Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif
Pakistan Defense Minister accuses U.S. of sowing "mistrust" as American ambassador summoned to explain president's provocative tweet
Jake Johnson, staff writer
Secretary of State's decision to exclude Iraq, Afghanistan, and Myanmar from a...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
New York Times reporters uncovered "consistent failure by the coalition to...


Amidst the surreal vengeful spectacle of the Swift-Boating of the Bergdahl family - the "hero" son turned dazed "traitor," the death threats against longsuffering nuanced parents turned just plain weird, all presumably for "questioning the imperial expansion project in Afghanistan" - an un-recruiting video by one who knows and a moving portrait of Bob Bergdahl, a thoughtful "father who just wants his son back," but who also determinedly, admirably and evidently unacceptably seeks to understand...