tsipras tweets

In a series of Tweets issued after his speech on Wednesday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras reiterated many of his key points and urged Greek citizens to cast a 'No' vote in Sunday's referendum.

"We've been strenuously negotiating [these] past months to protect your pensions, protect your right to a decent pension," he wrote. "You're being blackmailed and urged to vote 'Yes' to all of [the] institutions' measures without any solution to exiting the crisis."

Voting 'No,' he continued, is not "just a slogan. 'No' is a decisive step toward a better deal. 'No' does not mean breaking with Europe, but returning to the Europe of values."

A 'No' vote, he added, means "strong pressure" for a "socially just agreement that [the] puts burden on those who can shoulder it, and not on pensioners and workers once again."

Addressing the media and politicians who have framed a 'No' vote as a mandate to exit the European Union, he continued, "There are those who say that I have hidden agenda, that...I'll take Greece out of [the] EU. They are flat out lying to you.

"They are not serving the people of Europe. They see Europe as a superficial union with [the] IMF being 'glue' that binds. They are not the visionaries Europe needs," he wrote.

Tsipras concluded saying that he gives his "heartfelt thanks to the Greek people for their calmness and restraint" throughout the crisis, adding that citizens' bank deposits "are safe."

"Let us turn the page, upholding democracy and our conviction for a better agreement," he added. "We owe it to our parents, our children, ourselves. It is our duty. We owe it to history."