Common Dreams is a daily, glorious taste of what the dominant media could be if it was shaped by our common dreams of justice and peace.
-Naomi Klein, Author/Activist
The Shock Doctrine

I read and support Common Dreams because it brings me the news that I care about and can’t find anywhere else. We need Common Dreams to continue as an independent voice in the media.
-Graham Nash, artist/CSN&Y

Wherever I go, I urge audiences to log into Common Dreams to get their daily progressive news and commentary.
-Ralph Nader

Common Dreams is a must in my life and work.
-Bill Moyers, Legendary Journalist
Moyers & Company

You provide us with a barrage of critical current events that are not easily accessible in this year of unprecedented information-free media.
-Horace in Texas

Common Dreams [is] an invaluable #nonprofitindependentnewscenter founded in 1997 with no advertising, no corporate or government funding.
-Bianca Jagger, Human Rights Advocate

I have relied on your well written and informative articles for years. Thanks for giving us the 'facts' we need as citizens.
-Cheryl Q in Michigan

[Common Dreams], one of my all time favorite news sources, needs your help to survive/thrive. Please support them!
-Medea Benjamin, Activist

Thank you @commondreams for providing a platform for progressive voices
-Nina Turner, Activist
Our Revolution

These are times of danger. These are times of possibility. @commondreams knows we all must be vigilant AND hopeful. Support @commondreams!
-John Nichols, Journalist
The Nation

We know the #MSM is literally 'bought'. We have to have a media. It's in our hands. @commondreams
-RoseAnn DeMoro, Exec. Director
National Nurses United

Independent media is vital in an era of climate change, vast economic inequality and fascist rule. Please support @commondreams
-Nomiki Konst, Journalist
The Young Turks

When you don't know what to believe it's imperative to have independent news sources. Please support @commondreams!
-Susan Sarandon, Actress/Activist

Your presence on the scene lights up this dark & treacherous world, lends hope & provides pathways that suggest meaningful courses of action.
-Laura in The Bronx, New York

Give if you can: these folks do more to keep liberty and freedom of speech alive than just about anyone. mw
-Michael Winship, Journalist
Bill Moyers & Company

Please join me in helping this vital news source survive and thrive! I love @commondreams and we need it now more than ever!
-Naomi Klein, Author/Activist
The Shock Doctrine

We recommend the CD site to many people in conversation around multiple issues and sources of information apart from corporate media.
-Chester in Colorado

Common Dreams is vital to progress in the U.S.
-Eulia in Oregon

Content and reporting is quite good- this journalism must reach a much wider audience
-Nancy in Utah