Julia Conley, staff writer
President's "disturbing fondness for rights-trampling strongmen" has delivered a blow to global opinions of the U.S.
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
"It is clear that detaining and prosecuting Palestinian children in Israeli...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Trump protest graphic
"He can hurt America but he can also hurt the rest of the world, and as we are...


For some reason - maybe his relentless, pathological compulsion to lie about EVERYTHING - many people are skeptical about the purported results of Trump's medical exam finding him in "excellent" health. Some question the cognitive results: 30/30 for naming a lion and camel?! Others doubt the reported weight of 239 pounds: "In dog years/ on the moon/ in your dreams." Thus is born the Girther Movement, "a scandal of (such) proportions as to match the massive year we're having."