Jessica Corbett, staff writer
little girl holds sign to Trump
"The Trump administration doesn't try to hide its xenophobia."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"It's the union that brings many safety laws in legislation and public...
Julia Conley, staff writer
"This development is a transparent attempt by the Trump administration to not...


Amidst the last week's searing drama, heroes have arisen: the extraordinary Parkland kids with their eloquent fury, their parents and fellow-advocates for sanity. The ghouls have crawled out too: Wingnut cynics; a Grifter-In-Chief who needed a cheat sheet to feign empathy, blamed mentally ill "sickos" and urged we arm "gun adept" teachers to keep the blood flowing; and a soulless NRA now newly, feverishly blaming the media, which "loves mass shootings."