remarkable 1.6 million people in 133 countries participated in a climate strike inspired by Thunberg’s solo action
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Will the Democrats ever learn a) how to message and b) that the press, no matter what conservatives say, is not their friend? (Photo: Zach Gibson/Getty Images) Charles P. Pierce
I No Longer Believe House Democrats Will Uphold Their Constitutional Duty
And, as a result, the president*'s chances of reelection are better than anyone thinks
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Denying a woman a right to a legal abortion is not an expression of love for women and children. It is instead an expression of hatred and contempt. (Photo: Marc Nozell/flickr/cc) Helaine Olen
Alabama’s Abortion Ban Doesn’t Promote Life. It Exhibits Contempt For It.
That the lecherous Donald Trump is presiding over this sustained rollback of women’s reproductive rights and seeming social breakdown is a feature, not a bug
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415 ppm is a grim number. It signals we are in deep, deep trouble. (Photo: stopfundingfossils/flickr/cc) Andy Rowell
415 ppm: We Are all Part of Exxon’s Unchartered Climate Experiment Now
Never before in human history have carbon dioxide levels reached 415 parts per million
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Politics should be more than a cover for get-rich-quick schemes. (Photo: Mike Kline) Ciara Torres-Spelliscy
Don’t Rebrand Corruption
No one is happier about the Supreme Court’s rebranding of corruption than sketchy politicians, argues Brennan Center Fellow Ciara Torres-Spelliscy.
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Alex Azar, former top executive of pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, head of the Department of Health and Human Services. (Photo: Worldwide Speakers Group) Ralph Nader
Trump: Importing Dangerous Medicines and Food and Keeping Consumers in the Dark
Messrs. Trump, Azar, and Perdue better wake up before innocent Americans lose their lives due to corporate indentured government officials failing to properly do their jobs
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Donald Trump and many congressional Republicans, the well-being of the Saudi royals and of defense contractors matters more than a bus carrying school children destroyed by a laser-guided MK-82 bomb made by Lockheed Martin. (Photo: CNN/Screengrab) Mashal Hashem, James Allen
How to Lobby Washington to Death
A business model from hell and the war in Yemen
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State legislatures are escalating their assault on that right — and on the women who attempt to exercise it.(Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Martha Burk
The Most Dangerous Time for Women’s Rights in Decades
Merely banning abortion isn't enough for some on the rabid right—a few are even threatening women with the death penalty.
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Why is war a top-down directive rather than a collective, public decision? (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Robert C. Koehler
War's Unanswered Questions
For those who already know that war is not only hell but utterly futile, the raw question hovering over these potential new exercises in mass murder transcends the obvious question: How can they be stopped?
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The Trump Administration is escalating the threat of nuclear conflict in Iran and elsewhere. (Photo: USAF) Stephen Zunes
The Threat of War With Iran
Is the U.S. lurching towards another illegal war in the Middle East?
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Trump’s undermining of that implicate order—the order that has created and defined the nation—is nothing less than an attack on the civilization itself. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Robert Freeman
Trump Attacks Western Civilization Itself
Trump’s imperious usurpations of that system do not simply affront political sensibilities or conventional norms. They desecrate the western constitutional order that has been 800 years in the making.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019
The impact of all this on our democracy is striking. (Photo: Shutterstock) Robert P. Alvarez
Let Prison Inmates Vote
Mass incarceration is now a bipartisan concern. Its effects on our democracy should be, too
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Former president Barack Obama, whose moderate vice president Joe Biden is now in the race, recently decried the alleged “purity tests” he saw on the left. (Photo: Shutterstock) Alan MacLeod
For Democrats, So-Called ‘Purity Tests’ Can Be a Good Thing
When powerful people complain about "purity tests," it means they're being pressured in ways they don't like
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Not only did the vaccine drive have an ulterior motive, it wasn’t even a real vaccine drive. (Photo: Screengrab from a Pakistani PSA urging parents to vaccinate their children against polio—via Washington Post.) Adam Johnson
WaPo Must Acknowledge CIA Role in Pakistan Polio Crisis
It’s common moral sense that to prevent future problems, one must have an accurate and true accounting of how these problems were created
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Juan Cole
Top Ten Differences Between the Iraq War and Trump’s Proposed Iran War
There is no way to compare the devastating consequences of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, but a war of choice with Iran would represent something on an even larger scale
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Robert Reich
The U.S. Constitution Demands the House Undertake a Trump Impeachment Inquiry
Given what we now know, and because of some things we still do not know, lawmakers have a constitutional duty they can no longer ignore
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