Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Proponents trace the idea back to the New Deal Era, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt pitched a 'Second Bill of Rights' to Congress in 1944. First on the list: the 'right to a useful and remunerative job.'"
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Colorado teachers
Republican state senators in Colorado seek to punish educators for...
Julia Conley, staff writer
"The biggest flaw in Trump's thinking is that there is nothing illegal or...


Because it wasn't bad enough to have Nazis descend on Newnan, GA for a rally to honor Hitler's birthday - note to law enforcement: Inappropriate Celebration Alert - authorities gathered over 700 combat-ready, riot-gear-swaddled, assault-weapon-bearing cops who, in the militarized excitement of the moment, chose to attack and point said weapons at peaceful unarmed protesters; then they roughly arrested them under an obscure 1951 mask-banning law originally aimed at the KKK. Hello America?