Jessica Corbett, staff writer
A new nationwide initiative calls for campaign finance reform, stronger voting rights, and an end to gerrymandering
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Confront Corruption and Demand Democracy
"R ecent self-dealing, conflicts of interest, and attacks on the rule of law...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
dark money
After Citizens United , says director Kimberly Reed, "you could just see...


Sick of our electoral debacle? Check out Iceland, where the radical Pirate Party is improbably poised to win their election with a quarter of Icelanders' support, more than any other party. Riding a wave of post-Panama-Papers rage at corrupt business as usual, the Pirates would reject the two governing parties to form a coalition with small progressive ones to work for direct democracy, free speech and transparency. Their rubric: “We are not here to gain power. We are here to distribute power.”