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Naomi KleinCommon Dreams is a daily, glorious taste of what the dominant media could be if it was shaped by our common dreams of justice and peace. In the meantime, we owe an enormous debt to Common Dreams, which does so much to keep the dream of that alternative world alive.
-Naomi Klein,
 Author/Activist - 
The Shock Doctrine

Graham NashI read and support Common Dreams because it brings me the news that I care about and can’t find anywhere else. We need Common Dreams to continue as an independent voice in the media.
-Graham Nash
Artist/Crosby, Stills & Nash

Ralph NaderWherever I go, I urge audiences to log into Common Dreams to get their daily progressive news and commentary.
-Ralph Nader
Consumer Advocate

Bill MoyersThere is no more important struggle for American democracy than ensuring a diverse, independent and free media. Common Dreams is a must in my life and work.
-Bill Moyers,
Legendary Journalist - 
Moyers & Company

Bianca JaggerSupport Common Dreams an invaluable non-profit independent newscenter founded in 1997 with no advertising, no corporate or government funding.
-Bianca Jagger
Human Rights Advocate

Medea BenjaminCommon Dreams, one of my all time favorite news sources, needs your help to survive/thrive. Please support them!
-Medea Benjamin
Activist - CODEPINK co-founder

Nina TurnerThank you Common Dreams for providing a platform for progressive voices!
-Nina Turner
Activist - Our Revolution

John NicholsThese are times of danger. These are times of possibility. Common Dreams knows we all must be vigilant AND hopeful. Support Common Dreams!
-John Nichols
Journalist - The Nation

RoseAnn DeMoroWe know the MSM is literally “bought”. We have to have a media. It’s in our hands - Common Dreams.
-RoseAnn DeMoro
National Nurses United

Nomiki KonstIndependent media is vital in an era of climate change, vast economic inequality and fascist rule. Please support Common Dreams.
-Nomiki Konst
Journalist - 
The Young Turks

Susan SarandonWhen you don’t know what to believe it’s imperative to have independent news sources. Please support Common Dreams!
-Susan Sarandon

Michael WinshipGive if you can: these folks do more to keep liberty and freedom of speech alive than just about anyone.
-Michael Winship
Journalist - Bill Moyers & Company

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