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Video - June, 2013

Sunday June 30, 2013

[title] Julian Assange: ‘No Stopping’ Release of Additional NSA Secrets

Saturday June 29, 2013

[title] Snowden, Greenwald and the Media Saga

Friday June 28, 2013

[title] Chris Hayes: Unequal Responses to Leaked Security Intel
[title] Greenpeace: This is What It’s Like to Live in an Oil Industry Disaster

Thursday June 27, 2013

[title] Texas Moves Forward With Voter ID Laws
[title] Gasland Part II Director Josh Fox on the Perils of Fracking

Wednesday June 26, 2013

[title] Throngs Rally as Filibuster, Protest Blocks Assault on Reproductive Rights in Texas
[title] Snowden vs. Clapper: The Giant 'Gonads' of the Month Award

Tuesday June 25, 2013

[title] Jeremy Scahill: Is Journalism Being Criminalized?
[title] Insider Threat: Government Employees Urged to Tattle On Coworkers In Effort to Stop Classified Leaks
[title] Where in the World is Edward Snowden?

Monday June 24, 2013

[title] Edward Snowden 'Likely to Have Left Russia'
[title] As World Plays 'Where's Snowden?' Michael Ratner and Glenn Greenwald Speak Out

Friday June 21, 2013

[title] The FBI’s License to Kill: Agents Have Been Deemed "Justified" in Every Shooting Since 1993
[title] Matt Taibbi Reveals Financial Crisis Smoking Gun

Thursday June 20, 2013

[title] In Historic Victory for Community Radio, FCC Puts 1,000 Low-Power FM Frequencies Up For Grabs

Wednesday June 19, 2013

[title] Brazil: Protests of Discontent
[title] Noam Chomsky on the Heroism of Bradley Manning and More

Tuesday June 18, 2013

[title] Julian Assange Interview: Bradley Manning and Truth on Trial
[title] Glenn Greenwald: As Obama Makes "False" Surveillance Claims, Snowden Risks Life to Spark NSA Debate

Monday June 17, 2013

[title] "Moral Mondays" Draws Thousands to Protest Legislative Attacks on Voting Rights and The Poor
[title] Philadelphia Slashes Schools Budget While State Spends $400 Million on New Prisons

Saturday June 15, 2013

[title] Lawrence Lessig: Big Brother’s Prying Eyes

Friday June 14, 2013

[title] Glenn Greenwald Talks Snowden, NSA on All In
[title] Wired's James Bamford on NSA Secrets, Keith Alexander’s Influence & Massive Growth of Surveillance, Cyberwar

Thursday June 13, 2013

[title] Chris Pyle, Whistleblower on Domestic Spying in 70s, Says Be Wary of Attacks on NSA’s Critics

Wednesday June 12, 2013

[title] Edward Snowden and the NSA Leaks: A Debate With Chris Hedges & Law Scholar Geoffrey Stone

Tuesday June 11, 2013

[title] The Unique Danger of Government Surveillance
[title] Spies for Hire: The Secret World of Outsourced Intelligence

Monday June 10, 2013

[title] NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I Do Not Expect to See Home Again'
[title] Glenn Greenwald on How NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Helped Expose a "Massive Surveillance Apparatus"

Saturday June 8, 2013

[title] Encore: Taming Capitalism Run Wild

Friday June 7, 2013

[title] NSA, FBI Tapping Directly into Servers of Internet Companies
[title] Reports: Internet Giants Tapped for Data by US Government
[title] "A Massive Surveillance State": Glenn Greenwald Exposes Covert NSA Program Collecting Calls, Emails

Thursday June 6, 2013

[title] American Fascism: Ralph Nader Decries How Big Business Has Taken Control of the U.S. Government
[title] NSA Whistleblowers: "All US Citizens" Targeted by Surveillance Program, Not Just Verizon Customers

Wednesday June 5, 2013

[title] Our Back is to the Wall
[title] I Am Bradley Manning

Tuesday June 4, 2013

[title] Sanjay Basu Explains Why Austerity Kills
[title] Ending the Global "Race to the Bottom"

Monday June 3, 2013

[title] Jeremy Scahill Uncovers US Dirty Wars Around the Globe

Saturday June 1, 2013

[title] 'Blockupy' Protests Against European Central Bank

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