Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Outmoded narratives and facile calls for 'unity' must be replaced with a new vision of politics that is explicitly inclusive and participatory," concludes new analysis
- Common Dreams staff
Reclaiming Our Time
"More than ever, we need all women and allies to come together to collectively...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
Trump opioid crisis
President's remarks on opioid epidemic little more than a collection of Reagan-...


Always happy to offend America - and just as the GOP House passes an obscene "welfare for the wealthy" tax bill - evil Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and his tone-deaf trophy wife Louise "The-Little-People-Are-Adorable" Linton stopped by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to ogle new $1 bills that will bear Mnuchin's signature. To pose with teeny bills used by the poors, Linton wore Cruella De Vil/vampire murderess black leather. No cognitive dissonance here. Get your pitchforks ready.