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June 2000

Friday, June 30
Ruth Conniff:
On The Road With Ralph Nader
David Winkler: A Drudge Report For Progressives
William Greider: Nader: A Personal View
T. Shawn Long: Bad Days For Gay Teenagers
Susanna Rodell: Backward Progress On Cuba

Thursday, June 29
Norman Solomon:
George Orwell's Unhappy Birthday
George Monbiot: This Is A War Of All Worlds: Fuss About The Human Genome Just Hides The Brutality Of Global Capitalism
Madison Capital Times: Adios Elian, Adios Cold War
John Nichols: Washington State Democrats Build A Bold Platform
St Louis Post-Dispatch: A Triumph For Homophobia
Alexander Cockburn: More Reasons To Vote For Nader? Nine Democrats Point The Way
St Petersburg Times: Green Party Isn't Extreme
David Magnus/Glenn McGhee: Dark Side Of Genome: The Ethical Concerns Including Privacy And Bias
Russell Crandall: New US Aid to Colombia - Deeper Into The Antidrug Mire

Wednesday, June 28
Cop Killer
Murray Carpenter: Colombia Needs Help, Not Guns
Globalization Watch: Anti-Globalization Groups Line Up For 'French Seattle'
Denver Post: Gene Codes A Privacy Issue
Jeremy Rifkin: Let's Craft A Treaty Making The Human Gene Pool A 'Commons'
Jeffrey Rubin: Reimagining Latin American Democracy
Going Backwards: For Jailed Mentally Ill, A Way Out
Matthew Miller: Forget The Conventions -- Just Televise The Executions

Tuesday, June 27
Sean Gonsalves:
Our Biggest National Security Threat Is Internal
Robert Scheer: Faster Than A Speeding Bullet, Your Life Can Be Posted On The Web, And Nothing Is Being Done To Protect You
Going Forward: Move To Treat, Not Punish, Drug Addicts
St Louis Post-Dispatch: A Just, Humane Society Does Not Punish Murder With Murder
Paul Sabin: Keep Those Gasoline Prices High

Monday, June 26
Ralph Nader: Corporations Are Making A Killing In The American Health Care System
Ana Carrigan: Senators Plunge US Into Colombia's Civil War
Salim Muwakkil: Many Who 'Got Milk' Get Sick
Harold Evans: Al Gore's Free Tea: How Many Buddhist Monks Does It Take To Make A Banana Split?
Bob Herbert: Members Of The Black Caucus Help Give A Handout for the Very Wealthy
Spider Robinson: Preying For The Artists

Sunday, June 25
Going Backwards:
American Company Granted a Patent On The World-Renowned Basmati Rice; Developing Countries Outraged
Robert Kuttner: The Vast Majority Of Americans Want Universal Healthcare Coverage. It Makes You Wonder Who Is Running The Country
Tim Vollmer: Hooked On Profits: Diseases In Poor Countries Get Short Shrift From Drug Companies Focused On The West's More Lucrative Ailments
Jennifer Thompson: I Was Certain, But I Was Dead Wrong

Saturday, June 24
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Aid to Colombia Misguided Policy
Dennis Roddy: Hate Crimes & Political Courage: The Speech That Turned Heads
Julian Borger: European, United Nations Anger As Bush Allows Execution
Boston Globe: Fatal, Fallible Penalty

Friday, June 23
Naomi Klein: The Vision Thing: Were The DC And Seattle Protests Unfocused, Or Are Critics Missing The Point?
Dan Hamburg: Workers and Environmentalists: Searching for a New Bottom Line
The Independent UK: The Last Thing Colombia Needs Is More Weapons
David Usborne: The West's Forgotten Conflict: US & UK Have Flown 280,000 'Sorties' Bombing Iraqis
Robert Naiman: Gun Control, Burma & Corporate Rule

Thursday, June 22
Madison Capital Times: George Bush: Murderer?
Norman Solomon: The Real Los Alamos Scandal? Spending Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Busily Developing New And Improved Nuclear Weapons
Benjamin Schwarz: The US Is Not The 'Indispensable Nation,' As A Growing WWII Mythology Would Suggest
Steve Heilig: It's Time to End the Political Blockade of RU-486
Mary McGrory: More Missile Madness
John Pilger: That Was No War, It Was Homicide - And Still Iraqis Die
Haroon Siddiqui: Edward Said: Embattled But Unbowed

Wednesday, June 21
Isabel Hilton:
Colombia: America Says It's Intensifying The War On Drugs. The Truth Is Sinister
Tim Styer/Judy Wicks/Hal Taussig: In Industries Large And Small, Living Wage Is Good For Business
Tom Turnipseed: Nader Voters Crucial To A Democratic Congress

Tuesday, June 20
Harley Sorensen: Your Vote In November Might Actually Be A Vote For Planetary Survival
Mark Weisbrot: Trade Trumps Human Rights in Supreme Court Decision
Mokhiber/Weissman: Big Ideas on Corporate Accountability and Global Sustainability
John Buell: Is Gore Really The Lesser Evil?
James Carroll: The Truth About NATO's Air War
Mark Weisbrot: Unions May Support Nader, Not Gore

Monday, June 19
Ralph Nader: The Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles Is Corporate Welfare At It's Worst
Michael Dolny: The Swarm Of The Right: Myth Of The Liberal Media
Salim Muwakkil: How Do We Mend The Inequities Of Justice?
Hussein Ibish/Salam Al-marayati: National Commission on Terrorism Report: 'It Should Be Flung With Full Force Across The Room'

Sunday, June 18
Stacie Jonas/Sarah Anderson: La Esmeralda: This Tall Ship Has A Bloody, Brutal History
Hugh O'Shaugnessy: Don't Be Drawn Into The New Vietnam
Amit Srivastava: Corporations Move Easily Across Borders, But People Critical Of Corporate Globalization, Apparently Cannot
Jack McGarvey: Vigilantes & Dishonest Federal Border Policies
Haroon Siddiqui: Chomsky and Said Stir The Soul

Saturday, June 17
Anthony Lewis: Texas Executions: GW Bush Has Defined Himself, Unforgettably, As Shallow And Callous
Claude Lewis: Disparity Weakens US Justice System

Friday, June 16
Donella Meadows:
Wow! Did I Ever Infuriate My Liberal Friends When I Said I Would Vote For Ralph Nader!...
Bruce Springsteen:
American Skin
Syl Jones: Timely Challenges To American Justice
David Corn: Bush's Abortion Flip-Flop?
Beverly Stubbee: Baffled By The NRA

Thursday, June 15
Norman Solomon:
The Case for Corporate-Given Names
Linda Gerry: Diamonds Finance One Of The Most Brutal Wars In Recent Memory
Ron Forthofer: The Challenge Of Global Warming
Suzanne Gordon: HMOs Fight the Sick Instead of the Sickness
B. Meredith Burke: Immigration's Dire Effect On The Environment

Wednesday, June 14
Jeffrey Weiss: No-Fly Zones Go On Trial In Des Moines, Iowa
Joanne Jacobs: Approve RU-486 For Women In US
Richard Klovdahl: Great News, Martha! More Than 100,000 People Lost Their Jobs Last Month...
Raymond DeVries: No Justice In U.S. Approach To Health Care
John O'Farrell: Microsoft Stifled Competition. But Just A Moment - Who Is It That Is Saying That This Sort Of Behavior Is Unacceptable?
David Broder: For Congressional Republicans, `Reform' Means Caring For Business And Affluent

Tuesday, June 13
Sean Gonsalves:
Gas Prices: Why Our "Free-Market" Economy Is Anything But Free
R.T. Rybak: Why This Longtime Democrat Is Voting For Nader
William Pfaff: Public Tiring Of Mega-Mergers As Corporate Thinking Ignores The Public Interest
Richard Cohen: Death Penalty: Al With His Finger In The Wind
James Carroll: What Is Possible When Narrow Loyalties Are Transcended By A Vision Of The Greater Good

Monday, June 12
Ralph Nader:
Common Wealth: Tax Policy Has Shifted The Tax Burden Off The Shoulders Of The Wealthy And On To The Middle Class
Going Backwards: US Spies Inflate Risk From 'Rogue' States
Harold Evans: Who Is Pinocchio? Yes, There Is A Nose That Is Getting Longer Every Day But It Doesn't Belong To Al Gore
Taking Action: Protesters At World Petroleum Meeting Meet High Fences, Lots Of Police
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Rather Than Being Anyone's Best Friend, 'Conflict Diamonds' Lead To War
Bruce Blair: Trapped In The Nuclear Math

Sunday, June 11
Jerry Long:
Supreme Court Appointments? I Still Need A Reason Not To Vote For Ralph Nader
David Garrow: John Rocker Has Become A Human Confederate Flag
Robert Hooper: US Fails Fiji: Consequences Of A Corporatized Diplomacy
Robert Reich: Microsoft Case - The Transformation Of Government From Regulator Of The Old Economy To Definer Of The New

Saturday, June 10
Donella Meadows:
Three Companies Say 'Oops' in Different Ways
Matthew Rothschild: War Criminals? Who Us?
Edward Said: The Landscape Of Opposition
Barry Saunders: The Color Of Prison: Exposing Race-Based Sentencing

Friday, June 9
Lewis Diuguid:
Punish Hussein, Not Iraqis
E.J. Dionne Jr: 'People Want To Live In A Community, Not Merely Work In A Market'
Sheryl McCarthy: UN's 'Women 2000': The World's Women Still Face a Tough Road
Judy Collins: UN's 'Women 2000': Women Are Reshaping The Planet
Germond/Witcover: Nader Picks Up Speed In New Bid For Election

Thursday, June 8
Which Way, Consumer Federation of America?
Norman Solomon: Can 'E-Government' Bring Us Point-And-Click Democracy?
Helena Cobban: Build A Stronger US Without Fear
Fadia Rafeedie: Speaking Truth To Power: What I Wanted to Convey To My Fellow Cal Graduates
John Fraser: Today, On World Oceans Day, We Are Awash In A Sea Of Troubles
Margaret Krome: Antibiotics Used As Industrial Livestock Growth Booster Puts Us All In Peril
David Brewster: A New Way - Peace

Wednesday, June 7
Naomi Klein:
You Can Arrest Protesters, But You Can't Stop The Free Trade Of Subversive Ideas
Frances Mendenhall: Nader Offers Voters an Alternative
Jeff Cohen/Steve Rendall: Can A Man Who Has A Problem With People Of Color Be A Color Commentator On 'Monday Night Football'?
Todd Wilkinson: David Brower: A Modern Thoreau With Sharp Elbows
Dave Zweifel: Ugly Americans Quick To Criticize Others

Tuesday, June 6
Dennis Hans: If You Wouldn't Buy A Used Car From Nixon, Why Would You Buy A Military-Aid Package From Colombia's Pastrana?
Sean Gonsalves: Free Trade And Baseball
Ronald Takaki: African Americans Fought Fascism On D-Day, But The Battle Goes On For Victory Over Racism At Home
Juan Gonzalez: Disturbing Connections Between U.S. Special Forces In Colombia And Peasants Massacre

Monday, June 5
Ralph Nader: The Current Trend Of Excessive Consumption Is Creating A Consumer Culture That Values Quantity Above Quality
Lila Garrett: Campaign 2000: What's A Progressive To Do?
Madison Capital Times: GW Bush: Ignorant & Proud!
Salim Muwakkil: By Any Measure The U.S. Is Losing The War On Drugs

Sunday, June 4
Ken Schechtman: US Politics: Forbidden Topics Are Everywhere
Robert Kuttner: One Can Only Hope That For Gore, Nader's Candidacy Is A Wake-Up Call And Not A Death Knell
Oscar Arias: Poverty And Human Need -- The True Enemies Of Peace In The 21st Century
Frances FitzGerald: The Debate Over National Missile Defenses Has Been Nothing Short Of Surreal
Igor Shnurenko: Invasion Of The Global Economy

Saturday, June 3
Dave Zweifel: Social Security Doesn't Need Bush's Gamble
Saul Sarabia: The Victory Of The Janitors Is A Sign Of Things To Come
Mary McGrory: Lori Berenson's Peruvian Nightmare
Frank Rich: Mega-Media Monopolies: We All Pass Go. They Collect $200

Friday, June 2
K. Oanh Ha: `Share The Wealth,' Janitors Demand, But Life Could Get Worse Before It Gets Better
Marvin Goldberger/Herbert York: Star Wars II: Can We Be Protected by a Pig in a Poke?
William Hartung/Michelle Ciarrocca: Star Wars II: Here We Go Again
Norman Solomon: Campaign Forecast: A Long Hot Summer Of Punditry
Matthew Henson: Politics Clouds Global Warming

Thursday, June 1
Anita Botti: The Trade In Human Beings Is A Worldwide Scourge
James Bovard: US Stuck In Colombia
John Nichols: Politics In Cities Across U.S. Take A Left Turn
William Pfaff: Europe Is Unified On One Thing: Freedom From U.S. Control



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